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2-Ready, Set, Go!

2-Ready, Set, Go!

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Published by: highsteppingmama on Jan 21, 2010
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Lesson Two

Ready, Set, Go!
A Study of 2 Timothy

The influence of a godly mom (or grandmother) in the lives of her children (or grandchildren) cannot be overstated. Learning how to pass the baton of faith to the next generation is the purpose of our study of the Book of 2 Timothy. Paul passed down his faith to Timothy. He led Timothy to the Lord, discipled him in the things of the Lord, and then released him. Christian mom, doesn’t that sound like your job description? Aren’t you trying to pass down your faith to your children, train them in the ways of the Lord, and release them into the adult world fully established in their faith. There are several principles we can learn from Paul’s relationship with Timothy. I. Timothy’s Faithful Friend-2 Timothy 1:1-4 Paul considered Timothy to be his true son in the faith. Now, a prisoner in Rome facing certain death, Paul longed to see his beloved child in the faith, Timothy. Paul’s main concern was not for himself; it was primarily for Timothy and the furtherance of the gospel message. In his letter Paul urged Timothy to remain faithful to the finish. Run well, child. Finish strong. We know that Timothy was a young man in a position with great responsibility as a church leader, serving at that time in Ephesus. We also gather that Timothy had a retiring disposition and a weak constitution. Paul wrote, For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline (2 Tim. 1:7). It seems Timothy was easily intimidated when his authority was challenged. Paul had been Timothy’s mentor. As an apostle, Paul’s presence cast a long shadow over the early church. Soon Paul would be absent from the body and present with the Lord. In his absence, Paul was concerned for his young friend. Could he stay strong in the Lord and face down his adversaries? Could he fight the good fight, keep the faith, and finish his course? Paul hoped Timothy would run well and finish strong. False teaching was slowly creeping in the early church, threatening the church internally. Persecution under Nero was rapidly and violently escalating, threatening the early church externally. Soon the mantle of leadership would pass from the apostle Paul to Timothy. Timid Timothy. Fearful and shy by nature. Paul warned Timothy about false teachers and counterfeit Christians. Timothy could not afford to become discouraged, disillusioned, or defeated by those who distorted or denied the faith. Being forewarned, Timothy had an advantage over his enemies. He was on guard, ready to take up the shield of faith and draw the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Paul wrote, It is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy (1 Cor. 4:2). It was required of Timothy (and ALL believers) that he faithfully discharge the holy calling on his life. He was to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints (Jude 3) and
Run Well, Finish Strong – Passing the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation A study in the book of 2 Timothy

confront those who would attempt to lead believers astray from the true gospel. Similiarly we are called to fight the good fight of faith and pass the baton to our children. Paul urged him to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands and boldly preach and teach the Word of God without apology or compromise. Courage, strength of conviction, and Holy Spirit power would win the day. Timothy’s metal would be tested and proven by the flaming fire of adversity. Could he stand? Tradition tells us that he did indeed. Timothy became a great church leader, succeeding Paul and carrying on the spirit of his ministry. Although Paul was physically separated from his beloved son in the faith, Timothy was not beyond Paul’s grasp in prayer. In 2 Timothy 1:3 Paul wrote, I constantly remember you in my prayers night and day. Paul was committed to covering Timothy in prayer. We have no way of knowing the extent to which his prayers were honored in the life of Timothy but we know God delights in the prayers of His people. Our prayers are eternal - held in golden bowls full of incuse, which are the prayers of the saints (Rev. 5:8). As a mom, time invested in prayer for your children is profitable now and for all eternity. Your children are your prayer assignment. Lay up prayers for them in heaven by praying for their future mate, ministry (their life’s work) and Master (their relationship with the Lord). II. Timothy’s Godly Grandmother-2 Timothy 1:5 Timothy’s grandmother, Lois, obviously was a very godly woman. Since there is no mention of his grandfather we must assume that he was unconverted or possibly died before Timothy was born. However, since he is not named we must come to the conclusion that his grandfather bore little significance in his spiritual life. One godly grandparent can obviously change the course of the family for several generations, as we see in the life of Timothy. Lois’ godly influence directly influenced the first (Eunice) and second (Timothy) generation. Now Timothy’s life is influencing yours and mine. I would call that incredible! III. Timothy’s Marvelous Mom-2 Timothy 1:5 We assume Timothy’s father was an unbeliever. He is never named in Scripture and he is only referred to as a Greek. The Greeks loved and valued great intellect and prided themselves on their superior knowledge, supreme athletic ability, and their contribution to the arts and literature. Timothy’s father was only referred to as a Greek. Consequently, we have no reason to believe that Timothy’s father was a believer. We know precious little about Timothy’s mother, Eunice, except for the singular fact that she loved God. That leads me to believe that little else matters! Evidently, Timothy’s mom managed to teach Timothy the things of the Lord without the help of his father and despite his negative influences. Her godly life message overshadowed the lifestyle of Timothy’s father, influencing her son with the reality of Christ. When presented with the facts of the gospel, young Timothy rejected his father’s lifestyle and chose Jesus. What will you children remember about you when they leave home? What memories will they carry? Will they remember mom’s clean home or her clean heart? Will they remember mom as a good cook or one who regularly fed on the Bread of Life? Will memories of your spotless house or your spotless heart stay with them? Will it be memories of a mom standing over them in disapproval or a mom on her knees in prayer? What will your adult children remember about you? If you intend to hand down your faith in Jesus Christ, you must run well and finish strong!
Run Well, Finish Strong – Passing the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation A study in the book of 2 Timothy

Run Well, Finish Strong – Passing the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation A study in the book of 2 Timothy

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