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HRP is a pre-requisite for effective management of human resource.

In the light of the statement, describe the importance of human resource planning.
Explain what is Job Analysis and Define Job Description & Job Specification. Compare and contrast the methods for collecting Job Analysis Data.

What are various methods of performance appraisal? Explain its advantages and limitations. Explain the meaning & importance of Performance Management Process. Compare Performance Appraisal with Performance Management

Explain the techniques of Employee Demand Forecasting.


In your opinion why the importance of Training and Development has been increased in last two decades? or
Marketing Manager of Intelligence Pharmaceutical Company identify the performance deficiency in his medical representatives. He came to know the reasons of deficiency are lack of technical as well as communication skill. Which training programme will you suggest for the medical representatives? Why? Explain meticulously. or Define Human Resource Planning. Why is HR Planning more common among large organizations than among small ones? or

Performance Appraisal should be multifaceted. Supervisors should evaluate their employees, and employees should be able to evaluate their supervisors and customers should evaluate them all Explain or Explain the difference between recruitment and selection. Explain with relevant examples importance to conduct pre-employment background Investigations. What is De-jobbing and why are the organizations going for it? Explain Red Hot Stove Rule.