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Appendix 1


Year Level: Year 9 Da!e:20/08/2012 Learnin" Area: History S!rand#T$pi% &r$ !'e A()!ralian C(rri%(l( : Ti e: 13:30-14:00 S!(den!)* Pri$r +n$,led"e: Ha$e an nderstandin! of a!ric lt ral re$ol tion, pop lation explosion and ,ey chan!es in transport systems &-le to read instr ctions &-le to research information sin! "'T &-le to wor, with other st dents in a friendly manner.

The experiences of men, women and children d rin! the "nd strial #e$ol tion, and their chan!in! way of life %&'()*H081+

General Capa-ili!ie) %that may potentially be covered in the lesson) Cri!i%al and Li!era%. / N( era%. ICT Cr$))1%(rri%(l( / / pri$ri!ie) (may be addressed in the lesson)
%$ pe!en%e

%rea!ive !'in0in" N/A

E!'i%al -e'avi$(r

Per)$nal and S$%ial %$ pe!en%e /

In!er%(l!(ral (nder)!andin"

A-$ri"inal and T$rre) S!rai! I)lander 'i)!$rie) and %(l!(re) Pr$&i%ien%ie):(Mathematics only)

A)ia and A()!ralia*) en"a"e en! ,i!' A)ia N/A


Le))$n O-2e%!ive) (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb) As a result of this lesson, students will be able to: - 1. &-le to create a 30 second &nimoto presentation sin! the information pro$ided on the wee-ly we- pa!e. Tea%'er*) Pri$r Prepara!i$n#Or"ani)a!i$n: Pr$vi)i$n &$r )!(den!) a! ed(%a!i$nal ri)0: • • "ndi$id al 'omp ters The /ee-ly we- pa!e: http://ta,e s-ac, 0/&

LESSON E3ALUATION 4!$ -e %$ ple!ed AFTER !'e le))$n5 A))e)) en! $& Le))$n O-2e%!ive and S(""e)!i$n) &$r I pr$ve en! : • 30 )econd &nimoto 1resentation

Tea%'er )el&1re&le%!i$n and )el&1eval(a!i$n : • ) r$ey%s r$ey mon,ey+ and st dent !ro p disc ssion


2OFFICIAL USE ONLY3 'omments -y classroom teacher, H411, s per$isor 0/&

LESSON DELI3ERY 4a!!a%' ,$r0)'ee!)6 exa ple)6
10 5in tes

ar0in" 0e.6 e!%6 a) relevan!5 Re)$(r%e)

"ntrod c!i$n !$ !'e ,ee-l.6 ain &$%() $n !'e ind()!rial rev$l(!i$n and !'e &$(r 0e. ven!(re) !'a! )!(den! ,ill %$ ple!e7 De $n)!ra!e !'e exa ple) pr$vided $n !'e ,ee-l. pa"e ,'i%' ,ill )'$, !'e expe%!a!i$n) $& ea%' )!(den!7 http://ta,e s -ac,.wee-l

16 5in tes Y$( are "$in" !$ -e %rea!in" an Ani $!$ Pre)en!a!i$n88 7o r &nimoto presentation m st ha$e a title, themed -ac,!ro nd and appropriate -ac,!ro nd m sic. "t m st comprise of -oth ima!es and information slides, and will need to co$er fo r of the followin! areas: The wor,in! conditions in a textile factory with ima!es of textile factories The wor,in! conditions in a coal mine with ima!es of coal mines 'hildren wor,in! in mines and textile factories with ima!es of child la-o r (efine 8clim-in! -oys8 and pro$ide ima!es of 'himney sweepers/ 'lim-in! -oys 9r-anisation and o$ercrowdin! with rele$ant ima!es Ho sin! and sanitation with rele$ant ima!es

• • • • •

6 5in te 'oncl sion

'omplete ) r$ey sin! s r$ey mon,ey on the we-pa!e. Ha$e a !ro p disc ssion on the &nimoto -ein! sed within the classroom.