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Period 6 MSMU

Subin Yi

Everything Relates!

Many times a day we use the things we learned at school without even realizing it.
we dont think that we use them when we actually do. Things connect without us even knowing.
Things like what we have learned, which in this case is Physical science. Physical science is
basically the sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects, including physics,
chemistry, astronomy, and related subjects.
So instead of just not acknowledging it at all, I decided to weave it more tightly together. So in
the following paragraphs, I will connect my learning in class and to the things I do at home.
Things like properties, force, mass, acids, and bases.

Properties of Matter

Now, almost everything in the world is made of metal. Because of machines and

computersbut what happens if these machines break? We have to fix them. but the things is,
you cant just fix them because it is dangerous. You might electrocute yourself so you need
materials that can help safely fix these machines. You need materials that arent good at
conducting heat and electricity, also known as insulators, which means they wont become too
hot quickly. Luckily in class, I learned about how substances are classified into groups by
properties, like how well they can conduct heat and electricity, or how ductile or malleable
something is (ductile and malleable is when an object, like metal, can be pounded down to thin
paper or rolled up into thin wiresmeaning its really flexible).Using what I know from class, I
can stay safe. But it is not only for fixing machinesI can also use what I know in many other
things. Like cooking for instanceAlthough I am not good at it, I like making quesadilla. If I
cooked quesadilla using a fully metal spatula, I would more than likely burn myself while doing

so. So instead, I would put what I learned to use and use one with a rubber handle instead. While
these are two things that I can use this for, there are a lot more everyday things I can use this for.

Force and Mass


Wouldnt you get tired of lifting and dragging things over, back and forth? Isnt it just

so tiring? Arent there times where you just can seem to move things on your own? Well-just
like you can use your information about properties in class at home, you can use this at home
too. Back in class, we reviewed about how if things have a greater mass, you need more force to
move it. But what is mass? What is force? Well, mass is the amount of space an object takes up,
like a sofa, or a TV. A force is just a push or a pull to move things. And when you use force on a
mass, it moves. But what if it doesnt move? Well, theres the problemwe arent using enough
force! You need an unbalanced force, instead of a balanced force. Because the forces cancel each
other, the object will not move. But if you put in an unbalanced force, so you can move the
object. You need more force to move larger things, just like how when you push a pencil case,
you need less force. Because everything differs in size, you need a different amount of force for
each different object. Things like bookshelves need more force because they are heavier, take up
more space and just needs more force to move it.

Acids and Bases


in class, just like how I learned about mass, force, and properties, I also learned about

acids and bases. An acid and base are part of a ph scale, which determines how they are scaled in
a scale of 1-14. This scale tells us whether a liquid is an acid neutral or a base. Using this scale
we know a lot of things. Such as acids and bases. The PH scale shows us with litmus paper
testing. If the paper turns red, it is an acidif it turns blueit is a base... Pretty cool, isnt it?
But not only that! For example, you can use it at home. When your toilet or sink is clogged, you
usually use a base to unclog it, but if you dont have it right at that instant, you can use a
different base at home. You can use different things for acids too. but for acids are used
differently. Instead of using acids we usually drink them, like lemonade, orange juice and such.

But once you get older you cant do that. If you eat or drink things that have too much acid, your
teeth might fall off. So you can use you trusty ph scale to insure that never happens. So it just
helps knowing these things. For things that you need at home, and for little things, like making
sure your teeth dont fall off before you reach the age of 60.

Buoyancy and Density


When boats are put out into the water what happens to them? Will they sink? Will they

float? Well, provided about what I know about how an object will float or sink, I can tell it will
float. I know it will float by looking at how much density it hashow tightly packed it is. So if it
is denser than the water, then it will sink. It also matters on how much space it takes up. And the
water tension, which is basically the tension of the water and the buoyancy. All of these things
take a big role in how it works. Buoyancy takes part in it because without the force of the water
pushing upwards, nothing can actually float because of the gravity pulling downso buoyancy
alters it greatly. The water tension takes part because without it there is a higher chance of it
sinking. For example, while a paperclip has a higher density than water, it can float. If you place
the paperclip right, then the amount of space it takes up and the surface tension of the water is
low, it will float although the paperclip has a higher density. So using the things I know about it,
I can infer whether something will float or sink. I can use this in things like activities I do with
friends, or maybe crafts I can do on my own, there are a lot of fun things I can do with what I
know. Like boat riding, or just small experiments I want to do at home.

So in short it is true that we can connect the things we learn at school to real life. We
can relate almost everything together. Simple things like force and mass can relate to things like
moving furnitureor things like properties can be used for keeping safe when handling
electricity. So keep these things in mind. They can be really helpful. Everything is related!