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Hello! How are you? Are you new around here? My name is Nelson Im a friend.

Who is talking?
With whom is he talking to? How would you feel if you were a newcomer and someone is welcoming you?

I Want To Be Your Friend I want to be your friend A little bit more I want to be your friend A little bit more I want to be your friend A little bit more A little bit, a little bit more.

This time you are going to meet more friends by playing the game Leader and Ball while singing the song I Want To Be Your Friend.

How to play:
1. Choose a leader and let him stand at the center of a big circle.

2. The leader tosses the ball to another student as the class sings the song I Want To Be Your friend. 3.When a student catches the ball, he/she is going to talk about himself/herself or introduce himself/herself to the group.
4.Continue the game by assigning one who has just introduced himself as the leader.

Good morning! I am Sheryl Reyes. I am 11 years old. I am in Grade Five. I love planting flowering plants. Gardening is my favorite hobby.

Based on our activity, were you able to meet more friends? What did you talk about? Were you able to know them better?

While your classmates were talking about themselves, what traits did you observe?

What must you do so that others will know you better and become your friend

(Pair Share)
Fill in the blanks with words about yourself. Say it aloud to a partner. Take turns in doing the activity Hi! I am _________________________. I am ______________ years old. I am from__________________________. I like to play _______________________. I also play _________________________. I am a good _______________________.

Enrichment Activity
Game: Make Believe Radio Broadcast. Announcer: Good morning, my friends. We are glad we have some visitors from _____________________ school for a simple program. Lets first listen to them as they introduce themselves.

Pupil: Hello! I am Tina

Ramirez. I am ten years old. I am in grade five. I love singing and dancing. I am a good singer and dancer.


Pretend that you were sent to a meeting of all English Club presidents to elects new set of officers for the District English Club. Introduce yourself and convince them to vote for you.

Ask your sister or brother to talk about herself/himself. Write down what she or he says and present this in class.