Transportation Tuesday


Crashes Just Don’t Happen,
They’re Caused!
Transportation Tuesday
• His judgement may be impaired.
• He may try to compete with other
road users.
• He may drive too close, cross
lanes unsafely, ignore speed
limits and traffic signals.
• Thinks he is always correct and
others are wrong and is not always
Behaviours exhibited by a driver
under the influence

can make a
person drive
at his best or
…his worst!
Transportation Tuesday
Influences that could affect
you from driving safely.
• Alcohol: It affects your brain thereby affecting your
judgement on speed, distance, risks. It could also result
in blurred vision and make you feel fatigued and sleepy.
This can lead to accidents.
• Drugs: Many drugs or pills prescribed by doctors for cold,
headache, allergy, can cause drowsiness or dizziness.
• Strong emotions : Whether positive or negative can
distract you. Around 90% of drivers involved in accidents
were either angry or just excited.
• Continuous driving : This could result in fatigue.
Ideally, a driver should rest for about 15 minutes,
for every 2-hours of continuous driving.
Transportation Tuesday
Tips to keep you focussed when
• The basic- safe driving. Driving is one of the most
dangerous activities you engage in on the job.
You may be surprised, some of your driving habits are
not harmless, as you thought.
• If you are taking medicines prescribed by a Doctor then
find out their effects. Is it safe for you to drive?
• When mild drowsiness hits on long trips, open a window,
chew gum, sing along with the radio, scan the road and
check your mirrors frequently.
Sleep is the only true remedy for fatigue!
• When experiencing strong emotions give yourself
time to calm down before driving, and listen to
soothing/relaxing music.
Transportation Tuesday
Could he be driving under the
Vehicle roll-over :
A possible result when
you drive under the
influence of alcohol/
drugs or when a driver
falls asleep behind the
Nobody knows except the driver
Transportation Tuesday

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