Oliver Pickup

1! Arthur "treet
(orth 'ork$hire
DO* + 17,1!,1994
Pro-ile. Second year music student at the University of York. I have experience
working in busy environments (concerts, workshops, musicals etc. and am
keen to expand my skills and knowledge in a variety of roles as re!uired.
"lexible regarding hours of work including weekends and holidays.
!013 + Pre$e%t University of York
Studying for #$(%ons &usic
!011/!013 St &ary's () )ollege
&usic (#, &usic *echnology (), )lassics () ,
!000/!011 St )hristopher's )+ %igh School
&usic ($, #usiness , )ommunications ($, +nglish -iterature ($,
+nglish -anguage (#, )ore Science (#, (eligious Studies (#
&aths (#, $dditional Science () , .raphics () ,
#*+) I* /iploma (/istinction
)1ter%al )1am$ .rade 0 *rombone (&erit,
/iploma of the -ondon )ollege of &usic (-evel 1, $ssociate of the
-ondon )ollege of &usic (-evel 2
Additio%al 2%-ormatio%
23 "kill$ I have a wide range of I* related skills ranging from standard 3ffice
$pplications to 4eb /esign and 5etworking.
2%tere$t$ &y interests are predominantly music based. I am involved in a lot of the
University 6a77 ensembles and run my own 6a778"unk #and, #rass 9uintet
and 6a77 9uartet. I have an interest in computers and how they work, which
compliments my current I* skills and I am also a current member of )$&($
and a member of the University of York (eal $le Society.
Per$o%al "kill$ I have worked as a freelance musician for a few years now and I am regularly
put into situations with people I have not previously met. *his has led me to
develop an outgoing and friendly attitude when meeting and working with
new people. I would describe myself as very driven and motivated but still
able to socialise and relax when appropriate.
4ork )1perie%ce St )hristopher's )+ %igh School
&usic /epartment $ssistant
"ulwood $cadamy
&usic /epartment $ssistant
"reelance &usic *uition (:;<: = >resent
5e-ere%ce$ &r /ale .rindrod
%ead of &usic
#roughton #usiness and +nterprise )ollege
&r $ndrew 4illiams
Bice >rinciple
"ulwood $cadamy

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