Place the Primavera installation CD in the CD-ROM drive of your computer. Double
click "My Computer" and select the CD-ROM drive if you do not have auto-play en
abled. Click "Install Client Applications" in the Primavera install window. Choo
se "Next."
Step 2
Enter your product code in the "Enter a product code" boxes. The product code ca
n be found on the installation CD. Read the "Primavera Software License Agreemen
t," and select "I accept the terms of the license agreement." Click "Next."
Step 3
Select the Primavera setup you prefer in the "Setup Type" window. The choices ar
e "Primavera Client Applications," which includes the Project Management and Met
hodology Management modules; "Primavera Stand-alone," which includes Client Appl
ications, Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express and Empty Database modules; and "Cust
om," which allows you to choose which components you would like installed.
Step 4
Choose where you would like Primavera installed in the "Choose Destination Locat
ion" window and click "Next." Select where you would like Primavera common files
saved in the "Select a Destination Common Files Folder" window. Click "Next."
Step 5
Place a mark next to the features you would like installed on your computer in t
he Select "Features to Install" and click "Next." Type the name of the program f
older in the "Program Folder" box and click "Next." The default name is "Primave
ra." Click "Install" to begin installation. Select "Finish" to complete the inst

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