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Business Overview

The fixed route service aimed only for the women of City of Kolkata will allow working women,
female students, shoppers and lady visitors to move through the City safely, reliably,
efficiently, and affordably. This business plan accounts for the safe and convenient travel of
the women of the City by addressing the transit needs for working women and female students
who are very often subject to sexual harassment in public transports. Women will be able to
travel safely to work, medical facilities, and for other city business activities. The fixed route
service will make connections between population hubs to businesses, recreational
activities, medical facilities and other places the City’s residents may wish to travel to
and from.

Service Description

The fixed route service would operate from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
Service would not operate on major holidays.
Five routes are designed to connect the busiest destinations across city which consists of
most of the offices, business, and colleges that are destinations of most of the working
women across the city. Following is the list of routes.

New Town Joka
Stops- (Eastern bypass New Alipore Joka)

Behala Esplanade
Stops-(Rai bahadur road Buro Sibtala Road S.N Roy Road Tollygunge
Circular Road Sashmal Road S.P Mukherjee Road Ashutosh Road
Nagerbazar Golpark
Stops-(Jessore Road Laketown VIP Beleghata Road Sealdah
AJC Bose Road Sarat Bose Road Lake Road)

Belgachia Golpark
Stops-(Shyambazar APC Road Maniktala Road Vivekananda Road
Ram Mohan Sarani B.B Ganguly Road BBD Bag Esplanade Road Chowrungee
Road Lenin Sarani Alipur Zoo Alipur Judges Court Chetla)

Saltlake Tollygunge
Stops-(KBKC Block Purbachal Phalguni Cross Road Second
Avenue E.M Bypass Bengal Chemical Kankur Gachi Maniktala M.G
Road B.B Ganguly Road Elgin Road Rash Behari Avenue Tollygunge)

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