Name: Brianna Husta

Date: March 17, 2015
Lesson Plan Format


English Language Arts

(4 parts)

Grade Level: 6th


Glogster EDU ( )





Biteslide ( )



IPad/Tablet/Mobile Device

“The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe

Basic Skills: Students will be given an outline of an example of a quiz which will give them extra guidance.

Special Needs: Students will be given an outline of an example of a quiz which will give them extra guidance. Each student
will be asked to come up with one question for the quiz. I will put them into Kahoot myself in order to aid the students. One
quiz will be administered to the class using the questions,

ELL: Students will be given an outline of an example of a quiz which will give them extra guidance. Groups will in small
groups with me during the creating of the quiz.

Biteslide will be available for all students

Orient the leaner:
(4 sections)

Essential Questions:

What are the purposes of context clues?

Do we need context clues in order to figure out the meaning of a text?

What context clues in “The Tell-Tale Heart” (discussions, drama, situations, phrases, etc) aid in figuring out the plot?
Objectives: After learning about context clues, students will be able to analyze literary text, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, for the meaning

(explicitly stated and inferred) in order to create a quiz game for the class with 100% accuracy (graded using a 4 point rubric).
A: 6th Grade Language Arts Students
B: students will be able to analyze literary text, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, for the meaning (explicitly stated and inferred) in order to
create a quiz game for the class
C: After learning about context clues
D: Using a 4 point rubric

o Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

Interdisciplinary Standards`: After completing the task, students will be able to draw from explicit and implicit text from passages in
other classes such as social studies, science, health, economics, and psychology. Through this lesson the reading comprehension and
communication skills the students developed will aid in other classes as they progress. This skill will aid students in majority of their

(8 events)

Anticipatory Set/Hook/Daily Review:

Ask students what they know about context clues. In order to access their prior knowledge using both auditory and visual
learning styles, have students come to the front computer to help create a Wordle with you. This will excite the students and
get their minds on the topic of context clues.


Input/Modeling or Present Information:

To begin, use Glogster EDU in order to give detailed notes such as on methods of finding the meaning of the text. The Glog
will incorporate techniques and examples from “The Tell-Tale Heart” which students have been reading for the past few
Check for Understanding/Provide Learner Guidance:

Formative Assessment/Check for Understanding

Write two-three sentence examples on the Smartboard that explicitly state the meaning of the text.

Ask students to go to the board and circle phrases the explicitly state the meaning.

Use this time in order to assess where the students are (level).
Guided Practice with coaching /Elicit Performance:

Using ILeap, a tech tool that randomly choses students from a list, I will pair students in groups of 4 randomly.

To engage cooperative learning, students will be given the assignment of creating a unique quiz game using a tech tool called

Walking around the room, I will guide students by engaging them with questions that should help them creatively form
questions of their own (monitoring).
Independent Practice/Provide informative feedback:

In essence of presentations, students will have to actively participate. Using a mobile device or IPad/tablet, students will
answer the questions of the quiz conducted by their fellow classmates.

Independently, students will answer the questions which will then be scored. I will use these scores as another summative

If students scored low or were having difficulty with the material, they would be asked to stay after school for additional
help. I will provide students to a link of a Biteslide, an interactive school exercise book for context clues.

After the presentations we will have a discussion about what students have learned. We will have an open discussion of what
they liked about Edgar Allan Poe and if they context clues they learned helped them better understand this complex story. I
will clarify any areas of confusion with them.



Students will go to the board in order to check for understanding.

I will assess student’s ability of working cooperatively as I walk around during the quiz making.

Summative: Students will create a unique quiz game in groups of 4 using Kahoot. They will have to present the game to the
class who will actively participate. They will be graded using a 4 point rubric to grade (quiz and Kahoot participation score)


The next lesson will revolve around the use of foreshadowing and allusions therefore having a concrete understanding of
figuring out the meaning of text is essential.


Student Feedback:
o I will use Socrative, an online quiz, as an exit ticket.
o Students will be asked three questions in order to clarify understanding and if there is a need for additional help

List three things you learned from the lesson that you didn’t know before about context clues in literary

List three things you learned about technology (ex: about Kahoot)

List two things you want to know/need help understanding

Do you want to read more by Edgar Allan Poe, why or why not?

Teacher Feedback: I will gather the information from the exit tickets to improve this lesson for next year and to work on my techniques
for my lessons to come.