Minutes First Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Date: October 19, 2009 and 10 a.m. Place: 33 Griswold Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut Present: Michael Johnson (via phone), Jackie Majerus-Collins, Susan Millar (via web), Steve Majerus-Collins, Edrees Kakar (via instant messaging) The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. The Board unanimously elected Jackie Majerus-Collins as Secretary. The Board unanimously approved the Articles of Incorporation Filed July 30, 2007 with the Secretary of State in Connecticut (Appendix A). The Board unanimously approved Bylaws (Appendix B). The Board unanimously elected Michael Johnson as Treasurer. The Board unanimously elected Steve Majerus-Collins as President. The Board unanimously appointed Jackie Majerus-Collins as Executive Director, without compensation.

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The Board unanimously approved a Corporate Seal in the form of a logo created by Brett Kerr. The Board unanimously approved the Draft IRS Form 1023 and associated documents related to the filing with the Internal Revenue Service of a request for recognition as a designated public charity. (Appendix C) The Board unanimously ordered the filing of IRS Form 1023 as quickly as possible, along with any other required documents. The Board unanimously ordered that Corporate Minutes, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Form 1023 and related documents be placed on the Corporate website. The Board unanimously designated the Executive Director and Corporate President with the power to sign any documents, checks or other papers in the name of the Corporation, as allowed by the bylaws and pertinent statutes. The Board unanimously ordered the Executive Director to prepare monthly reports on the organization’s activities and the status of the IRS filing. Having no other business, the Board unanimously adjourned.

By Jackie Majerus-Collins, Board Secretary, October 23, 2009