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Cc cu ni ting Anh thng thng

Chng ta ai cng bit mun hc ting Anh gii th phi hc ng php cho tht tt. l iu khng
cn phi bn ci. Nhng c mt s tht l c mt s ngi hc ng php rt gii, rt chun nhng li
khng th em kin thc ng php ra p dng khi ni! L do chnh l nhng cu dng trong i
thoi hng ngy rt n gin, cng rt khc vi nhng g chng ta hc c trong sch. C nhng cu
mnh dch ra rt phc tp nhng thc ra n li rt n gin...
Chng ti c su tp c mt s cu v nhiu ngi rt thch em my cu ni ny ra xi khi ni.
c relax sau nhng gi hc ng php cng thng nhng cng ng qun p dng lun khi ni
Ting Vit Ting Anh
C chuyn g vy? What's up?
Do ny ra sao ri? How's it going?
Do ny ang lm g? What have you been doing?
Khng c g mi c Nothing much
Bn ang lo lng g vy? What's on your mind?
Ti ch ngh linh tinh thi I was just thinking
Ti ch ng tr i cht thi I was just daydreaming
Khng phi l chuyn ca bn It's none of your business
Vy h? Is that so?
Lm th no vy? How come?
Chc chn ri! Absolutely!
Qu ng! Definitely!
D nhin! Of course!
Chc chn m You better believe it!
Ti on vy I guess so
Lm sao m bit c There's no way to know.
Ti khng th ni chc --- I can't say for sure ( I don't know)
Chuyn ny kh tin qu! This is too good to be true!
Thi i (ng a na) No way! ( Stop joking!)
Ti hiu ri I got it
Qu ng! Right on! (Great!)
Ti thnh cng ri! I did it!
C rnh khng? Got a minute?
n khi no? 'Til when?
Vo khong thi gian no? About when?
S khng mt nhiu thi gian u I won't take but a minute
Hy ni ln ln Speak up
C thy Melissa khng? Seen Melissa?
Th l ta li gp nhau phi khng? So we've met again, eh?
n y Come here
Gh chi Come over
ng i vi Don't go yet
Xin nhng i trc. Ti xin i sau Please go first. After you
Cm n nhng ng Thanks for letting me go first
Tht l nh nhm What a relief
What the hell are you doing? Anh ang lm ci qui g th kia?
Bn ng l cu tinh.Ti bit mnh c th trng
cy vo bn m
You're a life saver. I know I can count on you.
ng c gi v kh kho! Get your head out of your ass!
Xo qu! That's a lie!
Lm theo li ti Do as I say
ri ! This is the limit!
Hy gii thch cho ti ti sao Explain to me why
Ask for it! T mnh lm th t mnh chu i!
... In the nick of time: ... tht l ng lc
No litter Cm vt rc
Go for it! C liu th i
Yours! As if you didn't know ca you ch ai, c gi b khng bit.
What a jerk! tht l ng ght
No business is a success from the beginning vn s khi u nan
What? How dare you say such a thing to me Ci g, ...mi dm ni th vi tau
How cute! Ng ngnh, d thng qu!
None of your business! Khng phi vic ca bn
Don't stick your nose into this ng dnh mi vo vic ny
Don't peep! - ng nhn ln!
What I'm going to do if.... Lm sao y nu ...
Stop it right a way! C thi ngay i khng
A wise guy, eh?! ... thng ny lo
You'd better stop dawdling Bn tt hn ht l khng nn la c
Thng thng cc mn n VN nu nc ngoi khng c th bn c th hon ton yn tm dng bng
ting Vit . Tuy nhin cng c th dch ra ting Anh mt s mn n sau:
Bnh m bread
Bnh cun stuffed pancake
Bnh dy round sticky rice cake
Bnh trng girdle-cake
Bnh tm shrimp in batter
Bnh cm young rice cake
Bnh tri: stuffed sticky rice balls
Bnh u soya cake
Bnh bao steamed wheat flour cake
Bnh xo pancako
Bnh chng stuffed sticky rice cake
Bo ng Abalone
Bn rice noodles
Bn c Snail rice noodles
Bn b beef rice noodles
Bn ch Kebab rice noodles
C kho Fish cooked with sauce
Ch Pork-pie
Ch c Grilled fish
Bn cua Crab rice noodles
Canh chua Sweet and sour fish broth
Ch Sweet gruel
Ch u xanh Sweet green bean gruel
u ph Soya cheese
Gi Raw fish and vegetables
Lp xng Chinese sausage
Mm Sauce of macerated fish or shrimp
Min g Soya noodles with chicken
Kho cook with sauce
Nng grill
Quay roast
Rn ,chin fry
So ,p cho Saute
Hm, ninh stew
Hp steam
Ph b Rice noodle soup with beef
Xi Steamed sticky rice
Tht b ti Beef dipped in boiling water
Nc mm nuoc mam (ting Anh khng c)