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Congressional Digest. (2013). Gun control overview. Congressional digest 92(3), 3-7.

The article looks at gun use and gun control. This article shows statistics on the use
of guns in crimes, self-defense, accidents, and suicide. Also, it gives information on
the background check system for gun purchases. This article shows the argument
used by proponents of firearms restrictions so that people can know why they support
gun control. In the article, opponents of gun control insist that they need guns
because they have to defend themselves and their property. The proponents of
firearms restrictions have advocated policy changes on specific types of firearms that
they believe are useful for criminal purpose or that pose unusual risks to the public.
This article talks about both sides. This article is useful because it provides good
statistics and provides both sides of the argument.
Moorhouse, J, C., & Wanner, B. (2006). Does gun control reduce crime or does crime
increase gun control. CATO JOURNAL 26(1), 103-124.
While some people argue that gun control can reduce crime, others argue that gun
control can increase crime. The article says fewer guns means less crime. Also, the
article says that the availability and accessibility of firearms affects the number of
crimes. The author says high crime rates are caused by little gun control because
crimes require the use of guns. This article gives practical support for the idea that
high crime rates provides good reason for the adoption on more strict gun laws.
Additionally, there is empirical evidence to suggest that the probability of adopting
more gun regulations is positively related to the proportion of Democrats in the state
legislature. Also, gun control laws influence the behavior of criminals regarding the
use of gun. This article is useful because it shows how gun control laws are related to
high crime rates. Also, it tells us how gun control laws influence the behavior of
criminals. (2014, August 4). Concealed Guns pros and cons. Retrieved October 4, 2014
This website presents both of sides of the argument. If people can carry guns, it can
prevent a crime and reduce crime rates. But others say that permitting the use of guns
increases crime. They argue that gun laws are associated with increased numbers of
aggravated assaults. Both of sides provide statistics to support their argument. This
website is useful and reliable. It is reliable because the information is based on data.
And, this is useful because it shows exactly why guns may or may not prevent a
crime. This website will be very helpful to me because it provides good arguments
for gun control.
National Institute of Justice. (1997). Guns in America: National survey on private ownership
and use of firearms. (NCJ No. 165476). Retrieved October 10, 2014 from
This government document speaks about the different ways people use guns. They
use them for hunting and target shooting. But the problem is they use guns against
people to defend themselves against crime. This document is talking about the role of
firearms. This document provides the most complete data available on the private
stock of firearms in the United States. Handguns are much more likely than long
guns to be kept unlocked and ready for use in the home and carried in public. There
is much debate on whether the prevalent ownership of guns deters crime or makes it
more deadly or both. This document is a reliable reference to evaluate the debate.
This document is useful because there is an ongoing debate over government
regulation of gun transactions, possession, and use.
National Institute of Justice. (2013, April 4). Gun violence. Retrieved October 4, 2014 from
This website provides statistics on the prevalence of gun-related homicide and
nonfatal firearm-related crimes. It says that firearms were used in murders, robbery
offenses, and aggravated assaults nationwide. Also, most of the murders in America
are committed with firearms. Gun-related homicide is wide spread among gangs
during the commission of felony crimes. Nonfatal firearm-related crimes include
violent incidents such as rape, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault. This
website is useful and reliable. It is reliable because it shows data. It is useful because
it provides information of gangs, gun related homicide, and nonfatal firearm related
crimes. This website is helpful to me because it shows how they are related and
dangerous through data.
Rostron, A. (2009). Protecting gun rights and improving gun control after District of
Columbia v. Heller. Lewis & Clark Law Review 13(2), 383-418.
This article says that Heller rejects the narrow interpretation of the Second
Amendment that most courts previously embraced. It appears to be a major victory
for gun rights advocates, loosening gun control laws. The author, however, argues
that Heller will eventually support rather than hinder the push toward strong,
practical gun control. The Second Amendment posed a dilemma for gun control
advocates. Confirming reasonable gun regulations will not lead to extreme measures
like the prohibition of all guns. This article is useful because it tells how the author
thinks about gun control and about how gun rights can be protected while improving
gun control.
Shapiro, I. (2013, February 8). On Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence. Cato Institute.
Retrieved October 7, 2014 from
This website argues that gun control measures cannot stop crimes and wont affect a
criminals intentions. Regardless of whether gun control laws are implemented,
crimes will still happen because no gun regulation has ever been shown to reduce the
incidence of violent crime, suicide, or accidents. This means that strict gun control
laws do nothing. So, it is perfectly reasonable for someone to have a gun to protect
oneself. That is why the Second Amendment is important. People instituted a
government that protects their right to defend against threats. This website is credible
because it has facts and statistics. Also, this is useful because this website provides
good information.
Whitney, C. (2012). Living with guns: A liberals case for the Second Amendment. New York,
NY: PublicAffairs
This book argues that the Second Amendment recognizes and protects a persons
right to own and use guns. Also, it examines how the two opposing sides might be
able to find common ground in the issue. This book discusses societys attitude
towards guns and Americas gun violence problem. Also it argues that strict gun
control laws will not reduce gun violence until guns disappear in the United States
because criminals will get gun through illegal way. This book is useful because it
gives information about societys attitude toward guns and gives common ground to
the two opposing sides. Also, this book is reliable because it provides statistics each