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Quest 1 & 2

1). Three branches created by the constitution:

Legislative Judicial


Ratify: to confirm by expressing consent, approval, or formal sanction
Amendment: the act of amending or the state of being amended.
to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or who

a. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams didn't sign it.
b. Why some of the others refused to sign.
When Thomas Jefferson gushingly called the Constitutional
Convention delegates an assembly of demigods, he wasnt

being full of himself. Jefferson was not among the founding fathers
who gathered in Philadelphia; he was in Paris serving as minister
to France. John Adams was also abroad, serving as minister to
Great Britain. Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Patrick Henry
who turned down an invitation because he smelt a rat in
Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchyalso did not

Which state's name was misspelled in the signature area of the U.S.
Who was the oldest person to sign the U.S. Constitution? Benjamin
Franklin- he was 81
Who was the considered the Expounder of the U.S. Constitution?
John Locke

Who actually handwrote the U.S. Constitution? James Madison

When did Thanksgiving become a holiday in the U.S.? 1863
What president suggested it become a national holiday? Abraham Lincoln
Is the Canadian Thanksgiving different? If yes, how? It occurs the 2nd Monday in
October, which celebrates harvests and blessings of the year before.
When did Thanksgiving become a holiday in Canada? January 31 st,
What official suggested it become a holiday? Canadian Parliament
What does it celebrate? Harvests and blessings of the past year
What day is it held on? Second Monday in October.
What engine had the largest number of results? Michigan eLibrary
What engine had the smallest number of results? Sirus

What engine had the best results for writing the report? Michgan

Google Scavenger
1. Use the Google search box only to find the answers to the
following questions.
2. Refer to the Google Search Feature page at for help if needed.
1. 3456 + 78,091 = 81,547
2. 56,000 / 73 = 767.12
3. What is 33% of 23,857? 7872.81
4. How many inches are in 5 miles? 316,8000
5. How many minutes are in 53 years? 2.78753e7
6. What's the equivalent of US $20 in the currency of Peru?
7. What is the unemployment rate in your county? 5.8%
8. Name a movie and where it's playing in the 48901 zip code.
Lansing Mall Stadium, American Sniper
9. What is patent 4095665 for? Electric car
10. What is the price of Electronic Arts stock today? 25.22+1.07
11. What is the population of Dallas, Texas? 1.258 million
12. How tall is Shaquille O'Neill? 71
13. What is the predicted weather for Fargo, ND tomorrow? 27
14. What time is it in Shanghai, China? 10:37pm
15. What time is it in Johannesburg, South Africa? 4:37pm
16. What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen
17. List three books written by Erin Hunter. Warriors Dawn of the
Clans 3 the First Battle, Warriors Dawn of the Clans 5 a Forest
Divided, Survivors 4 The Broken Path
18. What time will the sun set today in Chicago, IL? 5:10pm
19. When was the most recent earthquake near San Francisco,
CA? Where was the epicenter and how far from San Francisco is
that epicenter? I earthquake, 2/5/2015

20. What is the phone number for the poison control hotline? 1
(800) 222 1222

Quest 3:
a. What does CARRDSS stand for? Credibility, Accuracy,
Reliability, Relevance, Date, Sources, Scope
b. What are the similarities and differences between the
and BASIC forms? Both methods involve looking at the
context and reviewing its relevance, authority/credibility,
checking the date, etc. They are different in that the basic
evaluation doesn't hit on checking its accessibility and how easy it
is to use like the CARRDSS does.
c. How do you know if your website is reliable or not? HTTPS
d. How do you know if you should move on to another
website? Popo ups
e. How would you explain this to your classmates so they
know if the
website is credible? Show them the search link

Your website is:

Today your task is to determine if your website is an authentic
website or not. Were going to judge it based on various criteria,
then youll make your final decision.
1. Go to Find out who is the owner of this
page. Write it below. Search for information on the owner and
write it below. Lyle Zapato
2. Look at the bottom of your webpage. Who is responsible for
this site? What are their credentials? What makes them an
expert? Kelvinic University branch of the Wild Haggis
Conservation Society.
3. Are there sources cited for the information on the page? Where
are the sources from? No

4. Are there spelling or grammar errors on the page? No

5. What is the domain name? (Example: .com, .edu, .net, etc.) Is it
a personal page? .net
6. Do the links on this site work correctly? Yes
7. Open google in another tab. Find out who else is linking to your
site. In the search box, type link: web address (example: The sites linked to your site will
pop up. Open these other sites. What are they saying about your
site? N/A
8. Why was this site created (to inform, persuade, explain, sell,
parody, etc.)? Persuade and inform, more than likely a parody
9. Is there a bias? Is one side of the argument presented more
than the other? Is there a hidden message? No
10. Does this site contain facts or opinions? Give an example to
support your answer.11. Is the site clean and uncluttered? Is it
easy to get the key information? Why or why not. Facts
12. Is the information accurate? Does the site give enough
information? Yes it does, information seems believable.
13. When was this site last updated? n/a
14. Could you get better information about this topic in a book?
Encyclopedia? No
15. Use common sense is the topic of this website realistic? Do
the facts make sense? Give examples why or why not. No,
octopuses do not live in trees. They were contradictory to their
initial statement; they said upper region of north America and
then proceeded to say that the octopus could live out of water
because of the moist rainforest region; the U.S. does not have a
Final Decision:
Fake cite

Quest 4:

Citation Maker Practice

Benjamin Franklin Biography
1. When and where was Benjamin Franklin born? January 17,
1706, Boston MA
Source: Google
2. Name two of Benjamin Franklins inventions. Bifocals and
3. List two of Benjamin Franklins famous quotes.
Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us
Without continual growth and progress, such words as
improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
4. Name one of Benjamin Franklins publications. I have known a
very numerous impression of Robin Hoods Songs.
5. How much formal education did Benjamin Franklin have? Selftaught, apprenticed as a printer. Honorary Doctor of Laws,
Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford.