Joseph Y. Jeanes, II (Hon) D.Div. 1243 Cedars Court B24 Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 New address: 2000 S.

Melrose Drive Apt 123 Vista, CA 92083 February 21, 2002 Medicare, In regards to control number 20114501341502, University of Virginia Hospital, referrer Dr. William Hobb, Dr. Hobb has simply resubmitted fraudulently this denied claim with another claim number, 20201000190108. Medicare has rejected this claim once. Please remove this Doctor from future medicare payments due to his devious nature and refusal to take no that his help is not needed now or ever was. He is not a scientist but an artist that has yet to prove he exists in the good affairs of men or women. He simply is not needed. This is the second letter on this subject with the first one denying his claim. The time I spent in the University of Virginia Hospital was against my will. It took 7 policemen to carry me into the unit and I refused to speak with anyone the time I was there or sign anything. You can imagine how long my treatment may have lasted if I had co-operated with the duress I was brought into there care with. When I was brought before the judge, I was told I was talking in religious tones, going through the hall nude (completely false that at anytime I left my room with no clothes on - I would like a witness's name on that) and it was at the witness of the Doctor that the judge committed me to a Veteran's Hospital. One of the games the UVA hospital plays is to get you to sign the insurance forms and then keep you for as long as it takes them to make money. I refused to sign any insurance with them and was there against my will totally. There is no legal reason I should pay for their errs.


Joseph Jeanes 2000 S. Melrose Drive #123 Vista, CA 92083-8770

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