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Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

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Published by: Dr. Fusion on Nov 27, 2009
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minds and hearts. If we should do such a thing, we should
become powerless to help you. If we should receive and
dwell upon all the troubles that dear ones feel they
have--and that they want to impress upon us--we should soon
believe that the world was full of such things and that God
was unable to work out His plan of life. So we just keep
declaring that the things you write are not true, and we
shall continue this until you too believe them not true and
cease to give your thought to them, and open your mind and
heart and eyes to the glorious Presence in which you live
and which is seeking perfect expression through you.

We do not promise to say a prayer of words and have the
saying work a miracle in another individual. Our work is to
call attention to the true way of living and to inspire
others to want to live in that true way. Our prayers are
for the purpose of encouraging those who are making the
effort to lay hold of Truth and prove it.

There is much more to living and being healthy than saying
one's prayers and reading good books. One must study one's
every interest, and inclination, and reaction, and desire
in relation to the real Christ wisdom, and love, and power,
and life, and substance. The real teacher and healer, then,
is the one who not only has faith in God but who
understands and makes practical application of the
enlightening, freeing, healing truths. To heal a person is
to free him from the

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