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Viral Desai

Dr. Viral Desai - M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S. Expert in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Plastic, Laser, econstr!cti"e S!r#eon Me$ical Director - D%& &n$ia, Me$ical Director CPLSS.

'et #!arantee$ res!lts "isit http())***.$r"iral$

CPLSS %air +ranspantations

Dr. Viral Desai is expert s!r#eons o, %air +ransplantation M!m-ai, Cosmetic S!r#er. an$ Lipos!tion. Visit CPLSS an$ meet Dr. Viral Desai an. o, hair transplant. /r Call ,or appointment - 020 6933

5555 / +91 8446 435 000

%air +ransplant P!ne

0elcome to -est clinic o, %air +ransplant p!ne CPLSS. Meet Dr. Viral Desai an. o, %air +ransplantation an$ #et #!arantee$ res!lts. /r call -

020 6933 5555 / +91 8446 435 000.

Cosmetic S!r#er.

Dr. Viral Desai is a -oar$ certi,ie$s s!r#eons o, master s!per specialit. $e#ree in plastic an$ cosmetic s!r#er.. CPLSS ha"e experts cosmetic s!r#eons in p!ne ,or cosmetic s!r#er.. ea$ more please "isit http())***.$r"iral$!r#er..html

Cosmetic S!r#er. -. Dr. Viral Desai


Lipos!tion is 1no* as lipoplast. or ,at mo$elin#. emo"e ,at ,rom .o!r -o$. !sin# s!citon proce$!res calle$ Lipos!tion. ea$ more "isit -


CPLSS M!m-ai A$$ress

M2MBA& CEN+ E ( 3r$ 4loor, Sarla %ospital & &C2, Dattatra. oa$, Santacr!5 607, M!m-ai - 899 9:8 +el ( 9;; <==> ???? ) <==> ???9 ) @A= A?33 ?9> 99; Email( m!m-aiB$r"iral$, $him!m-aiB$ 0e-site http())***.$r"iral$

CPLSS P!ne A$$ress

P2NE CEN+ E( B, Shree Datta#!r! Complex, Next to Ban1 o, &n$ia, Lane <, Core#aon Par1, P!ne - 8== 99= +el( 9;9 <A33 :::: ) @A= ?88< 83: 999 Email( p!neB$r"iral$ 0e-site http())***.$r"iral$