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Poverty in srilanka


December 26th 2004 there was a huge earthquake in Indonesia which resulted in a tremendous tsunami

in Sri Lanka which is located in the Indian Ocean. Were thousands and thousands of people were killed. We are
an organization called confronting poverty. We confront poverty to help the people in need and to make a
The earthquake hit at just before 1am GMT which was 7:58am at local time on December 26 th 2004.The
earthquakes magnitude was 9.1 and it struck 30 km below the surface around 160 km off the Wes coast of the
northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Its the third largest earthquake of all times. Sri Lanka was one of the countries
thats was struck by tsunami dude to this earthquake, killing 30,196 people. After the tsunami lots of people
lost their homes loved ones and a lot of these people were suffering from poverty. About 1,000 more dead were
counted in mullaitvu and Vadamaradchit. This is two cities in Sri Lanka that was highly effected by the tsunami.
Moreover there were thousands and thousands of people dead overall in srilanka and more have been injured
and been physiologically and mentally troubled. There are still areas in the Sri Lanka were they havent fully
recovered form this tremendous disaster .This was a really heart-breaking sad day for all of the Sri Lankan and
its probably a day that none of the srilankans will ever forget about.
Some of the ways we tried to help the srilankan during their hard time is by providing them food, clothing, and
bottled water by the money we raised by selling our books and magazines previously about confronting poverty
.however we could not have done this without the support and help of the society. In addition to this we also
send first aid groups to help the injured ones. We also contacted Ian to raise money and donations back in the
U.S by advertising out products like t shirts. We got nearly 3,000 $ and all the money was used in the welfare of
the people in a way that they can overcome this as soon as possible. Moreover we joined hands and got help
from other organizations that deal with disaster issues like the disaster management cycle and the GDRC. we
focused on seven different areas and we helped them ..5 different areas we helped has overcome poverty and
within a few weeks.
Ronald berk is a person who witnessed and experienced this horrible event and he mentioned that the
earthquake was so sudden that there was no warning .he said that few seconds after the tsunami stuck his
house started flooding and all he can think about in a few seconds was getting carried away by the waves along
with the motorcycles, refrigerators and many more.
Therefore I believe that we all should be always ready for any natural disaster that could happen at any
moment and to be to seek help to avoid homelessness and poverty .in conclusion I believe that if we all are

together helping each other as a community in need of help and to avoid these thing, I think that we all can
overcome anything easily.