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sa Uni bersidad ng lPillipinas

A no nga ba ang barngkasong A(H 1 N 1 ) at bakit ilong saM na iIxl,'y nagigirng sarnhi rng pagkabahala rng alirng mga marasma!(!In? Ssan nga ba 00' gang at nakamamatay rnga ba itong bagang uri ng sakit na siyang sumasallanta sa iba't ibang dalm ng rnurndo?

Ami ng ilan, sakit raw ito ng mga mayaman dahil sa ito'y nakukuha kung ika'y naglakbay paturngo sa ibarng bansa laID na sa Ameri!a rnoong kasagsagan ng pagkalBt ng sakit rna ito_ Ani rnaman ng ilan, di raw ito nakamamatay kung ito'y maaagapan. Ang sanhi raw rng pagkamffiay dulet ng sakit na ito ay arng paglala rito rna siyang kaakibat ng mga kamplikasyoo tulad ng pneumonia, tuberculosis at iba pa.

Arng bangkasong A(1H1 N1) ay isang matindirng uri rng barng:kaso na siyang nanggaling sa pinaghaluhalong trangllaso ng babay, iban at tao. Ang ilan sa mga sinromas nito ay Pagsllsuka, uba" pag:sakit ng IaIBJrnurnan, Iagnat, panarnakit ng katawan at iba pa. Naku:kuha arng sakit rna ito k.apag illa'y rnakihalubilo sa taong may sakit ng A{H 1 N1)_ Ayon sa mga eksperto, ang tangng pananggalarng ng rnadlla laban sa sakit na ito ay ang malirlilit na paghl.l"lUgas rng kamay at pagsuat ng maskarang N99.

Sa atilg pamsntesan, rnaiakHEiIU rin ang naging pins.ala nitong trangllasang ito tulad ng pagpapalibarn rng tnakdBng araw ng

pastj!an ng isang linggo upang maiwassn ang talamall na pagkalBt rnilo_

Ayon sa Inquirer, rnagtalaga BJng ating pamantesan ng mga Ilwartong IiIrwalay sa mga rnag-aaral na siyang lnagkaR)an ngtrangllasoog 00' sa b!lJlllat datmitOfYO_ Napagkaalaman rin bago pa magpasUllan rna mayroong apet rna rnag-aaral na siyang rnahirnuhang may saM rnawlad ng nasabirng trangkaso, ngurnit pagkatapos nillang magpaswab test, napagkaallamarng walla rnamarn pala silang saki na A~H 1 N1).

Noong Hun-ya, 17 naman ay mayroang tatlong mag-aaral na siyang naninirahan sa dormiroryo ng Yakal arng isinugod sa Center SBJ hinalang mayroan raw arng tallo na mga sirnromas ng A{H 1 N1)_ Sa araw ring iyoo napagkaallamang rnayroon ring manglalaro ng'll'8rsity na posilibo SBJ sakit bagamarn di rnamarn naglakbay sa ibang bansa ang mag-aaral rna 00'_ Nang malannan ng rnadlla ang parngyayarirng ila, nanawagan ang vice-chancellor rna wala raw dapat ikabahalla angl rnga rnag-aaral dahil lahat rnaman raw Ing nallahalubilo ng manllalarong nadlapuarn ng A(H 1 N 1) ay pansamantalanq Iilibarn muna sa I(I8se upang rnasigurnng di sillEl ang magiging dahilan rng lalo pang pagllalat nitong sakit na ito sa atilg umbersidad_

Noong Hunya 1 a nemsn, napagkaallamang rnayroon pang apat na mag-aaral ng unibersidBJdI

ang pinaghihinalaang mayroarng mga smomas ng bangkasoog im Tallo sa apat rna mag-aaral ay naniniralilan sa oorrnitoryo ng Yakal habang ang isa narnsn ay naninirahan sa dorrnitoryo ng Kamagorng_

Noorng Hurnyo 22, napagk.aalaman ring mayroorng naidagdag na dalwang mag-aaral SBJ talBarn ng mga pinaghihirnalaang kaso rng trangkasong A{H1N1)_

Sarna'y gumaling ilaagad ang rnga mag-aaral rna nahinuharng mayroon nitong barngkasong ito_ Girnagawa ng uniiJersidad arngl lahat pam matulungang pigillan ang pagllagarnap pa rnilo_ Sa atin pa lamang gusali ay rnapapansirng may aleohel 0 sabon na sa bawat CR. Hindi lang ang mga awtaridad ang dapat kumikilos sa ganitong sitwasyarn_ Lalilat tayo ay rnayroong respansibilidad upang parngalagaan di lamang ang ating kalusugan kundi kalusugarn dim ng iba .•

... Alvin Ian Del Rosario


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DB ctJRSOR SparfsIe5t

14 ctJRSOR Week 0peni1g CerenImy 15 one SemWwr

17 ..Iunitx f'IDgrlimmjng Crxnpe(iIioo

:zo AClE: ~ "PiraIes of Ihe Silican \tiIey"' :Z1Orfe~

:z:z CURSOR P'liIf)'!!!


Morib wishes al of our Sexy July ceIebr3nts a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~ Same goes por.i sa ruga ka-bflhday ~ ~ stlySEXY!

SpeaiilIhIinb to FIictDJak, GoogIe Images. a1d __ ~com_



Sexiness Means Planning Ahead:

CURSOR'S tst General Meeting

Last Thursday, Jirle 25th 2009, UP CURSOR held its first general meeting for the school ye.n to get the Sexy spirit back 00 1r.Ick and to welcomelhe first semester. A mund-up of 82 attendees out of 118 renewed mentlers were present, gearing up for yet .<:nOther exciting and eventful semester. The meeting kicked off VIri!h ~ opening prayerfoIlO'.Ned by the ~enda itseH.

The highli~ at the niglt indude the preparation fur the Engineering Cup 2009 (anently oogoing) wherein most team head; ~ CURSOR members. The CS representaives were there to disruss the mal details and to encourage the Sexy menilers to join and give SI..pport to the CS Firefoxes. This WOIS then followed by the Corrrnittee Updoms presented by the respective Committee Head~

The .Academics Conrnittee will still be holding the yeaflly Jurrior PrognNnm;ng Confel&nce- (which they have yet to find speakers as of the GenMeet) .;nj they have 0I1so launched their Acsd Materials Drive ;;n:I rmre irqxxt;lntly the Technotalk wtlich they aim to hOld every month to raise technology awareness alllJllg the Sexy membelS. They've also decided 00 having a fim showing at the P~ of the Sjlicon Valey for the ACLE 00 August 17th. New Tamb&ysn Rules will be implemented by the Activities Comnittee this year induding the ban of leaving PET bettles at the tambayom. All Engineering DrgOII1izations are mder strider rules OIS the Administration formed 01 TOIIJIbayan C0mmittee whJ waJd do spot inspections which wjl evertualy serve as their basis for an org's tarrbayan evaluation, ergo tambayan renewal as well. .Ardher hot topic is wtlelher or not to move the tambayan from Melchor HOIII to UP AECH. After weighing the pros and cons of the p0ssible relocation ofthetambayOln (strlIOiS Eng'g Week etc), no one ruled in favour of relocating completely to UP AECH.

The Engineering Ex Card which is exclusive to 10 orgOII1izations in the College eX Engineemg get everyone pun1Jed up about the pos-

sDie priv~ege.s n skre. No information 0Ib00t the SOlid card is available yet since negctiations OIm stil on--going. As for finOlllciOiI matters, the return ·of the Frndahan is a go but only school supplies wjl be avOI~able. Reports on the fiimm.oial standing of the sexy org hOlve been disa ISSBd (more ilfo available LpJn request) wtlich is why Finance Committee is still callilg out to those whJ haven't sellied their accounts (renewal fee and hopefully the long overdue LoveRage FX"ofits).

Some final remindel5 about KISSS 2009 were discussed as well as the plans for a bigger gRJE for this year. There are hopes for a g7Id exhbt of the ~n artworiks at a selected Ayala Mall and an auction eX the SOlid OIrtworks, all profits of wtlich will go to cMrlitv. (J, the other hand, CURSOR welcomes its new honorary member, U Ramos as the whole of the atterdees were n favour wtlen the vote for her- mermership strtus was conducted. Also. the for recruitment ar;j Byte Orientation were dscussed for 01 smooth rm of the AppIicstion Period for this semester_

Much attention is given to Org Recognition as the rules fur recogAtion has once agan been chOinged. A. TamI:I&)'an AppIicstion is now implemented which means that there will be a reshuffling next yeOir of the tambayOln which will be based on the organization's performance. The new criteria irl.Jdes Activities POIrticipated and Handled. To get rnaximan credits for the Activities Participated. CURSOR needs to participate in 2 events per- category (Department. College, University or Comnunity based) and hOIndIe 2 events per caI:eg<Yy to get ful points for the Activities Handled. Ths is why n every event. there wjl be an attendance sheet to ll"Q)(e a formal doclmentation of the requi-ements. Ilnner was served to condude another prtrlJctive and successful general meeting. Everyone is enooumgecl to get active .;nj participate n these events. CURSOR's 26th year will be an exciting one, with the help of its very Sexy menbers. Great minds, big plans 0100 a whole lot

~~ .. ---

... Audrey Garais


Fresh from its silver anniversary, UP CURSOR we~oomes ~he new scnool year with passion and intensity! And of course, the Executive Comm~1itee istnere o:n the frontlines leading om beloved organization into its 26th year.

UP C U RSO R started out with just a small 9 mu P of bright yOUlrllg men and women who saw the need for an organization to represent them and thl.eir feillow students rom the Department of Computer Science. The org eventually glrew aJrll.d fllouris.hed, undcu bted Iy proving itself worthy of bei ng one of the best orgs in the Golillege of lEngi neen ng.

Arlld whla1's ilts secret? Well, Who needs one when you've got members lilke CliRSOR has? Tah::rllEedl, smart, athlejjjc, arliistic, you name it 'Sexy' certainly tDc!l\: em 13iwll:ole new meaniingwHlilli C U RSO R. Its more than just a batlile ary; it's a state of Ibe,i rllg ~

25 yearn hlave passed, and UP cu RSO R remsl as as one of the top organizaUons in the 0011 eqe. BljlI 1iIl:e Mimes are clhal1lgiing and fast, and ilt's going to taee aJrll excenent team of people to steer UIS to 1iIl:e might direction. We asked tn is year's ExeComi about tne issues lh:ey face and how they'll hand Ie the ahallenges of the com i rllg year. lrlliiis is What they have to say:




How dO' }'Oti plan to ensure that the mem~ bets rema.!nwell~rouoderJ. giving their best for .oofh meir Beads AND the org?

The 'tam.bayan move' trom Eng'g has been a growing issue ever since the dep:art~ ment moved to AECH. What is yoor personal opinion r:egardingthis maHel; and floo.,v do you feel are the members responding to ,,?

You've mentioned p1an,soJ making this year's @rte graoder than ever. Now is it going. and ~ are the ottter plans mat you have jn stot:e far 'hescooof year?

There's no denying the Importance of money In the organization.

How do you plan to keep the organization's financial slatus as stable as possible this year?



There were some changes with the Org Recog process this year, coned? What were the difflcuffles yotJ'!Je encountered and how were you able to handle them?

i· ......... UiIIW_ There seems to be a good turnout of applicants this Semester. Whaiare you and your committee doing to keep them interested and moUvated throughout the application period?

One of Exfe's primary concerns is getting sponsors rorthe arg. But how do you manage to rope up when thMe'S still the whole global financial crisis at large?

How do you wish see CURSOR evolve and

progress on its 26th year? What are your hopes and dreams for the organization and for its membefS?


... Jr lRespino