INT R 0 cue T ~ 0 Nil II .1III ••• Ii , " '9i III ' .. l1li ~ 11 .. "'1 II II II 11l1li. 2

ONE .. t ,..,..,...,..1 t t II,M-1 a OUPL I CAT 'ON " 1 111..... :3

TWO BC'L T CAR R J ER CO NVERTER ' " ~ ,.. ,."" <11............. 1 B

T I-t REE 'I'O R OP-I N A UTO-BE' A R - "" , 1 iI jl.1 " ~....... 21

FOUR L I GHTN~ N(3 LIN K 1 ,. 1Ii "" ,. "' " ,.. ,.............. 25

F I VE BA R REL LENGTH ,.. ~ " ,. t 1·,..."" •• " ,..... a 0

BJX PART A.f\ID TOOL BlJPPLIERS " ,. 11 ,.. •••• "" " ,................. 31


This beak corrt..b. Inlarmatloo· thllt g.1ws dIItalle an the ~Ion Mdlar ~Ian or rutly autamatic rlra .. mL

Thls fa afr.....l _ i"ror~tian far nHD audy only.

On .M., 1ath. 1Q8e~ • new N.F.A,. run a flre.n_ ·taw want Into .rrect;. Atial that _&:8 It 18

no longar I.... rur ., unllcel18lld Individual to canY8rt • .ml-autarnatlc 'I,..,m InlD 8 rn.chfnegun gr aJb-tnach1..-gun.

Th. B.A .. T.F. farm t wIll nat be 8CCtpAcl by .,. BLra., -cf AICDhaI.. Tabacca .. d FI ..... na,. If It W_nDl: paatmark..:l by midnIght. May fO~ 1l18li.

Fuff1Ut.D COI\'ttWllatW fiatlld In thl. boatc may legally be uaed GIlly In TITLE II recalvws by llaen •• d TI.TLE II Manuf8CtUl'1&

tr yau r-.v. .ny daubta aIxwt your pulltlan In th. mathf'. aantBCC yair IDee. LA.. T .. F.. afflce fDr rudl ... inrarrnacfon ..

.... ---- .



I WiIi!Il!I thinking whl!!ln I !ltarted this book "Laudy .. Leudy. I wish lid had something Uke this whe I first !It.ted convert jng AR-l !IS til fun-auto." No l!Iuch luck. Back then it was trial and errcr

and try again. .

Do nl t ge t ma wr eng. Th er e war e those th. tHe med eo have the requ ired i nfcr ma t fon.. They hung D ut 8 t G un Shews and ra n ads in underground newlpapers~ After pay r ng a ny amount fram .20.00 to S75.00 YfJU 'Wourd breathJsuly be toJd haw their brother-in-law. co ..... n .. nllighbar. rr'lInd" I [pick one] dJd i tl Th is gem of wisdom 1N8!i usuaUy -FUe da Bl!lar- J

Sadder, but no wlBer, yau would find your!!.I' at the next: gun show Har'Ch In; for aerneene in t ..

know.. . .. j ..

In tha m ld-sevl!!u'ltiaa the drcp-i n liIUto-se.... W81!!11 bar n, This I it e Ie pr &1:::. of hard war. w. • ~ to the fuji-auto Fan. It would fit in any Colt AR-1.! wi thout any machine work 'Or specJal toa'l. -~':"1 A I though us I ng , dr op-l n aut I:.t-"Sea.r re qu ired re p lac J ng the A R-l 5 tr i gg.r .,. h. mmer • cUscanne tar.. . .. t.e tar and ba I t carr Il!!Ir with M-16 partlt- the p.rta ware in. xpe nB I va and 8asi ~ y IIiiII tt 8' nab I " ..

Bcnllt of all. frgm the tlma U.P.S. hit the door with your conversion parts untJl you were an the ..

way to the rang a to test fire your new rnachrn"gunl" was gnly about 30 mlnut.lI. .

The early .Ight'ea ware Just the gppoaltl!!l of the let., Ilxtiea.. It l!u!lIemed eou'dnlt pick up any.~ fire arm pLJb I i cat i Q na th. t wasnl e ovar ran with A R-1 e cOnYer B' on ada. MOlt ut Id t c aeJ I drap-i n au to-aearL 0 thera wou I d sha w wher II!II t e dr II r th. he I e tor th. or I gl naJ m i r r t .. y lut a-H8I" I meat. gf these wer I!I! i ncom p 'a tl!l and a tao I neerree t), an d then of t:ourl!U!!II1 ror your ten bucks you cou Jd It II . buy the wisdam of the iIiIlijI8S. "'FHe de sear". .

Th fs AR-15 Full-aut 0 con vera' on be ok cgnt a ins th rea me t he diS of c:anver t' n; th. A R-1! Spcrtlr into a maehinegun. Dna or them Is fun-auto only rthe IIghtn ing fink}1 the oth.,r twa conv.rt th.

Spcrter to Be I II ct-f j re... .

Whll cher yautr. i ntereata din liiIIC qu I r f ng th. know ledge t a dup. i Cilil t. t he Dr i!il j n81 m' I r tar Y Be teet-fire·, M-18~ or yaW"" Intereats run t c how a dra p- i n auto .... ar 19 man u filctur~d .nd used... the inform. tl .'

is hDre. .

Tttt, lightning Unk (chapter thre.l il 8 story aU by 'tlelr. WIthout ch.nglng any parts in the AR-t.e~ \II I thout doi ng ."y mach I na wor k en the , I rll .. m. wi thDu t BO much .. touehl n; a aerewdr iv.r II fl t. or punch t CJ tha tlrearm~ ~ t can bill turned Into 8 rut I-.uta 8U8U tt r I f 18.

NOTE •• n~ TM I nfO,.nwtJ an cont. intld In th rl baok I. rar .ec.dllm r C ItUdy on Iy.. For an un II c.OIIId p" to ..... the information tc convert 8 saml-Iuta rrre.rm rnta a maChln.gun J, IlIlIgal .. Sav .... · penal t fas .r D 8 uthar i zlId far v I Q .at cr ••





The M-'f6 waa deveJaped as a tully automatic: [selective fl're} weapon by t,h., Arm.lilUt,e C'ompany~

It wal 8ubsi!I!'quant Iy ao',ld tD Co It Fir,.s-tms. They- developed a semi-s'utg vets.ron known 88 the AR-1S tc be sold 8S 8 sporting rifle t,g the clviHan mar-ket.

The AR-15 i'l mBchanicaJly the sam. sa the M ... 16 8)(:cept the parts u!lod to. produc.e FuUy autDmaUc fir., have been changed Dr dl!!llllted~ and tha up'per and lower I"'ec.::eiv,ers have baen srightfy mcdifjed ..

AU AR ... 15 lower :rece,iv8rs\I' whether the'y are Co~t or .IiiIftl!r market, have bee'n machin,ed m $uch a way 8!5 to leave an IIU(CBSS of metal on the inner rear we'lis and no autO-gear pin h:oJ. :fa drilled. Th~'9 is dena !l0 the M-16 style auttH!ear can't be installed.

W .... '3t must be dene. !!5,jmply put,. '$ chang,!! it eo Gccept, the M-i 6 eute-aaar , To 8ccompUsh tnr,s you remove t,he excess metal from the inr'1:er waljs of the low,~r receiver" and. drfl,1 ena smell hoh~ fur t,he M ... l6 autc-sear pin..



1 iI Magazine

2t Ulppar GrDup

3. BDlt ,carriaf 855amb~y .. ,. Lower GrlDup

5. T'ake-down pEn

8.. PhlOt pi i!l



Sap,enning the! uppelr receiver and b,arrel' fr'om thB lows'r r'ec!I:iver ,and s.tcu:::k 'is simply a m,attll!!!lr of push i no '!!! t. ak e ... down pin ,"" em 'chI'- ~,.ft t f) r ~ Qh t ,s nd r em,QV i WillS th'B p illVD t pin 10 C9 t "d a tthe farwar d upper p,EU·'t. 0' th e m,sg'Bz ~ ne' W,!!! II t





~ .

t L·


1. P IBtol gr ip .c:n!!IW 2 .. P luol gr fp washer 3. P EROI IV ip

If. :Be lector delant spr ing

5. Se h,etDf" de tent

6. Stot:k screw

7. Stock, (new Bty r. J

8. Stock [old' sty .e) iI. Swiy.,1 n!lt I pin, Itt .. Bwh/l!'.

11. T'ske-down pi n datent apr Ing

12. Take-duwn pIn de,tent 13'.. Take down pi n

1 II,. Pivot pin




.• /~ID



~ .







'I. ,Firing pin retaining' pin 2 .. Firing pin 3 .. Key 3A .. Bolt earn pin


~ t 'wi 1'1' be r:l8cEI'e3Ir'y' 'to dJ:e,SI'ssem,b,le t,he AR-15 bD~t C8,rr iet. The parts will be re.assemb~,ed in the M-'16 carrie,r~

Step 1 u Re,mov,e thm fidng p:tn~, retBin~ng pin (part 1) from the 'csirrier.

'Step 2.u Let the ,'ir'in8., pin [pE3rt, 2'1 drop. lout the rear of ttl!! bolt and cerr ler,

Step ,3.n R,'am'c,ye the key '[part 3] from the to:p of tne boh carrhJr'" Note'u~ .. the two aUen head ke y scr'BWS w J II~' 'be :st ak!!d j n iP I aC'84

:Step 4 ..... '. pun the boU~ ca'm pin (part 3-A) out the top of the earr ier'.

at e:p .5 ~ .. ~~'.' Pu~' I t n I! bg I t [UI U e the: frc'nt CJ f the CID I' t earr i er' ; i,t i 9. not n!e c assa,,. Y to d ~'BassB rnb I e pa!rt~s 5~ e. 7',. e. 'L a,nd 1 D.

R,e. gSBi!! rnb le j n tM e M- 1 B be ~I t carr h!!l'r' it n r Bv=r'5e order ..

N'OrE~n Th~ ewe s lien he,ad 'key g,cr'!I!W"g ate 8 X 32 X 1/4 i:nch~ if you s'hcul d need to replaciI! t,ne'mj



1. R Igtlt hand' guard 2 .. Left hand gu .. d 3 .. 'Charg~ ng handle q. Bwi"V8~1 1"011 pIn

,5 .. Frant: a;wival

8., Slip tb'll


R B rnev i rn g the!! hSln dguer d5 w n I no t be n ae l!!u!!Isary un 111'19 yo u into nd to sh ort.,n th B barr e,~. I r ')!'tIJ IJ wan t t,M em 10 f f. I' pull be c'k en ,t he I ar'ge ,8~ ~ P f" I n,g at ,t he fr on t of th e upper re'c;~ i ver it 0 Ire lasse the m .. Remove one, siide at B elrne,



C t,

2 E:O" ' ,n

• :;;J' ,n;


,ill :,' ,': ',', ,.'

Art sr' re m ov i ng the IiJPIPSr- re ee i Vi! r an d barre I' ,esse m b I y, d i SQsse m,b ~e~ t he I Q w,ar riB CI!!!! ~ ver ~ The' ham rn er an d 't'r~' 99 Sf I'd lseen ne e tc'r p ~ n8 co me out fr om th e r ii ght 'to the ~eft,.. R 8 fflO,v!I!!!I th e ha,mrn sr first .. then the tri gger/d:iSiQ'cnnectcr ~ 'Th., ,.Is;ctor comes aut 'r'em the ti eht t,p the le'lt~ 're r,ernOVII!!I~ place :i e han way b~tween the ,safe and th!! 'fir'8 posi tlens, Use a lIB in'ch :~,uncn end kncck it ,~tr8ight IOU t, 0" the r Be e w'Ver ftc m the r i Qlh e s,j Ids,..,

Th I!!' se I EHi': t (J r de t.ent p 11,I~1ger ,Bind spr i ng ,sr Btl! moved fr'CI m the' reic e i ver by 1; is k i tile 0 ff' th e p j,s:t:,c I grip.

You w ~ II m,oat ~'i k II!! I Y "101 t need to d j see" mb I e It Ihe ! cw'er'· r'e !C:Elli v!;!r' a ... ;;'1 fu.r ther,!,


,2.',',5"'0,'.,' R

to '" ,


DRilL ~J25






,.'~ ~: .. ":J

lCiok,jli"fllg :stlt"aigtlt down at tne top of' the I;ower' rSlceih/E!lr' CHl1mp,B1re it 'with drawliing [A]~ Tha shaded ,art en 't he dr,s wi" 9 ~h'O Wi!:!! the me t a ,I t,h a t must, be r'e m,ove d :to m a k eric D m War t,be M-l B au t Cr=e.e~a'r ~

Dr ew' ~ ng (113.] in d i C,8ItI!!S th!!i!: me"u~ I re rn Dvad f'r 0 m the i e,ft hand sid e' . 0 f th 8 I ow sr' .rIB C ~ ~ ver must !8i cut. out 'tIO' a de pt h 0 f' .91,5 0 ~

. Or'a'wing (0) shew',s the mi II i ng can on the r'ight side, of the !,ower IIi"€Ce=iV81F' to be cn~:y .,45.(l deep ..

NIO'1E,! !,~,~.i'f,., like m,tjlst people" ygU dCin~'t, heve Bc,cess 'tD ,e, rnl II ing 'mach lne. the work '08111 be donie Biiiliil,~' a dtemle~1 trn 'tc~ll,i b,y han'dl. wiiitn 9 rc,tary fii' ~'8~ [l8r indin9 wi 11- w'Drk but it wou Id 't,aks fcu'!ev,s'r e~a!U8e' the aluffli'num curt ing,s wi U lead up the st.onE!! arne! it won!1t; cut~)

'1'he ne xt stu p '~:8 to dr-i II t he he I Ii! ft)r' It: ne 1'1-,1 IS aut. 0---88 ,i:III" pi n, R e r f]!'r t 0 i~kB wing (B 1. T h li;s h 0 II,~' 8, dr~' II! led a ~I i the: way t hro vg h b Q th :8 ides, 0 f the' 1 cn ... ;li9'r Ire C8 :1, '!;Ie r" T h ~,8 i:s be:st done 'W i t.h a dr- i I~; PI'" ~ss s, the, no I!,€: m IiJS't be a tru egO de gre ee, fro ml t,he' w'a 11'5 01 f ,t he ir",e C,€' i ver- ..



.. ":








I 'i
I -



.~-- - .. ~







DISC,ONNECTOR'" r. ng tM eMI .... ~ B pa~"ts on th 1.13 pa'Qa· ,t Q the A R -., 51 par tl on page 1 0,1' the d fJ ~ fer'snciSe become r eadil y a,FJ pare n e,

Tfhe M-16 c,grrh3lr hae not had thUB IQ,wer 8ea~ c,o.n-t:Qlc·t lilp machined shlClrtu .. , Th., hammer FCir ,the M ... ~ 6 has an extended spur~ with a nlJt,ch cut lnee i tUt The., c,nly difference tn the t,r igglBra ~" ttle M-~i6 one bee:1n mac,n.inil!ld throuQih the rl!'8r W··BU~u An M.,.'I B disco'nnactcr has a ilang tail ..... The M-H5 .9iB·IEct~r ;a'witch hiss a third d'Si't&nt po,sh!Jon for TuU-auto .. a earning sur'face for the d,hiCCInnectQr end a, rnaehlnad ar!LBl for' the auto-B,I!Sr tali I..



INUmIlH"'iDi:M M-l D partll, BIlla have 'bean so:Ed wi:th an IM-l a selactar lWi tchthat h_ belln alt .... cL If the seh!!lctut sw'lt£:h y,ou have h_ had the cam ,EU"'fsca ramavad - Ihown, :j'n 'Chili) drawing marked modi'led. it wiU no't w,ork ,sa 8' 'rutl~Buto _rlactDr'. The _1'BctOr" must be una~t .... d~ as shown in Drawing F.,












Rel8ssemb Iy of the ~cn .. ;J'e:r r,~c!!iver is nlex:t,.

EIJ "h- '. -", t"6 ifi':-,c:..;ie:d'" e ',e, ccnvelrt 'the AR-151 ~O' M~·16" ~,o':i'fig, ur'Btlon- other' 'th' 'i!!in the M-,l'S au, rc-sesr

r cr I"",, e: pia r 'loa! I' ~e .. !I",iI _ _ _ ,_,.. '"' , " . .... , , I' ~ ", _ _ _ • """ ,QI " ,_, _....... , ..

~ e,r-'t:s. r,e f ei:r' to draw j ng,s P 8'g8 1 3~ nu mbEi'i"'S 1 ~ se a I'" spr'i n'9 ~ 2.. se ar P' i n t 3,~ sas r bu,sn Ii," g" ,g'n d ~ ~ se ar ~ody (parts t f 3.~ and '4 are norma,II'''I assembled when you purchase them] a,!i"e, M-16 hammer .. I lscoon e c t Or' 01: tr i 9 ge,r., se Ie ctnr 5:W i tc h, an d be It CS'!!"f i er. sh own on! IP i5!lg'E) 11 ..

The A R,- ~ 5 FU1i!lr es and t ne ~ r M- 'I 6 c c un t er'p art,s ar'e sno w-n on pB !;;lIe 5 ~I 0 an d 1 1 '.

I t'e p L u,' i !:lsi a II th 8 M-l! B 811!!!11 e!ll!::·Ult,.,

:~~p 2' .... ~.". hlstall the sehi!lct,or deHentt de'tent ~pri'ngi' end phit,O'!: gri Pi.

itep 3~u .. 'Iinstall ehe aSBBmb~ed M-l B auro-sear-, Refer to drawing (01. NOTE;.~.~ •. Ma,ke' sure the Buto-sear' 'mov,es free lyon hs pi n and doesn't drag, on the recelver weHs.

j t a'p ~ ~ ~"". ASSE! mb let he' t r,~ ggler,~ tr i 'g'Q,!'!:r 5p r i~ ng. d laconoe c't.or and d i 5conn ec t or 5,pr i "g 0 U t~ i de the rec e i ver us i ng, a ,sha r t llB i Iilch S I a,va p,~ n tOI ho I d t he parts. to 98 th er.

;tep 5,." .. o;~ Inataill the trig'gerldisconnect,cr 8sDembly in t.he Irace'i'Ve'f.. You m,sy need to move the selector fr'cm the full-Guto 'to the se:m,j""suta pcsit,ion,. and j iQiQ la th~n,gl9 s' bit to get the t.r,~gge'r/disconn,s'ctor to 61 id~ in plaee w'lth i't:B tai I under the selector' sw itch. 'When Jt~s, aH: I lned up", install the tr igg'8r pin from' I'e·ft to' right.. drhdng the SIS,VB pin 'OU't of the

. N' In'T"E The I ' 'f the tr l - -" ~' - h ild b'· 'j ' .. 'd' t til.. fr "t' 'f rh

rl5M:elver.. , " U~: '-un..' ',eg:s I)',' ,€II " Q'gEU" sprll'ng s au, ,8 'p'C! n",e, O~;;re ,,'0111 0 ',,8

r ee a i vel" and r-est i n9 en tihe be t: t Dm, ..

kep ~l ..... u InstaU the M- Hj hammer and hammer spri'ng;. The h~'gs c,f the, harnrner spr i ng pe lnt to t he r 15!! sr' ef t,he re CE!ii ve rand re,st on the CD n S 0 f the 't r Ii' QIQ'B'if" apt hlg whe n i e's i !fiIst.,a n a d correct Iy~ The t:r'i gger p ~n gO~'9 in fro'm the lef.t to the right ..

r~"""i-16 hammer w'ith apr in-g' lnsea r led correctly'"

~ ~

M-16 tr' i 9 geui \oJ i:t h SpIn" j' Fig I' nst alii is'd C orr'slet: I y.. Th e d;l'9 c:onnlB C e or apr i ng' f i't.s it ntlo t: h!! t r'~ gg er' wi' ttl he I air giG' eln d down ..




Step L. .... Cock the hammer. p lace the sl!'ector in the safe posit ion. PuU thl! t,rigger. the hammer shou Id nut fa lit

Step 2 •• t ... With the u lector in the semi ... auto posit ion. pu] l the tr igger t the hammer shou Id fall.

KafJp hold inS the er igger to the :raBr. reenck the hammer and re lease the trigg,sr ~ The hammer should relaaS8 from the hamm,er hock and reenga{:le tn the hammer sear'. NOTE .. uu The hammer sheu Jd nDt feU frem th,is p-c!lit ion Lint i I you pull the tr igg~r again.

Step 3 ..... With thll! selector i:n the full-auto. posit ian. pu II the tri gg!!r. the hammer shouJd fall. Hold the trfg9f!r to the rear and recoc:k the harnrner, The hammer is now caught under t;h~ autO"""8eart 'Still holding the trigger to the rBBr~ push forward on the top af the 8utO..o.£leSr" The hammer shoujd faiL StU, hDlding the trigg,lI!r to the r'esr, !"e!tcock the hammer~ release the t.rigger .. then push forward on the top 0" thB auec-eeer. The hammer shauld faH only til the sear engagement.

Step If ..... If you understood steps '1.., 2~ end .3 the first time you read them, and every thing_ worked a9 , t should. put the lower recelver to On!! si de. havlI!!!! a shat af beurbon, pat your- sweet thing on. the fanny and get ready to start no tne upper rer:e i ver ~







, .

I" . :


• . I ,'. .~. I :



-,., l.OOO


I , - ,

, 16,


Tha upper receiver needs B clesranc,8 cut maehlne'd 'int,Q, we. Re'fat to drawing (El, The purpO,H!

IF the cut is tD ·c:Jear tlhl!il shQuld:ar!l· cf ch., auto-sesr 'wh~ch protude,B about .05.D above the top of 'U!' I c·wer r B'CB fver we 1'1 s, Whet h Dr y\~u mill. rout t 'f·! 'I e IJ r 9 r i: nd th I B e ~ear an ce', m B k 89 ne d:1 , f I!!!!re fie e, e, I CI'M 9 as: yo U m,Bk II! sura th e au t O-!!Je~Br wi I, ~ nc,t ru b.


VC'1.iIJ ~ay think, after read'ing this part that l'rn a r'Bs'l n~t picker. AU I can ,say is", thds is the w'ay ,do it an d ! st i II have my S!ye:;h e era an d maS,t [] t her nee dad par es, we er sh DC t:j niB a r sa "En y 9 I ElSSH!S use 'ear prot'sction., Test fire with fectory' ammuni,tiofl clnly~

IIUi,P 'I ~, •• ' •• be ad on., rcun.d in the mags z i lie:" i neer t tne rna 9s:z i' ne, eh B mbs'r th B r Dun d. Wii ttl th IE!

sa ~ec t Dr in the se m"i-auto pes i t i CI n ~ fir B the one f"lcund • • tIID, 2",...... I, th ~ ~s me ss :st €lOP 1 f. ex ce pt i Dad two. rou ndB.

_t.I,P', 3., .. nt The ,SEU'fI,B once ,n"'UJr,e .. but, this time' lo,ad find "ire five r,oulnds~ '~'~<II'''' Los,d tWOI r'Dunds-" p lace 'the ,138 lector on "uU-autD" and fire them. : ,5 ~ .. ,;o;o The! 58 me' 85 stil!!l P ,~. ex os pt I081d anoi f i:!G"e!, f'i 'Ie r'Dunds,

If tall is ws:li., no prabten"ls, and the flre'd brElss, [~,Dck8 goed (ne bulgesii no PIC'PPI!U:i elf' fla,ttened pr l, cather signs of tro1uble);I Icad a tw,B'nty or 'thirty round magazin.e and ROCK ,AND ROLLU




Thll!!i ba d n"ew,g i B:' th'8 days of ! nex pe ns i VB M .... I' 6 be I t carr I era is a th i ng of th 8 past .. The good news is: with. littl'e work the AR-15 carr iar can be 'modifi"d to M .... l e sp,ec::iflcations. The on:ly difference bll!ltwlI!!!en the t'wo c:iI!!Irrh!!lT9 is that the AR-l!i has hl;u:il the srea th;lt trftp8 , '

Buto-sear machined off.

By manu"ac;:tur ins the belt-en ,ed,8Iptt!!!l'r shown in tha drawings .. the AR-15 bo"t carr-ier Ican be adapte .• f,Dr USB in a milch~negun~ You not only save rUty or sixty bucks. you ,can also kel!l'p th:1! otd lady h.~ppily busy for 'twa thr. It da ys n, j ng the' par't, aut Ci' that D,d p'i ace 0' r 8' Ir oadr a I: I ylou be,ugh t: at th.. fJ .a,-marka t ... she thought it wun1t 'gcad for anyth:ing].~



I .. 0 I 9

DRILL T'HAU .. 170




--t .63 5



.' 1093 R

r -'f'


,j. -,



_15" R, ~.~/

'-.I J.--.,150


.. 218


.11 0

• 3'00 C IA .26,5 0 EEP




The c8lrr-ier eenver ter ean bE! made fr'lJm lew' carbon steel "arid e.·aSB· hardened .. using a :ilr'oduct. ike Kssenit,rJ surfac'e hardening eernpeund. NIO'TE·!I .... , •. ~ Corn:pl.lI:te hardening instruc·ticns eerne with K·us:n ,j to• Et.!!1 U: at' ya tj- b u i I d the' 'P8 r ts fr fi m ,0 i I tuu'"de n ~ ng car'b on steel: dr i III! r'od.. Tin i.iS can be har'dened with B 'toirch by heating the :part a ,br·ight cherry' a,olror and immedistellY drc,p:ping ,the. heated p. Drt ~n 10 WT ~ rno t'er' 0 i' E ~ WA R N I N (3 ...... '. 1:')(jJ th i s outs i de, bee 8UBel ya'Llre g,D i n g to get scm,s Im,DJ<e,~

To te:mpl!lf the iparts after hardening. place in your 'k it,chen oven 8't 50D' degrees IDr D"le~ ihour.

WIt th., pa r ta C DO lin the gVBn wi 'tn t he do Dr '0 h]ged~ CAN GE R .... 'I".. CO N O'T USE A M I C R 0. W'AV'E I,

~ "t,

t· 616

DRILL N'D 29 TA. PBX 32.

I .



~--~'I~, 1~. --~:~. ~t~_

1 I I ,.38·3


.31 2. R




Part (S·] Pi t;S inaidl!!ll' the bgl't carri'e'rl it acts as s nut. Part (A) is the trIp", I·t· fits at th·B bot; , rear ,of the 'cprr i eJ'r. USI!! a B )( 32 X. '9/ ~ 6 long he.)( has d bo i e to hOI I d the .par ts togo ther.










" dDnll't IUoi;:e. drop-in 8iuto=-se.ars! Not bee·sus8. thBY don't worlk~ b,BCaU5Je' they da, They met onfy work~ bu:t, in m.y. axper renee an AR ... 15 e.Quipped with a droiP-~n auto-sear 'Wo;rks as weU as an c'rigi na ~ government iss·t,Je M ..... Hl~

The' prob lemls. ;not 'with the· 8utO=68,a·r,. i tis wi'th the· law's, g,overni'ng j'ts USe.

The drop~ifl a'UitQ-:l$lest waS designed in the mid ~g70'e fo;r the sole ,purpose Df conveirtirlg, t.he AR,-lS tD fire fu n~,a,ut,o (Sila lect fire) ..

~'f' you buy 8 dr-c'p-in auto~~J.!~ar that was manufactuf,ed afte'r NDvember!! 198 l, r.t is bY' it:SB i f c,llssslrfied a mcu:h in,e'g'un. and must be. ser:~al numbu.r,E!'Q' and regis.tered with e~.A;; T,.F ~ as sucn, If j e 'was imanlufactufed before then, it :t:n itseU' as nlot a m,acnine'9.JUn ... Of 'CD~r5e· .. if you put. it in ygur A'R ... 15., 'than it is a mach im~~Qtin,. and ,as such is i.llegal~~ b'@c:ause a IthouQh it was manufactured baeo,re'. but not re,Et is t,sred before mid:n igh1: May 1 g~ 'I' galo i·t cen not b,9' after' th,a't: date.

A ISCh fOlr tne drop""'i'I) alUto-sear to work In the AR-15, you need an M""'·16 harrrrner, cUsccnnector.· tr i glger of se I ec t Dr sw i tch, an cI b. D I 't csr r i 811'" ~

If you ihave a II of the above listed par1;:S, aUT NO. GUN. under- feder,al Is'w you have ,; macninegun .. lhlB,t ma y ,S DU nd crazy. bu t eh a t ~5 the ta W iii

'The fact, that a pest November 1st.. 19B ~I drop-In auto-saar must be registered as a m,achinsgun j:s bad news. ,~f you tnJ5t it. te get your' gun wcrJdng' ag~in 'you must nat on~y buy a ne'w one fO'1i" anywher's from two tD 'three hundred do liars, you must ~18C pay tne 5200 .. 00 tax on the naw one ..

if thatls .nat bBd ,enough" if 'y.o,u Sh~ ~'ose i e, you have last it ma,chi:negun and B.A .. T §.F .. gets ve.ry unh a ~ py a b'Dut :t hat ..

One last<ingi ,about. u1sJng the drop-in auta-sear. W~th Ule sear removed from the wespon~ 'i{Olll w'Ou llid t'h i n.k yc.u c ne e me reo have a I e'g a II se rn Ii ~',8IU tit, r i r a,alr m ~ N'O T SO 1 Wi t,h the n€l cessar y :M-l 61 p erts iMt,aUedf if you put the se:hBct.or en fu tl-autc the di5connecto,r wH I not; work. The hammer- wi n fa Uow the; bolt farW,fI~rd if y·ou hold the t:r iyg'e!Ir' back, Th i:$ C,8U:5Ie's what is k:nows as slap fire ~ln,d: is dang'er-Io·us., I r t.h e ba U: has. 11 0. t I DC k ad: be' fore the oar til:" hig,!:!' fiji Ii' es yo u w· i II hav E!' ens he II 0 f is b I as t com ii;.ng '0 U t the; lejecti't::Jn po'rt. Thatls bad" but worse is y'l!t to cerne, B~A,.''f .. F'. has ruled .. :j;f a we'apen wi I i f ~re' m·ore than ene sho,t. with aach pull ef the trj'ggl!!l'r, i tiS· a mach inegunl~

Even thDugh you beHave you cUd e.velr-y't.h~'n8 Il'"~ght and paid tl1e tBX on the drDp-in alut;~ear',~ by putt i 09 th!il' a t he r M-l 6 par 1:9 in yo ur A R-15 ~ ylOIJ' have u nw itt in 9 I 'y man u fa C lure d a,n lUi"!" eg i:st'Br ad mach i ne gunf

VD'UI would at: that time be Uab Ie. for a nne and i rnpr isonment.

TO R.eOAP: to buy a f'I~g is,tered pest NClve·mber 1 st .. 198 L drcp-il'91 BU'to""sesr from a 'Class III dea ler ~5 legal~

To have en AR .... (t fa wh:h M-16 p,erts i,nst& lied is. i lIegel

T D have Ms t :6,,s. $1 though y DU halve no g'un is i Ile'gal' ..

TOl halve sin unre·gi~9terled drop .... ,in BUtO-58S'" is illegal.




The four parts of the drrop- i n aut O~B ar' are .. pr e tt "I' !Itt a.i gbt-forwer d pro'po'li t i en,

The ae,ar housing can be made rrom eith!!r' mild s.tBsl or alurnlrurrn, Th., houai'ng bears very nt~

sl1:reSSt so a ha'r de ned hous.l ngis not nee dad. .

The aBar tr i p 19 ,gncrt.he~ at cry.. Th is i B the part c r the dr op,...~ n s!=.,lir th a t t ak'8a t.he be'. t i ng. I:t only' ·cate·hes the hs·m·mer in a c;Ot:k.,d POgjt'on.. fc also is struck w'·lth the full rovc;, •. :of the bal:t carr:~ ., Pll;h t, I m'l!! th,!! waepc n c'yc I es. Fit, I ng at a riil te I)' 7'50. rounds a m ~ nut B. l t t ak es, a r'a81 b. a·t:1 ng.

M,anufactufe the 'trip frc:m high carbon oU quenrching I'teet

I t can be hardened by hast i ng j t a br i g'h t ch err y re d w'i t h ,8 t oreh aind dr DPP i ng iii: j m.m;8cU at III yin' 1,0 wt,,,, motar aiil. This ,~9., bes·t donl!!l Dutsi da bec8us'B of ,smok." frcm the elt,

To temp,sr' t.he part arter hardening. pl'sce it io your ki,tchen aven fot ana hour at SOO degre Let it cool WiUl the evan dpcJ" closed. WARNI'N(3 .... ,~'OO NOT USE A M'ICROWAVE!

.125-·· .....


.0,93 OIA THRU




... ~

- .. ~- ... :-' +-

"00-*-'10...--... r-'

',' ·1'6-0·· I;

I ... , ..

-.-- to 91 0 _. --...,- 1,~240 --...

~ 41 5


'11·56 DIA .170 DE EP

r·oee f

.• 620'

~ I e'.·



BR:EAK C,ORN:E"R,S ~12.5, R,

,DRJ;l'L, THRU N 0 m39·

, -./' , ,--

t • • . -.

, ,- _ ,~3e,5

..135 DEEP

.156 orA CHAM,FER EDGE ,0,2'--' 5-·' \I '4- ~

ill '. 1'\' l::J-



'The spr'ing is made frDmi No~ ~'e wire. Wind U: ,Eilr'Q,und a mandrel tnat hBs bele'n !Cur,ned 'on a lathe" Ycu will have a sprin:g eX'8l:rtly Hke the ons shown ,~n the drawlrng'.


Find ;l' hunk of apr in~g that fit!;; in the hole Q't, t,he franlt of the. !:Ias'r body wi theut draggh'91.. chopl it off at: the right lengUl~ and call it a job well done.



lOT URN S N O. 1 eMU SIC W I' R IE RAT E :' 8 ,I' b s J i'n

The, trip pin esn bl!! Im,ada fro'm drill rod 9,t,oc'k.. AI~t,hOlii'gh I f'flnd a roll pin works as. wen wi't,hout the need fo,1!" a prec i,&:llion fi t in the sear hous3i'ng~

Whichevf!,r is UEH!d", mla,ke sure 'the' t,rip .rocks frlBady an the. pin whenl ~tls assembied ..


Test "~re ,alS outlined at 'UU!!!' end Df CH1A,PTER ONE ..

2~ .;;a




I ,






This t.hinglg as Blick 85 clw'l .dol, dol No wcrili"tss about :M,~ 16 parts. No rnaeh in~:l1lg or drHHng on a 5i,)( h undre d de II ar gun..

The! pa r tIS een be rna de= fr om t DC I et el!! I, m'Blch i: ned 'w i tn g,res't pr ~c is i O'lil, har de ne d and t ern pere d w'ith IDv:~nlg ~Bn!, rhen p'c I ished til 8 ni gil '13 loss t,hst ylcur mgther would be' ptcud of ~

en t,h!!!, ,cd .. sr' h,an.d~, us i ng, 0 nil y a C O'U Pi I e P te ce.s of pCIW'Bi" hac k sa w blade t c rna k e ,th e parts fr 0 rn, a dreme~tm tCiiel, ha'Fle! drill~ and one or two flies t.o dc, the work: .. you can cut aut the lIL.ight.ning Link,l1, in ,about an hour ~

The f 11"'8t descr i pt ion w i' ~ ~ m ak I!! a link t.h at 'Y'DU CltR11 d most I ike 1:'1 pass en to yo ur gr'lI!! at gf an dk,;~ de. ihe: second may nat la~t that Icng~. but I kno,w af ene 'made from rni Id s·tIEH:id, that has ",ever been lila,ln'dl!l'i"u::"d c,f"' te'm ps.'r eo" ~: tils, be'l:! n use d t; c fir e over 5 ill 0 DO. r!ounds,~ siI1d':s St. i II 9 D i In!; $,trc ng. A II the t ev,er go as Wf,Qn 9 wit hit i $ the par t the bo I 't, oa:!l"r i,~r hits g,ets ~!!!e! nad over. a,f tll!!lt ,abc ut f I "'8 or 5 i' x huVil m;t,red r'Clun ds" When t'ha t h 9pp ens. 't he! 9 Bit h,en o!wns i t dro ps .[ tout (] f the gun. pu tS it on t he~ rear bumper 0" he~r Jeep and beats it back in shape with a rock, Sh"iS then back, in ~busine-ss f,or 8 ~'ew hu ndre d me r a rounds ..

Th'l ' , ' ,I' , ',- I " '~- ":;1:.: U\ .. ~ 'E!,lJer h!!'src about the l ightn,!'ifig, L- j nk ~~ it c'onver'ts ttl!! fir'l!!I~arrn to full-aure

e ;0 n _ y co ,m p I a I r:h. ~ '!II'''' _ V _ _ _ _ _ _ ,., _ ! II ,. ! . _. h;! _ __

enl Y'ii I II: an It, se,!! 't.hi!i't's a pr c b h! m j Nc en!! says, 'Y'ou he ve It 0 hoi d the t r ,ji;g er' do'w n unt i I 't.he me ga z in e"s I!mpt'y. live fcund wit,h ,s· I itt!~,e· pr'Bc:t lee hiS easy te, fire two shot bursts using the 'link ..

A,~S.D k, .!1!!E!ip' in. mi nd, . that. it take,s ,en:t'tlabDut '~.I!n !~n!CCnd5. _to ins~all the L ight~hlg Lhlik 11 n 8 5,t,B,n~a~d uns 'I t er 8d A R'~ 1 5. and onl y ab c ut :13.' o-e [;IC ndE, t,e rem eve It,.. 180 I fig fro rn ,89 m r-aut 0 to 'fu II an d bale k '.>i"O B-1 ,-," ~9 .--: oi'i U-c e;, m' ~t .. 't,~irO 11J:f' seccnde.

Ii.., @ m ~ 1. Ol!' y... _ ,,,",,, . ""'Lt_






I ' ,

- -' - '




- ..

'In norrnal 5'l!1mi''''sutlJ aperFJt~Dn, tlhe hum,mer is cocked by a r-1!'8Irward movement of the bolt cerril,r,. as 'the carrhn moves farward<t tha harnrner i·s Q:aught and held in the cQ'ckad. pos,ition by the sear f'c,csted en the "forw,srd part of the t.r'~gg.r catch ing in the !u!!sr notch, on t,he ha.mmer~, If you hold the tri 9g8r after a, shc,tlg fiired the saar 'wiU not. catch in the h.emmer's sear nc,tch 'when the ,;amrnsr' cocks becauss' : the ,ses.'r j.g, depressed b'Blo,w' the' arc af the ham'rTils'r notch.

What hap!pan9 ~s bec,8use the trigg,er is bBifllg held back. the dl's'c,onnect'or hook is tipped 'forward' and in p05it'ion tD c'stch the 'hammer .. !tc,ppi'ng it 'rom, following the bot:e carrier f·,orwerd. When j the tr'igger is re~ea8ed. it anows the hammer t,g !iJi'p from under the~ d'iSCD'nnl!lctor' honk and be ca.ught by the tr'igger "ear in the hammer ss'ar notch. Mak~ng it nacessery t.o, pull thB trlg'gar for ~ach shot.


As· leng a5 the trigger i:9 heh:f b8ek~ thB sear 'ia h!l!llid bahJ'w the arc af' the hammer notch. The only thing hollding the hammer in 'the c'ock,ed pasition i:, the dh,conne·etior.

The lightning Unk accornp Ilsnes, fuU ..... autci fire by pull in; the disconne'ctoi"' to t.ha rear fcrcin.'gj it tcreleS!!!ie the' hamml!r~

The aeembl'i!d Unk lays flat in the· I"ower' rec,siver,. with the ape·ning: at the front fitting ove~r the hock of' the dlsconnectoir. and tt1e upright r'asting be'two!!!n the UlppeiF" recei'ver take-down pin ,pos't~ ·an d the be I t carr i 8r II

In operation t,he t.ake-dcw'n ph; post. acts u· B fu lcr-urn pelrre, When the be It c,arrhtr st.f·lks9 tha 'tcp of the links uptight tha IO'wer end is· rc.cke:d to the rear, m·gvh'Q t,he' body of' tha link. ba'c,k.wsrd ,S!CC,ut '/l6 il!1·ch,. 're I e,as. 'ing th,e harnrner from under t.he disc1cnndl!!!lctcn' hgak.. As h:J,ngl as the. tr igger is 'hel d back ttie re~arwalid movement of the bel t Garr iar wi II c·cck the hammer u.nder t:he discollne·ctor· hook. The f'crws'rd movement of the carr-Ier 'wi II stdk.e the ulpdgiht gf tha link j uee as the be It hJcks in battery. reh!u3,8,i ng the· hammer, ·and firi n9 the' 'wl!!iepon.. When the trigger is released... the se,ar w ll! st,ep thl! inammer i I'l tne co,ck,ed pes! it! c,n negati ng the eper aeicn 'of the dlseennectcr and lightn,ing I:~nk.



The dr-swings shew the shape and give the dimen9~on5 fOi e Lightn'ing that f~ts in the C·Olttm A!R~' 5. ~f ~t~s to rit 'in an after madn~t to'wer recetver ,it may be r.'Bc,e'ssary to change the outside d!imansh:Jns.. E'i tner Vi,ay j ,a n tha,t~s frea lIy i rnpor tanto is that it f lts lnsl de the rel:·e i ver and can move back and forth about 1.11 B ineh,

When 'buill di ng the L ightn i,ng IL ink wi thoue s m, II i ng machine I fi nd the al mp 1i8St w'ay ~8 to cut the .IO~~ _ P ~el'l;:;e _ tCllength end w f:dth~" ,Next center t~n,Ch and dr i II a 1/6 in?h h~ lie at each corner o.f t:,~e largs' oblong hole at one end. With a drs mel tool and bonded cutoff whee I cut cut tine mert.eih3 ~ between the' four ho les ycu dr i lIe04

Next center punch and drH I a ~ lS inch he Ie so you ca,n CUI:, OU~ the .1 :30 wide t a i I that extends out of 'the ob long you 'have a Iready. cut. N'OT'E~ .... Dc not square :cff' the end of the. • 130 cut at t,hie eirne ..

C'I!!!E"I;tl!r punch ,and dri II; ,9' 1/32 i neh he Ie at each end of t,ll@! .043 slot at the 'Other end of tbe part .•

O I:.. I 'h d Itm " . . +

ut t~.e 5 ,c·t g·ut With t re •.. rerne I' too I and iDonded cutoff whee I,. Square th!! ends, and f:inl:sh the

.slct using Ell needle fi IIB'~

Olean up the. lob long he Ie iE'nd j,l :3,0 wi de cut wi ttl a small fi le~ NOTEH .... No'wl's, the t i:me to :square the end of the .130 leu't. .• , CAREFUL~ .. "" .. Dcn~t get, carr jed aw,ay~ The: dlatsnce betwe,en the f'rent [squared ,end) of the.. 130 out and the r'l!,a'r face of th!! .. O~:3 slot can not be any more than 2,; 120 •

...... ---.-or'~- 2 .1. 2.0

, I


.. 110

.,0 '55




.4 2 5 --'f '2[9,0

~ 0 5 5.,


-.060 .......... -,.04,3



.,4 e-o

l ~

T" -"


l r ""'T",I.-~·I-""'--""""---1~1-. ----- ............. -_-.==*------- ............... ....,:.........,--.: ] E ~

,Fi I., cr grind the cutalde edges to :shapl! unti lit fits i'ntD the lower. r scelver without 'touching t,he i rmer r" CI!!!I ~ve.r wall ,Is.

Tc eheck tina link for Ht and funct,ion .. drop it over t.he hook Oil 'the disconnect,or't refer" to dr'Bwi'lngs I(A]! and (B). Hold the trijg;ger back endl cock the !hammerr~ It 'wiU be caught by the disconnector hDO·K .. Now ph:u:;:,e a 9ct~be or anyt.hing thEn, wi II. fh; ~:ntCl 't~B slot at t'hB ["Barr" af the I ink and pun it towBrd: tn!l back of tnt!! f,""Bceiver .• thl! hamm~r' shDuld falL~ If it did, keep ho~dlngl the t'r'igger". raccck t'he· hammer and dD ~t all ,again •. As long as yCUJ hol,d t.he trig,9'!!r back •. the link w'jU relea:5~ t.h,e harnmer , When ';i'ou re 18ase the. tr ig'g,sr" the I in!k c·an no' Igngl!r re,leasl! thl! hammer from, the cocked '~IDsit ion.

If tnis Unk would not rneve baek fSir enDugh to pull the d isccnn,8c.tor hook off rhe hammer ~ find out whatis S:top'pi:ng it a·nd c[c,rrect the prcbllem"

. .



---,1"""""""- ..... __ ..... - -...... ..... _- --- --- -







"." .




CUlt the IUp,r ight pa,rt to length and fi Ie '"

-' ~'d !t ""'" shace F; I~ ~ ~~ tghto b- ~u~:i ~. jj;'

,grin - I· ,~,-, ~ _'iG!Ilt"'l. _ - ~ """ Q ... ,,1." _. _" .. ' g'yg, Q"ii II;

t,CiP r,es: r 9 j dJ" CJ f the upt i glrn,,,

.s ao

~ -Ii


, I!

...J iL....,. t .... -I r--"32

Assemble tt1e p·arts~ Refer to draw ing. (0). Ins·taU the par·t.51· in the ~ower rece lver , See drew'ing IlIA],. Tip the w'sspon so the link's upright re'stg, agains·t the rear of the receivf!r. ChJS8 the upper : until the take-down pin post, is far erlougn into the' lower r ecelver. when you tip tt.!:e fke&rm.1 mU2l I e do W!i1 th!! link is u pr i gh t C9:n r,e st age i niSS t it: he p est, Cant i nue e I cf5l'i nl9 th., 'W!!s pan unt iii, t~s I comF-I'l!tl!!lily e. h:n3ed. NOTE~ ... u This r irst t 1mB y[ou m,sy na:vs: tf'()ub le 91'-tting th., link' upr ight to sUde II in pl.ace between the rear gf the tsk.e-d.awn prn and the baU: t:srr·j,,,r.. .AU I can tell you is w~iggle

[ .

I .,d Jiggl!! th ing,s: unti I it goes in p lac,a. ~ I t wi II fi t in p lace much easier afte'r i ct,S shaped by the boi t

j, ;,

ca~rl!lr' .• ,

~ After tile take-down pin. is ln phacs. .. hc·ld the 1i;rijg' back. S'lii,d operate the bole carrier about five '1 times. The bend in the top af the links upri ght is 'formed at this ti me by the belt carr;iIEU" hi tt ing I ~'tt Be'G drawi n9 0:)]. Be 5ure U:J IIB't ttle bol t alarn 'wi ttl fu II force each time. Newlg. the ·ti:ml!!l ttl find

[ayt. if e'V.,r'ything~8 work ilig r ight. C'(JI~k the!! weapon. po,int it hi'll 8[ se, , [f!' dirscthJ'n .and pu II the er igger. ~ You should hear the hammer fei to K[eep ho,lding the: tr igger" cock the wea:pcn.~ and release the er igg.i!!!'r",. , IP,uBi the t-r~ggl!"" nothin'Q shaul d happenl i' the ligihten~ngl link wi II halve re[I'eased the hammer when the'

t,boit c&irr'ier c lased" _ ,


'j: Is 8' 0 HAP'r E R 0 NE fOir '9B fe ty a nd am mu n ~ t i on pre c a IU t i ,oms.

I LOEiId. tw D r au nds in. t he rna 9 a.z ine, The f'kst will f i ~e w he n you pu n the t r i Q[ger t 't he see c'n·d 'W i I: I

'II 'i~1! Bll!.! t erna t j' ca II y.

;! Ch'BCk t.h·e' brass- fer any problems.. If atl's welt I'c,ad fhf'B rounds and let'~er r~p4 ThEIle's ~t far now',

t '


i.t Af'tier test fi,ri!i1Q fiv!t r'eunds rernove the Ii'ghtn ing link from tbe weapon, chock it. f'or burrs pr rotJ[g.h : :)pOt5~ 'CJ:leen it up to your 5·a·t i:sfB.Ct ion, then break out the tarch. ,and harden' t,he parts. Refer' to 'I';CHAPTER. TWO for hardening and tempering instructionS4

,I il




f:IW,: __ ~ __ ~ __ ~~~~ -=~~~~~,-, ~~~~ ~-===_ ~~==--



I --------------------~----------------------~==~~~~~~----~~~-~,~-~"'-~~~----------~----

I r'

f ..
. (~
~' V 29,
.....:. t.:......:;' CHAPTE:R FIVE



Shortening the bar:rel is a job that's bes.t done on a hit:he~ It1a just: about: impossible te, cut it ~

and, it bV han~ and Qe~ 8V"I!!"'yt,hi ng strE;dght. ... _ . +. . .:M

Whet.her you chap It off w'!lth e hacksaw and ret.hread l·t wlth, a die or cut, crow'n S'ndl thr'!!'aid~ en 8 18the~ he'B'p In rntnd 61 barr'e~ is measur'l!!d f'ro·m this brCllt !r,B1C,e' to the mU:lz(e·" not from t.he fr~~ of the race lver to. thil!!!l nluzz·le. ~ The d;rBwing and' tab!e indicate haw to ms·&suril!!!! and cut the barrel for. thl! mCUl1t popul',ar lengths.


, I

,1 ~~,
- -
Ii ~.

n' -

----~ r-~--- ~"-,~--------~-----~------~




9 ~ ---..----...--~- ...... ---- ..... - ---...~


9 3/4 i "'Cines. equa I ,9 11~! 1/2 i ne h barr e.:~ ~ a 3/'~ inches eq'ua.1 s' m 1 1/2' inch barret' ~ 3 31~ J neches aqua' 8 1 q ~ 12 inch bs,rtel


t 1 lj

~ I t~s, hard to do a, job wi theut the proper' t'cliDls~ artd darn neat ~lI"npoasi bte w,it:hotlt the t"igt'it :plart',5~

I w'sn t t ethan k - th e' Cl:D mp an i es ttl a tare: ~ ~5j,it:e d be low ~ f'or g'r a,C i'lcus I Y Q i v i n'g ~er"m '~ss j' on tIC inc I u de' ene lr ns,m'l!i!:s and addr,€g,Se5,t 1i:lhs't ycu may Cbt8~ n too~e" par'ts or sB:rvi,cas d~:rBc't Iy frQm them",


,K itts ~Industria,~ Toe Is

,22:;1,8 q Gran d R, i vel'" Aven ue []etI"Dit~, Mii.:;hligan ,4,821 Q

l.Ht M'arilufacturinlQ C,cmpany ROtll:tIB 1., Bc'x :2 ~ 0

o evi ne" T!!xas i'8,[} 1 6

T8)(,88 A,r m,a men't C Q,~ 90S PSles.n Str'se't Brownwood. T .e,x as 768 D 1

F edar's i 0 rdna no B! I no i P.O. Box 605'D

So. EI Montie .. C:aH"ornia gl:7::!!

Sher'WOll'd I n tar nB,t f on all

'il ~7- 'IIi ~B'" "'1"1 a.n ,t a S' '.iIIO;Q ~ e Den e 'S'G"NJ B ,u' !. -, r· ;I! ~ . Ig'- I •... --::v.1I1 ~'IIiiIi.· ,It. -= ... ....::~. I •• : .. ,' .... -.

Nair tht i dg'8" ICa' ffi r ern ~ 8 9 1 3,2'Bi,

Th e Sout hw'est, Tr ad i n.g Co'.

F' ~C" Box '1095,2

HouBt'on. Tox,e 71'01 B

Nu mr'i ch A,r miJ C crp t

'West, ~ ur I By ~ N.,w Yer k, 1 2'4'13 1

Qu Ii II ty' Par''ts: ,Co mpany

IP. c. B,o)( B659 'Wglcd 'or dB, P'or't ~,8n d. M a i"" 0 q 1 03,

Caldre Bupp Ily

Box 220jHf

Me mph i 9~ 'f e nn ~ssel! :3B i 22

F r-I;;Ii!1iI,k M i 't t,er me h~:r,. I ne ~ 3577 E .. , Trel:mont ,Avenlll.:n! Br'Dllllx, Ns'w York 104:65

6,!i'OWnel~:1~5 I nc, Route 2, BQX 1

Mellint ezum a ~ I CI'W:eI: 50 111

,J b L Indu,s'trhal Supply I~ ~ 0" 6,0,)( Q-D162.5-

Oe'tro it. M ichigsn lIB240

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