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He has short hair to

present him as smart
and neat looking.
This portrays his
work side, as his
character is at work a
lot of the time,
meaning he needs to
appear clean cut and
by his hair being
short it helps to bring
this idea fourth.

We chose to cast this
man as the father of
the protagonist (the
girl who supposedly
gets kidnapped) for
many reasons. One
being that he is not
extremely tall and
this will help make
him look vulnerable
when his daughter
has been taken and
when the masked
man secretly returns
to the house at night
to observe him. He
also has the right
look for a typical
father figure. A way
in which this is
shown is through the
use of him wearing a
baggy sweatshirt.

We chose to
use a man
who would
be able to do
things such
as run for
quite a bit
looking for