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From: "UMass Chancellor's Office" <chancellor@umass.

Date: September 30, 2014 at 7:38:22 PM EDT
Subject: Campus review of confidential informants
Dear Campus Community,
As you may be aware, a Boston Globe report on the death last year of a UMass Amherst student
from a drug overdose has prompted concerns about the use of confidential informants by our
campus police department.
The well-being and health of our students is paramount and the university must do all in its
power to educate and protect our community from the dangers of drug abuse. We must also focus
our best efforts on sustaining an environment where every student can learn, thrive and mature.
With that student focus in mind I have ordered a full review of the campus’s current confidential
informant program. The review will consider whether the program should be discontinued or
revised to include mandatory substance abuse treatment and parental notification.
While that review continues, I have suspended the use of student confidential informants by the
UMass Amherst Police Department. The department is not currently working with any student
confidential informants and the suspension of the practice will not affect any ongoing
Furthermore, in order to ensure that UMPD is more aligned with and responsive to the concerns
of students, I have decided that the UMass Police Department, which has reported to the Vice
Chancellor for Administration and Finance, will now report to the Vice Chancellor for Student
Affairs and Campus Life. I am confident that opening new lines of communication and
coordination will benefit our students and the entire campus community. This realignment will
also facilitate the implementation of many of the recommendations of the Davis report pertaining
to residence hall safety.
Kumble Subbaswamy