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Didit Dwi Pamungkas

Teknik Industri A

A. Simple Present Tense
1. I study English every day (active)
- English is studied by me every day (passive)
2. ketut drink beer every night (active)
- Beer is drunk by ketut every night (passive)

B. Simple Present Continuous Tense
1. I am reading a book now (active)
- A book is being read by me now (passive)
2. Anton is driving the rocket now
- The rocket is being driven by anton now (passive)

C. Simple Past Tense
1. I drank beer last night (active)
- Beer was drunk by me last night (passive)
2. william bit a dog last year (active)
- A dog was bitten by william last year (passive)

D. Simple Future Tense
1. I will write a report tonight (active)
- A report will be written by me tonight (passive)
2. jay will drink a beer next month (active)
- A beer will be drunk by jay (passive)