<18:12>[Superstav]: anyone attacked chops <18:16>[Superstav]: you still looking for a city thunder

<18:17>[Thunder08111]: yeah <18:18>[Superstav]: 244,363 <18:19>[Thunder08111]: anything there? <18:20>[Superstav]: just attacking it now <18:20>[Superstav]: 1 know its all 10s <18:20>[Thunder08111]: need a hand? <18:21>[Superstav]: nope im ok <18:21>[Thunder08111]: jow is it set up for ironmines? <18:21>[Superstav]: thought he had more there than that <18:21>[Superstav]: think its a npc 10 converted <18:22>[Superstav]: first hit in 25 secs <18:23>[Superstav]: i"ll be* <18:23>[Thunder08111]: ? <18:23>[Superstav]: hes not got anything there <18:23>[Superstav]: use to be armed to the teeth <18:39>[Superstav]: that was sneaky just lost 100k cav <18:41>[Ziannna]: sudden troops? <18:41>[Ziannna]: check for valleys with troops? <18:41>[Superstav]: yip would like to no from where though <18:41>[Ziannna]: from a close valley I bet. <18:41>[Ziannna]: probably leaves them there incase scouted. <18:42>[Superstav]: he had 100k scouts gates were closed <18:42>[Ziannna]: also.. if you own a valley with City #1... and send reinforce to that valley from city #2 and city #3.... when you recall.. They go back to city #1 <18:42>[Ziannna]: that owns the valley.. <18:42>[Ziannna]: incase you ever want to reinforce yourself.. but not show in city yet. <18:42>[Superstav]: city empty again <18:43>[Ziannna]: valley trick it sounds like. <18:43>[Ziannna]: brb phone <18:43>[Superstav]: yip

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