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Hi there.

I ordered a few items on May 1, and wanted to give you some feedback on their performance
specifically, on the Pro GoTough Extension Arms.

My order includes one regular extender, two 90-degree pivots arms and a long extender. When I removed
them from the packaging, I noticed that all the extension arms had some play and rotated a few degrees.
I solved the problem by using an eyeglass screwdriver to tighten each of the pieces.

I felt comfortable enough at that point to mount the pieces on my bike along with my GoPro; I used a K-
Edge mount to connect to the bike, which then connected to the Fotodiox extensions.

Within 30 seconds of riding my bike, one of the bolts in the long arm snapped. And most of the other bolts
also came loose.

Another problem I noticed is that theres a lot of space between the knuckles that connect the
extensions to each other. This means I had to tighten the pieces so much that the aluminum crimped
noticeably. If they were each as little as a quarter of a millimeter thicker, you might solve this problem.

I have photos of the affected pieces along with video from the GoPro at the point of failure, if they would
help. It seems the multi-part construction is a problem versus making each arm a single-piece cast or
machining them from aluminum billet.

Id like your input on fixing the problem: I suppose I might have defective examples of the extension arms,
though it seems like they simply have some design flaws. Do you have any suggestions for working
around these problems, or would it be better to just return them?

My order number is #XXXXXXX. The Single Kit case seems to be fine, same with the SharkBite and QR
tripod base.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I hope Ive given you some constructive feedback on the
performance of the extensions arms.



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