We are the stream of cosmic force, The flow of time keeps it apart; We are the flow of divine light, The divide of the world sets us apart. We are the face of the harmonious force, Discordant notes disturb our tunes; We are single move of the cosmic thrust, Imperfections all round pull us apart. We traverse all worlds, soul bound to soul, We move all heaven, heart tied to heart; We light all worlds with divine glow, Dark shadows oft emerge to retard our flow. Barriers while stand dividing us, Unbearable pains cripple both of us; We yearn to rejoin and force to reach, But worldly barriers are too strong to breach. You hibernate in gloom’s freezing chill, I force land like bird of broken wings; We count moments, count years and ages To rejoin and blend to natural fulfillment. Ages we count in futile waiting, Never once tired or broken of waiting; We know we are destined to rejoin and live, We know we are one and destined to blend. Ages pass waiting for our golden moments, Patience does wear and tolerance does tear And ages we waste in futile waiting, But, comes our time, all is worth of it.

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