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Quiz # 3

Sample Quiz FALL 2012

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FEATURES 1. GPP and Variable Declaration 2. Arrays and Loops 3. Excel I/O 4. External File I/O 5. Program works and Command Button Total POINTS 10 10 10 10 10 50 GRADE

Write a VBA Sub-program to Input a column matrix, reverse it and add it to the original matrix:

STEPS: 1. Write a Sub-Program to input a Matrix A as shown in the figure.

2. Find Matrix B which is the reverse of A. 3. Calculate Matrix C which is the sum of A and B. 4. Output A, B and C Matrix into an external file. 5. Create a button to run the sub-program. NOTES: You may use MS-Excel and/or VBA Help files during the quiz (always) Be sure to include Header/Comment information in your program Use good programming practice (GPP) in your finished program. REMEMBER - DO ONE THING AT A TIME.