Course Expectations

Elementary Music Methods 3160
Materials: Text-Come On Everybody !et"s #in$ by !ois %ir&ensha'-(lemin$
Attendance: )rrivin$ late or leavin$ early is the same as not bein$ in class* +,
attendance is a problem + 'ill as& you to drop the class* -. points 'ill be deducted ,rom
your ,inal $rade ,or each absence beyond one /10* Missed teachin$s 'ill be made up at
the instructor"s discretion*
Electronic Devices: 1lease silence all cell phones* +nappropriate use o, electronic
devices durin$ class time 'ill a,,ect your ,inal course $rade*
Chapter Notes/Class Lecture notes: 1lace these in the drop box o, 23! by the due date
and time* 1lease &eep a 'ee&ly lo$ o, notes and activities ,or each class* 4rite a brie,
reaction5re,lection to discussions and lessons tau$ht* These are to be included in your
,inal noteboo& and placed in the drop box* 1rint o,, your o'n copy to include in the ,inal
noteboo& i, you choose to do a hard copy noteboo&* These may be continuous in nature
,or the ,inal product* /+n other 'ord several chapters may appear on a sin$le pa$e0 !ate
assi$nments 'ill receive up to hal, credit*
(185 points)
Teaching Tips: Throu$hout the course $eneral teachin$ tips 'ill be introduced either by
the instructor or your peers* 6eep a list o, these ,or ,uture re,erence and include them in
your ,inal noteboo&* (5 points)
Lesson !lans: Each student 'ill be as&ed to 'rite and present lesson plans* 1lease ma&e
a copy o, your plan ,or the instructor ,or the class o, teachin$* Each plan should include
your name7 Topic5Type o, 1lan7 su$$ested $rade level7 Title7 The 'ords ,or the son$
dance chant etc7 1rocedure ,or teachin$7 Teachin$ Tips7 Core curriculum standards:
source ,or material as 'ell as location /'hen available07 +#%8 number* 9ou need to
incorporate the three learnin$ styles into your teachin$ /visual aural &inesthetic0 The
text is a $reat :,irst stop" resource ,or ideas* ("# points)
$%servations: (all and #prin$ semester only* #tudents 'ill observe an elementary
music teacher /$rades 16-60 t'o times ,or a total o, one hour* +t is recommended that
t'o di,,erent classes be observed to bene,it most ,rom these observations* (ollo'in$ the
observation a one- pa$e report is re;uired ,or each observation* 1lease include: 8ame
2ate o, Observation: <rade level observed Teacher #chool name and city description
o, the classroom surroundin$s perceived $oal ,or the lesson student reaction your
reaction and any teachin$ tips you observed that you mi$ht incorporate into your o'n
teachin$* 9ou are 'elcome to observe in the 1latteville Elementary #chools* /1lease
contact either Marcia =ussell>russell?platteville*&13*'i*us or )melia
)rmstron$***armstron$?platteville*&13*'i*us ,or observation times* (or school security
reasons be sure to re$ister in the school o,,ice* +, you choose to observe in another city
be sure to chec& 'ith the school sta,, ,or their procedure in doin$ such an observation*
/5# points)
&inal Note%oo': This 'ill be your most use,ul tool 'hen you $et out in the teachin$
,ield* + su$$est a 1-3 inch three-rin$ binder ,or or$ani@in$ your materials ,or the hard
copy ,ormat* +, you 'ish you may submit your ,inal noteboo& electronically* #ome
students have created 'eb pa$es throu$h 4eebly ,or this purpose* +t needs to be
or$ani@ed in a ,ashion that 'ill best suit you to ,ind thin$s ;uic&ly and e,,iciently* 4hen
$raded these are the thin$s to consider:
10 Complete: The ,ollo'in$ needs to be included in your noteboo&: Creative cover
desi$n7 9our name7 table o, contents7 Class notes/##% son$ selection learnin$
strate$ies disabilities7 teachin$ tips7 Chapter handouts5notes7 8otes ,rom other
students" teachin$s7 !esson plans ,rom o'n teachin$7 !esson plans ,rom
classmates7 Observation reports7 and a =esource section*
30 8eat: +t is stron$ly su$$ested that all class notes be typed and included in your
,inal product* + do understand that learnin$ styles vary so you may also include
your hand'ritten notes 'ith the typed material*
30 Or$ani@ed: Tab dividers 'or& 'ell ,or ease in ,indin$ material* There are several
systems available at 4al-Mart and 6-Mart* + su$$est or$ani@in$ the lesson plans
into chapter headin$s or $rade level* +, you have made materials to $o 'ith a
particular lesson include these 'here possible* !ar$e @ip loc& ba$s 'or& ,or cue
cards puppets etc*
/5# points are available ,or the completion o, your noteboo&0
Tests: There 'ill be a 'ritten test over the chapter readin$s and class lectures throu$hout
the semester* This 'ill be open notes since you 'ill have created a resource ,or your
incorporation o, music into your classroom*
/5# points are available0

!articipation: 2urin$ student presentations and instructor presentations class members
'ill be as&ed to participate in the absence o, elementary students* Cooperation and
'illin$ness are essential to creatin$ a learnin$ environment* This area is $raded
subAectively* (5 points)
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