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Centre for Women’s Studies in Education presents

Mapping the Contours:

Women’s Labour in Canada’s
Adult ESL Industry

With Biljana Vasilevska

An introduction to the contexts and
April 14 2010
conditions of women’s roles in English
as a Second Language (ESL) instruction 12:00 – 1:30pm
in Canada. Vasilevska explores
women's emotional and unpaid labour OISE Room 2-227
in the teaching of newcomers to
Canada, contrasting it with the more 252 Bloor West, above St
stable and lucrative – and more George subway station
masculinised – private school and
higher education settings. A simple
break-down of the complex ESL
Free, bring your lunch
industry that will be helpful for anyone Wheelchair accessible
considering working in the ESL industry
and those concerned with the for more
proletarianization of traditionally
women-dominated industries. information