Archie Inlong '78 will teach a two-day workshop for 20 people (10 brods and 10 V

anguards) whom he will personally coach and subsequently mentor--for FREE!
Seminar: "Defining Your Win; Creating Your Wow; Planning Your Way"
*a pay-it-forward activity where he will pay for venue and materials.
*you pay for your food and invest time.
*ideal for brods starting out on careers
*planning and skills-building
*afterwards, I will be part of his pool of co-trainers!
*work with Vanguards to discover diplomacy skills and "crucial conversations"
*form a list of 9 brods. share the concept with them and get their commitment to
value the opportunity
* give Archie their backgrounds so he can tailor the workshop to their needs
*gives Archie the chance to see us at work, discover our style and strengths, an
d determine future opportunities