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Russia is very likely to extend Edward Snowdens stay in Moscow

in order to protect Snowden and prevent his life from getting snuffed
out by two of the worlds most terribly evil liars Obama and Kerry
One year ago! on "# $uly #%"&! Snowden appeared at a media
conference in Moscows Sheremetyevo airport to announce that
he was applying for temporary asylum in Russia after he realised
that Obama was seriously trying very hard to catch hold of him
Obama had publicly said that he was not going to send fighter 'ets
to go after Snowden yet he had the personal plane belonging to the
(olivian president diverted to )ustria for a physical search *t was
clear Obama wanted to catch hold of Edward Snowden and throw
him inside the extremely notorious +uantanamo torture prison
On &" $uly #%"&! Russia approved Snowdens asylum re,uest and
he was issued with residency papers valid through &" $uly #%"-
Snowden had on " $uly #%"& applied to several countries for asylum
but he was unable to obtain solid guarantees of safe passage due to
physical threats from the powerful .S military and the blackmail by
the State /ept and .S 0hite 1ouse officials who warned that any
country offering sanctuary to Snowden would likely face paralysing
trade and diplomatic sanctions from the .S and its allies
2urrently! Snowdens lawyer is submitting his re,uest for another
years extension to his stay in Russia and chances are good that it
would be accepted 3he .S is likely to react very furiously to this