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Functional Training Day 1

Author: Satyamitra Maan
Functional Training Day 1
Ubuntu installation ( Practical )
Introduction to ERP and OpenERP
OpenERP installation
Guided Tour initial
About addons and exaddons
What is an ERP?
One database for all the
One views per company
All company process
Automatic notification
Automatic communication
between department
Automatic actions historic
Existing ERP
Other are Cegid- Compire ERP5 Open Bravo Dolibar & Open ERP
What is Open Source
Open Source usage:
No license fee
Free source code
Free to distribute
Free to modify
Large community
Pool of developers
Easy support
Open Source business
Cant charge for license
Cant sell with another name
You can only provide services
Facts about open source technologies
85 % of enterprises use
open source (Nov 2008)
NASA use python, which is
an open source language
Microsoft also going the
open source way .
Open ERP is based on python and
XML Framework and using Open
In US 85 % of education is imparted
through Moodel which is also open
source .
Open ERP ?
An all in one solution!
ERP Comparison
About Open ERP
In 2008 it was named Open ERP (before was Tiny ERP since 2002)
Open source
Huge Community
More than 400modules
Adaptable for Big & Small companies, Factories, Web sellers
Adaptable for every type of Companies
Experts state Open ERP having 2 years of competitive advantage on market as
enterprise management can never be such simpler and powerful as with Open ERP .
Open ERP is a modern approach to integrate business and management
One software package covers all your enterprise needs (Department functionalities)
Accounting & Financial Mgt
Manufacturing resource planning
Inventory control
Document Management System
SMS and Mass mailing services
No double encoding of information
Automates tasks by integrating business processes
Automate all administrative tasks
User-friendly web and rich interface
Evolution as needed with the huge modules list
What offer really Open ERP! (1)
Get The Information When
you need it, where you need it
Integrated Business Intelligence
Dynamic dashboards
Consolidation of data in real time
Custom report designer
Statistics available from any document
What offer really Open ERP! (2)
But you think ERPs are risky to
integrate Not Open ERP !
You can start with one module for a specific need.
No licence cost for you.
Easy to set
Easy to use
Start playing with our demo data and be ready to work!
Salary trends in the World
0-2 Years 2-5 Years 5-10 Years > 10 Years
Developer 25-30 K 30-35 K 35-40 K 40-50 K
Network engineer
20-24 K 23-28 K 28-33 K NC
Security Engineer 28-32 K 33-40 K 40-45 K 45-55 K
Network and telecom manager NC 38-45 K 45-55 K 55-70 K
Security Manager NC NC 50-55 K 60-70 K
ERP Consultant 30-35 K 35-40 K 40-50 K 50-65 K
ERP Project Manager NC 35-40 K 45-55 K 60-70 K
Project Manager NC NC 50-60 K 60-80 K
Your career graph
You begin as a trainee
You have these ways to go
Functional consultant
Technical consultant
Both ( with Open ERP only )
Senior Open ERP consultant
Open ERP Department Junior Manager
Open ERP Department Senior Manager
And who knows Sky is the limit in Open ERP you can mould whatever and
where ever you want to .
Your actual IT structure ??
Annual Maintenance: 45.000 $
Annual Licenses: 39.000 $
After implementation of Open ERP, this is your new
IT structure!!
A fully integrated management system:
Annual Maintenance: 10.000 $
Annual Licenses: 0 $
OpenERP is quiet easy to install in windows you just need to install
OpenERP all in one .exe and its done .
Here we will cover OpenERP installation on UBUNTU
Installing database and creating User
With OpenERP we use PostgreSql database we need to
install the database.
On Ubuntu, install the postgresql package:
sudo apt-get install postgresql
Add a user
The default superuser for PostgreSQL is called postgres. If you wish to
use it as well, you may need to login as this user first.
smaan$ sudo su postgres
password: XXXXXXXXXX
postgres$ createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole
pwprompt smaan
Enter password for new role: XXXXXXXXXX
Enter it again: XXXXXXXXXX
Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) y
OpenERP dependencies installation
Server dependencies
sudo apt-get install python python-psycopg2 python-reportlab \
python-egenix-mxdatetime python-tz python-pychart \ python-
pydot python-lxml python-vobject
Client dependencies
sudo apt-get install python python-gtk2 python-glade2 \
python-matplotlib python-egenix-mxdatetime python-xml
Web client dependencies
$ sudo apt-get install python python-dev build-essential
$ sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
There are few more dependencies of webclient will be installed
through ./ under openerp-web../lib/
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
Downloading and Starting
You can download OpenERP client , OpenERP-web,OpenERP server
Unzip the files put them under workspace folder you created.
Starting the Server:
$ cd OpenERP-server-verson/bin
$ ./
Starting the web server
$ cd OpenERP-web-server-verson/lib
cd ..
Starting the client
$ cd OpenERP-client-verson/bin
$ ./openERP-
Congratulation thats all fox
Welcome to OpenERP world
Guided tour(1)
Starting to discover Open ERP,
using demonstration data
supplied with the system, is a
good way to familiarize
yourself with the user
interface. This guided tour
provides you with an
introduction to many of the
available system features. We
are going to cover the
following with demo data
New Database Creation
Installing pre defined profiles
Configuring the profiles
Guided tour(2)
Preference Toolbar functionalities
Internal communication through
Configuring users
Managing partners
Installing new functionality
Updating the module list
Installing independent modules
Installing a module with its
Uninstalling the new functionality
Uninstalling the independent
Uninstalling the modules with
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