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Leadership activities for groups River Crossing is a competitive fast-paced game of

cooperation that requires teamwork, coordination and speed that will help to
cultivate the team dynamics within a group..

For icebreaking purposes

Cultivate team dynamics in a competitive setting
Team Size

About 10-16 players; the more the merrier!

Materials Required

About 10-16 pieces of cardboard, each about the size of a palm

Time Required

15 minutes

1. This game must be played in a large indoor open space.

2. Using the tape, two parallel lines are created about 10-15 metres apart. The
space in between these two lines represents the river.
3. Now this river is infested with man-eating piranhas so no player is supposed
touch the river.
4. The players are split into 2 equal teams, representing Team A and Team B. Both
of the teams start together on one side of the river.
5. The teams are given out equal pieces of cardboard( about 6-7 each).
6. When the round starts, each team must use these cardboard pieces to get across
the river. The cardboard pieces can be placed on the river as stepping stones and
can be moved around.
7. The team must therefore share the cardboard pieces and attempt to get the
whole team across to the other side of the river.
8. If anyone makes contact with the river (the floor space between the two tape),
then he/she is considered eaten up and has to go back to the starting point.
9. The team that gets its team members across in the fastest time wins.
Debriefing Notes

1. How did your team plan to cross the river in the shortest time possible?
2. Who took up the leadership in this fast-paced, high stress situation? How did
he/she do it?