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Bylaw of the Association of Korean Immunologists

in America (AKIA)
ARTIC(E 1) $ame
The Association shall be called The Association of Korean Immunologists in
America ("AKIA").
ARTIC(E *) #tatement of Pur+ose
AKIA shall be operated exclusively as a non-prot organi!ation to achieve the
follo"ing ob#ectives$
%. Advance scientic &no"ledge in the eld of immunology and related
'. (romote scientic interactions and collaborations among Korean and
Korean-American scientists in the eld of immunology and related
). *ontribute to the scientic development of its members through the
promotion of academic activities and exchange of scientic information.

ARTIC(E *) Programs
%. An annual +eneral Assembly to conduct AKIA business and elections.
'. An annual scientic conference to promote academic activities "ith invited
). Academic conferences, symposiums, and "or&shops, as approved by the
-. (ublication and distribution of AKIA ne"s and other AKIA-related
publications, including proceedings of AKIA meetings.
ARTIC(E ,) 'em-ershi+ Categories
%. AKIA membership shall consist of the follo"ing ve categories$
a. .egular /ember
b. Associate /ember
c. Trainee /ember
d. 0pecial /ember
e. 1onorary /ember
'. The 2oard of 3irectors (*ouncil) must approve the admission of all
ARTIC(E .) /uali0cations for Regular an1 Associate 'em-ers
%. .egular /ember$
A .egular /ember shall be a Korean or Korean-American professional "ho
is engaged in the eld of Immunology or related discipline. A regular
member shall have nished all re4uired academic and5or post-graduate
training as an established scientist. 6or example, faculty members,
including research professors, instructors, and sta7 scientists, at research
or teaching institutions "ould 4ualify for .egular /ember. .egular
/embers are eligible for election as AKIA o8cers and have voting rights.
'. Associate /ember$
An Associate /ember shall be a professional "ith an independent faculty
position, "ho is not 4ualied for .egular /ember but has intention to
follo" AKIA9s byla"s and to participate actively in AKIA9s activities. 6or
example, a non-Korean American Immunology professor at an :0
university or a Korean Immunology professor not in the :0, "ould 4ualify
for an associate member. Associate /embers have voting rights but are
not eligible for election as AKIA o8cers.
ARTIC(E 2) /uali0cations for Trainee3 #+ecial an1 Honorary 'em-ers
%. Trainee /embers$
Trainee /embers shall be Korean or Korean-American scientists in training
"ith at least a bachelor degree, such as graduate students and post-
doctoral fello"s, in the eld of life science and "ith interest in
immunology or related discipline. Trainee members have no voting rights
and are not eligible for election as AKIA o8cers.
'. 0pecial /embers$
0pecial /embers are individuals, companies, associations and other
entities "ith a specic interest to advance and to contribute to the
purpose of AKIA. 0pecial /embers shall be recommended by the *ouncil
and approved by the +eneral Assembly. 0pecial /embers have no voting
rights and are not eligible for election as AKIA o8cers.
). 1onorary /embers$
An 1onorary /ember shall be a former .egular /ember "ho is not in
active research anymore but "ho has the intention to participate in AKIA9s
business. 1onorary members have voting rights but are not eligible for
election as AKIA o8cers.
ARTIC(E 4) 5oting 'em-er
A voting member is a .egular /ember, an Associate /ember or an 1onorary
/ember, "ho has paid the membership due received by AKIA. Trainee
/embers and 0pecial /embers have no voting rights.
ARTIC(E 6) A1mission
To become an AKIA member, the prospective member must submit the AKIA
membership application form and the annual dues to AKIA. :pon revie" by
the *ouncil, membership "ill granted by the *ouncil. /embership
resignation does not re4uire approval of the *ouncil, and membership "ill be
terminated upon notication of membership resignation to AKIA.
ARTIC(E 7) 'em-ershi+ %ues
%. /embership dues shall be determined by the +eneral Assembly and
approved by the *ouncil.
'. Trainee members, 0pecial members and 1onorary members shall be
exempt from the annual membership dues.
). If an 1onorary /ember desires, the 1onorary /ember may become a
voting member by paying the annual dues.
-. All rights and privileges of membership "ill be lost if the annual fee is not
paid for t"o consecutive scal years.
ARTIC(E 8) %isci+linary Actions
In accordance "ith the policies and procedure adopted by the *ouncil, the
*ouncil may suspend the rights and privileges of membership or expel any
member "ho violates the 2yla"s or AKIA policies, interferes "ith AKIA goals
and business, or disgraces AKIA9s reputation. 6or *ouncilors, the "+eneral
Assembly" may suspend the rights and privileges of *ouncil or expel any
*ouncil member "ho violates the 2yla"s or AKIA policies, interferes "ith AKIA
goals and business, misconducts, nancial misconduct, or disgraces AKIA9s
ARTIC(E 19) 'eeting of 'em-ers (:&eneral Assem-ly:)
%. Annual Assembly. /embers shall meet annually for the purpose of electing
councilors and5or for transacting other business as may properly come
before the meeting. Annual assembly is announced by the *ouncil and
re4uires the presence of all council members and the physical or
electronic presence of at least %5) of AKIA members.
'. 0cientic /eetings. AKIA shall have a 0cientic /eeting every other year,
starting in the year ';%<.
). 0pecial /eetings. 0pecial meeting may be initiated at any time by a
ma#ority of the *ouncilors. 0uch re4uest shall state the purpose of the
meeting. 2usiness transacted at all special general assembly shall be
conned to the purpose stated in the notice of the meeting.
-. /anner and (lace of /eeting. In the discretion of the *ouncil, the
members may hold annual and special meetings entirely or in part by mail
or e-mail ballots. In such case, the *ouncil must adopt procedures and
guidelines to permit members to participate in and vote at the meeting by
means of remote communications. /eetings held in person shall be at
such places as shall be designated by the *ouncil.
<. =otice of /eetings. >ritten notice of each meeting, "hether annual,
scientic, or special, stating the time and place "here it is to be held, shall
be delivered either personally, by mail, or by e-mail, fax or other
electronic means before the meeting, not less than t"enty (';) or more
than fty (<;) days for the Annual and 0cientic meeting, not less than
seven (?) days for 0pecial meetings, to each voting members at such
meetings. =otice of a special meeting shall also state the purpose or
purposes for "hich the meeting is called, and shall indicate that it is being
issued by, or at the direction of, the person or persons calling the meeting.
0uch a notice shall be directed to each member by mail or e-mail
according to the records of AKIA.
@. Auorum. The presence, including electronic presence, of half of the voting
members at the commencement of such meeting shall be necessary and
su8cient to constitute a 4uorum for the transaction of any business.
?. Boting. At all +eneral Assemblies of the members, every voting member
shall have one (%) vote. 0uch vote may be in person, by mail, by e-mail or
by electronic means, as authori!ed by the *ouncil. All elections shall be
held and all 4uestions shall be decided by a ma#ority of the votes. In case
of a tie vote, the *hair shall have the deciding po"er.
CHAPTER , B"AR% "; %IRECT"R# (C"!$CI()
ARTIC(E 11) Councilors
%. A *ouncil consisting of the follo"ing *ouncil /embers or *ouncilors shall
manage the a7airs of the *orporation$
a. (resident
b. 0ecretary
c. Treasurer
'. All *ouncilors must be .egular /ember of AKIA in good standing.
). Clection. *ouncilors shall be elected by all voting members at the annual
+eneral Assembly, from the candidates recommended by members. After
the rst year in o8ce, the Treasurer becomes the 0ecretary and serves
another year. After the rst year in o8ce, the 0ecretary becomes the
(resident and serves another year. After the rst year in o8ce, the (resident
retires. The 4uorum for election of *ouncilors shall be at least half of total
votes cast "ith the presence of at least half of voting members.
-. Term. The term for the (resident is one year. The term of the 0ecretary and
the Treasurer are also for one year. =o limit is set for re-election.
<. Bacancy of councilors. In the event of a vacancy in any position, such as
resignation, the replacement is elected or appointed according to rules and
procedures set by the *ouncil. The term of the replacement is the remaining
term of the replaced person.
ARTIC(E 1*) %uties of Councilors
%. (resident. The (resident shall be the chief executive o8cer of AKIA. The
(resident coordinates and oversees the "or& and functioning of AKIA. The
(resident may sign and execute all contracts or other obligations authori!ed
by the *ouncil in the name of AKIA. The (resident shall serve as *hair at
*ouncil /eetings and at all member meetings, including the +eneral
'. 0ecretary. The 0ecretary shall assist the (resident and serve as (resident
"hen the (resident cannot fulll the duties of the position. The 0ecretary
shall report to the (resident and *ouncil about all a7airs regarding
membership, communication and scientic activities of AKIA.
). Treasurer. The Treasurer shall assist the (resident and shall administer all
meetings of members. The treasurer shall handle all nances of AKIA and
ma&e statements of all nancial issues including annual report and business
budget and shall declare those statements at the +eneral Assembly.
ARTIC(E 1,) #alary
=o stated salary shall be paid to *ouncilors for their services as such.
1o"ever, nothing in these 2yla"s shall be construed to preclude any
*ouncilor from serving AKIA in any other capacity and receiving
compensation therefore.
ARTIC(E 1.) Income an1 E<+enses
AKIA has the follo"ing sources of income and all expenses of AKIA shall be
paid using these sources$
%. /embership fees.
'. 0ponsorships, contributions and donations from individuals and
). Dther sources of income derived from AKIA businesses.
ARTIC(E 12) ;iscal =ear
The scal year of AKIA shall commence on Dct %
and end on 0ept. );
of the
ARTIC(E 14) Annual Re+orts
The follo"ing items shall be reported to all members after the approval of the
%. The nal income E expense statement and the nal business report for the
previous year by the past *ouncil.
'. The business plan and budget for the current year by the current *ouncil.
The business plan and budget shall be approved by the +eneral Assembly.
). Dther items deemed necessary by the *ouncil.
ARTIC(E 16) Au1itors
%. Clection. T"o Auditors shall be elected by the +eneral Assembly from the
candidates recommended by the *ouncil.
'. Term. The Auditors shall serve for three years. In the event of a vacancy in
any position, the replacement is elected or appointed according to rules and
procedures set by the *ouncil.
). Cxclusions. An auditor may not also simultaneously serve as a *ouncilor.
-. 3uties. The Auditors shall audit AKIA9s a7airs according to standard
accounting rules and AKIA policy and report the results to the +eneral
ARTIC(E 17) ">ce
The AKIA o8ce shall be located at the :niversity of 0outhern *alifornia, *A.
The o8ce maybe changed as necessary by the *ouncil.
ARTIC(E 18) Amen1ment of Bylaws
The *ouncil may recommend amendments to these 2yla"s. The amendments
shall be submitted to the members at the annual meeting or a special
meeting called for this purpose. The 4uorum for putting amendments to the
2yla"s to ballots shall be %5' of all voting members. Amendments shall
re4uire approval of at least '5) of the total votes cast.
ARTIC(E *9) %issolution
:pon la"ful dissolution of AKIA and after payment of all nancial debts or
other obligations, the *ouncil shall distribute all remaining assets of AKIA to
one or more organi!ations selected by the *ouncil.
ARTIC(E *1) E?ecti@e %ate
These 2yla"s shall be e7ective immediately upon the approval of the
members, "hich re4uires the '5) ma#ority approval of all AKIA founding
members at the time of the vote. The rst election of the *ouncil "ill be at
the ';%< AKIA annual business meeting, "hich venue "ill be announced
according to the 2yla"s. :ntil the rst election, the current interim *ouncil
"ill govern business of AKIA. The undersigned certify that the foregoing
2yla"s have been adopted as the o8cial 2yla"s of AKIA. These 2yla"s shall
become e7ective immediately upon adoption by the members of AKIA at a
special meeting held by electronic mail communication.

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