Divine Soul Songs

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COMPANION GUIDE Week 6: Divine Soul Song of Five Elements
Chapter 3, pp. 199-208
1. Basic concepts of five elements. (pp. 199-202) 2. How Master Sha received the Divine Soul Song of Five Elements. (pp. 202-205) 3. Practice the Divine Soul Song of Five Elements. (pp. 205-211) a. Note: See Figure 35 – Figure 40 for the following practices in the insert. b. Divine Soul Song of Wood Element (pp. 206-207) c. Divine Soul Song of Fire Element (pp. 205-206) d. Divine Soul Song of Earth Element (p. 207) e. Divine Soul Song of Metal Element (pp. 207-208) Do these practices three to five times each day for a week. At the end of the week, answer the following question: What was your experience and insights after practicing for one week?

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