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Calculus 1 for Engineers

e-Learning Development of Application of the Definite Integral
for Calculus 1 for Engineers


Calculus 1 for Engineers

Calculus 1 for Engineers


Engineer students at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna can hardly understand
mathematics of university level, especially Calculus 1 for Engineers, because their basic mathematics
knowledge from high school is not good enough to study mathematics in this level. In this research,
we develop learning material to help these students for learning mathematics in this level. The
developed material is e-Learning. The e-Learning collects knowledge of basic mathematics from
different learning sources such as mathematics books, electronic books, mathematics problem solution
and mathematics animations. The mathematics animations in applications of the definite integral can
make the students to clearly understand about these applications. The e-Learning has been used to
supplement in Calculus 1 for Engineers courses. From learning evaluation in class, we can observe
that these engineer students can understand Calculus 1 for Engineers easier than an original class
without the e-Learning. The e-Learning is appropriate and to be easily used by bachelor students in
order to improve their mathematics skills.