The Games of a Gamer my how they Game.

While some practice Strategic Arts.
They muddle in the mire of repugnance.
No harm to the perfume of consciousness.
Reeking in the armistice Fabula.
The ancients just watch unastoundedly.
The dizzied are douched without doubt dollars.
The anesthesia of a Soul's Kindred source.
Is what it is for its Magnificence
Of Ether it hallows the Senses, Scent.
I am writing to Dense see what I MEAN?

JC PENNY Corporate Revs.

JC Penny Poorer than A Dime Eh, Watchate.
los negros son maldiciones y Nosotros
Nos aguantamos y mas son Vendidos
Y los pinches mayates no I've changed.
I see what African Americans have done.
Pinches gringos hang them just like us.
We are no different we are the Same.
The four directions de los Soldados de Villa.
But these I mean these Firefighters, hijole.
I said, "No" to my brothers No Justice.
It cannot be relative to peace, La PAz..
It is still better don't get loco see.
You see that beautiful mountain out there.
We come from those hills unlike another."

He Stood So Still and He Gritted as Usual.
The Pocho who can't hold a Candle Flame
To Love as was practiced by a Brazilian.
Yet that too has been vanquished oh smile then.
You just got Honored with your Indignity.
Your Laurels are Wcikedly Crooked Beast.
You watched as a Woman was Lynched as Much
You avoided responsibility and Honor!
You can't touch a #refugee. I won't allow It!
You are the worst example of a Martyr.
Until this Minute, You Second Hand Llar.
You are cursed by Moctezuma by my Pen.
I will write it slowly cuz it Burns Me.
I have to speak of you to your Theatre (Again)
Oh Hate as the Hate of All Sages. FUCK YOU!

saw the Silent OPpressor in that Crowd.
It brought back the Demons of Hell cross Armed,
"I won't lift a finger for whores or for Poets,
Soy Vendidad y no cabe duda.
Under the Bus B! You took the Money!
You sold out your Movement for Rot Head.
The INability to behold an Ideal a Minute.
White racists have passion you have None.
You can't even speak Mexican Groucho.
How can you stand at the Pyre so White.
The Smallest Heroine is your Giant.
She hel doff A Rapist you Permitted!

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