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TIE 533/Juan Bottia

Introduction- Participants will learn to use the MAP data to develop interventions
for students in all tier levels.
Goal- Classroom teachers will learn to use the MAP data in order to increase rigor
in the areas of math and literacy.
Rationale- There is a ton of information that the MAP test provides in regards to
students weaknesses and strengths in the areas of literacy and mathematics. From
my experience, reading and analyzing test results can be quite cumbersome. Since
students scores tend to spread to different levels, it is difficult to find a starting
point that will help differentiate in the classroom. This PDs goal is to help
teachers not only develop interventions for students in Tier 3, but also provide
support and rigor for students in the lower tiers.
Vision Statement- Part of our schools goal is to use PLCs (Professional Learning
Communities) to ensure that students learn by developing a culture of
collaboration. A PLC encourages teachers to share and analyze data results with
the goal to make remediation plans for all tier levels. This PD is designed to
facilitate this process. However, its most important feature is to help teachers
improve practice.
Learner Description- Learners are educators with an account to NWEA test
Prerequisites- To participate in this workshop teachers must:
Have an account to NWEA
Be part of a Professional Learning Community

Learning Objectives-
Learn to use MAP Reports to identify a starting point for teaching specific math
and reading standards
Learn to use the DesCartes to locate teaching math and reading standards

Wi-Fi connection
NWEA account
Math Planning Materials
Instructional Plan-

Teachers will be grouped with their grade level teams
Each team will log into their NWEA accounts and go to the MAP Results tab
From the MAP Results menu, teachers will click on Class Reports to identify
their weakest strand in math and literacy. (Math has 4 strands and literacy
has 3 strands)
Focusing on the weakest strands in math and literacy, teachers will use the
Class Report and the DesCartes to select specific teaching standards for
their next unit
Using the MAP Report and DesCartes teachers will be able to identify which
standards need to be strengthened in their classroom

Plan for Assessment and Evaluation- Teachers will complete a survey to assess
the PDs quality.