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Christify Parish Tour Invitation

Christify Parish Tour Invitation

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Published by Dhen Caballero

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Published by: Dhen Caballero on Apr 04, 2014
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Bukas Palad Music Ministry Foundation c/o !suit Music Ministry o" !suit Co##unications Foundation Sonolu$ Buildin%& At!n!o d! Manila Uni'!rsity Loyola (!i%)ts Ca#*us Kati*unan A'!nu!& Loyola (!i%)ts& +u!,on City --./& P)ili**in!s 00012ukas*alad1co# in"o32ukas*alad1co#

uly -& 4.-. D!ar 5555555555555& P!ac! o" C)rist6 T)! Bukas Palad Music Ministry is a co##unity o" youn% Fili*inos !a%!r to )!l* s*r!ad t)! 7ord o" 8od 2y 0ritin%& *!r"or#in%& and *ro*a%atin% ori%inal litur%ical and ins*irational #usic1 In t)! *ast 49 y!ars sinc! our %rou* 2!%an in -:/;& 0! )a'! *roduc!d suc) son%s as Tan%in% Ya#an& Sa <Yo La#an%& Ani#a C)risti& I 7ill Sin% For!'!r& and (u#ayo=t I)aya%& to na#! a "!0& und!r t)! %uidanc! o" our "ound!r& Fr1 Manolin% >1 Francisco& S 1 T)is y!ar& as 0! a**roac) our 4?t) anni'!rsary& 0! ar! !#2arkin% on a s!ri!s o" !'!nts to c!l!2rat! 8od=s #usic& 2!%innin% 0it) t)! r!l!as! o" our -?t) al2u#& C(RISTIFY@@a co#*ilation o" -. n!0 son%s "or litur%y and 0ors)i*1 7! s)all launc) t)! CD t)rou%) a conc!rt on Au%ust 4:& 4.-. at t)! C)urc) o" t)! 8!su& at t)! At!n!o d! Manila Uni'!rsity1 (o0!'!r& as our 0ay o" %i'in% 2ack to t)! co##uniti!s t)at s)ar! our *assion& 0! *lan to r!sta%! t)! s)o0 in 'arious *aris)!s across M!tro Manila& so #or! *!o*l! can !nAoy t)! litur%ical and ins*irational son%s1 7! 0ould t)us lik! to "ind out i" your *aris) 0ould 2! int!r!st!d to Aoin us in s*r!adin% 8od=s #usic and c!l!2ratin% 4? y!ars o" Bukas Palad1 Bur %rou* is #or! t)an 0illin% to *!r"or# "or your *aris) at no cost1 You& in turn& #ay #ark!t t)! *ray!r conc!rt to rais! "unds "or any o" your *roA!cts& or si#*ly sta%! t)! s)o0 as a tok!n o" t)anks to d!'ot!!s in your co##unity1 All 0! ask is t)at you *ro'id! a d!c!nt sound syst!# and so#! li%)ts& and t)at t)! !suit Co##unications Foundation 2! allo0!d to s!ll our CDs durin% t)! *!r"or#anc!1 7! c!rtainly )o*! t)is #usical *roA!ct a**!als to you1 S)ould you 2! int!r!st!d& our a'aila2l! dat!s to r!sta%! t)! C(RISTIFY conc!rt 0ill 2! on S!*t!#2!r -- C 4?& Bcto2!r : C 4D& and No'!#2!r ; C 4.1 Do "!!l "r!! to contact us t)rou%) ustin Pantal!on E.:4FD:49/.;G Austin1*antal!on3ya)oo1co#H or Ian 8an)in)in E.:-FDF?:/F?G i5%an)in)in3ya)oo1co#H "or #or! d!tails1 7! a**r!ciat! your su**ort and look "or0ard to )!arin% "ro# you soon1 Sinc!r!ly& ustin Pantal!on

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