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Technical Writing - Web Announcements Staff Information Course Information Orientation - Longkumer Orientation - Holdren Syllabus Course Goals & Objectives ENG 180 DEAL Study Guide Netiquette Copying & Pasting Course Documents Week 1: Technical Writing Objectives Week 1: Writing Collaboratively Week 2: Punctuation Review Week 2: Visuals/Graphics Week 2: Sentence Variety Week 3: Resumes and Letters of Application Week 3: APA Documentation Review OUZ Library APA information Week 3: Evaluating Sources Week 4: Parallel Structure Week 4: Active & Passive Voice Week 5: Summary Types MIDTERM REVIEW Week 6: Tables of Contents Week 7: Formal/Long Reports vs. Informal/Short Reports Week 8: Faulty Reasoning Week 8: Problem-Solution Reports Week 9: Proposal Worksheets Week 9: Patterns of Organization Week 10: Final Exam Review Discussion Board Assignments Week Two: Career Report Quizzes Groups E-mail Collaboration Tools External Links
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