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Utkrist Nugget 2010 February Week 02

Utkrist Nugget 2010 February Week 02

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• The US space shuttle Endeavour docked on schedule
with the orbiting International Space Station. It was
built for NASA by the European group Thales Alenia
Space in their Turin factory.
• Remnant tubular structures or tunnel-like formations
from lunar volcanic flows in the past, which extend a couple
of kilometres on the moon's surface, could serve as ideal
landing as well as human settlement sites for future
missions, including Chandrayaan-II, according to some new
findings from India´s Chandrayaan-1. Terrain Mapping
Camera on-board Chandrayaan-1 revealed such a
formation in the Oceanus Procellarum area. In the past
the Japanese mission Kaguya discovered a vertical
hollow structure, but that is not suitable for habitation.
• In 2009, India accounted for the third highest
increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the
US in ten years, according to a new government
report, though only two percent of all illegal immigrants were Indians.
Mexico (6.7 million) topped the list with 62 percent, followed by those from
El Salvador (530,000), Guatemala (480,000), Honduras (320,000) and the
Philippines (270,000). California remained the leading State of residence of
the illegal immigrants in 2009, with 2.6
million, followed by Texas (1.7 million),
Florida (720,000), New York (550,000)
and Illinois (540,000). In 2009, 61
percent of unauthorised immigrants were
aged 25 to 44 years, and 58 percent were
male. Males accounted for 62 percent of
the illegal population in the 18 to 34 age
group in 2009 while females accounted
for 52 percent of the 45 and older age
groups. Migration follows distance decay
• First the Swiss ban minarets. Now the French parliament wants to ban
Muslim women from wearing the burqa in public places. The hijab, the
headscarf that some Muslim women wear, is already banned in French public
schools, where the "ostentatious" display of any religious symbolism is
forbidden. The burqa, however, is worn far more rarely in France by about
1,900 of nearly six million Muslims, almost none of them from a
traditional burqa-wearing country.
• Around 2,000 people protested in Oslo over the printing of a caricature of
Prophet Mohammad as a pig by a Norwegian Tabloid 'Dagbladet'.
• Ukraine´s opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych narrowly beat Prime
Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the presidential election run-off that is
expected to see Ukraine tilt back towards Russia.
• The percentage of Japanese people in favour of the death penalty has
reached a record high, with 85.6% of survey respondents saying the

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

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continuance of capital punishment is "unavoidable," according to a
government poll.
• Ehud Barak, Israel´s Defence Minister and a former Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)
chief of staff, stated that unless Israel made peace with the Palestinians, it would
lose its Jewish majority or become an apartheid state. The context is the
increasing domestic and international pressure on its government to hold a
public inquiry into Operation Cast Lead. The three-week war, waged in 2008-
2009 against Hamas forces in Gaza following a clear Israeli breach of a ceasefire,
resulted in the death of 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis.
• Iran´s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced on the occasion of
the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution that Tehran has already
produced the first batch of uranium enriched uranium to 20 percent purity
level at its Natanz plant in defiance of world powers but under the
supervision of inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog. He said that Iran is
capable of enriching it to 80 per cent, but would not do so.
• The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates issued a commemorative silver
coin on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Emirates Securities and
Commodities Authority. With an alloy of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent
cooper, the face of the coin depicts the portrait of UAE President Khalifa
bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the denomination, while the back depicts the
logo of the occasion.
• Philippine prosecutors filed charges against Andal Ampatuan Sr., the
head of a powerful clan and 195 others in the biggest and deadliest murder
of the rival Mangudadatu family and supporters on Nov. 23 , 2009 in
Maguindanao province. In all, 57 people were massacred apparently to
prevent Esmael Mangudadatu from
challenging the Ampatuans' control of the
province in a gubernatorial election.
• The government and judiciary in Pakistan are
engaged in a tug of war with the Supreme
Court suspending President Asif Ali Zardari's
order elevating two high court judges, justice
Khawaja Mohammad Sharif & Mian
Saqib Nisar.
• Nepal's Vice-President Paramananda Jha
retook his oath of office and secrecy in two
languages, Nepali and Maithili, ending the
language row which had kept his post "inactive¨
for more than five months. Mr. Jha had taken his
oath in Hindi in July 2008 but his choice of
language was widely criticised as Hindi is
regarded as a foreign language in Nepal. The
Supreme Court asked him to retake the oath in
the official language, Nepali but Mr. Jha refused to
do so. In January 2010, Nepal´s interim
Constitution was amended allowing Nepal´s
President, Vice-President and Prime Minister to
take the oath of office in their mother tongues.
Mr. Jha also wore the traditional daura suruwal
while taking the oath. Earlier, his attire had also sparked criticism as it was seen as

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• Obama targets out-sourcing firms: U.S. President Barack Obama has again
targeted American firms having their operations in India to save taxes and called
such businesses tax evaders.
• Bermuda Premier Ewart Frederick Brown said that Bermuda expects to clinch a
significant tax-information exchange agreement with India by February 2010 end.
• India would work for concluding the comprehensive trade opening pact or the Free
Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union, Japan and Malaysia by the end
of 2010. India´s trade with the EU has the potential of reaching $572 billion by
2015 once the FTA with the 27-nation economic bloc is implemented. Exports to the
EU stood at $39.35 billion in 2008-09, while imports were $42.73 billion.
• India-U.K.: India signed a "declaration¨ on civilian nuclear cooperation with the U.K.
which officials described as a "general umbrella agreement. The U.K. becomes the
eighth country with which India has signed a civilian nuclear pact since breaking out
of restrictions imposed on it. The agreement was signed in New Delhi by Atomic
Energy Commission Chairman Srikumar Banerjee and British High Commissioner
Richard Stagg. The pact will provide a legal framework for British companies that
have expertise in supplying components. India has so far signed civilian nuclear pacts
with Russia, France, the U.S., Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Argentina and Namibia.
• U.K. tightens student visa rules: Less than a week after student visa applications
from north India, Bangladesh and Nepal were suspended, Britain announced a
series of new restrictions on foreign students from outside the European Union.
Under the new rules, expected to come into force before the elections, applicants will
be judged to a higher standard of spoken English than is currently required; the
number of hours that foreign students are allowed to work in a week will be halved
from 20 to 10; students on short courses, lasting up to six months will not be
allowed to bring dependants; and dependants of
those on longer degree courses will not be
allowed to work during their stay in Britain.
• The U.K. Border Agency will partially lift the
suspension on Tier 4 visa application, meant
for students in north India from March 1,
• Turkey has agreed to "recognise the need¨ for
the conclusion of the India-initiated
Comprehensive Convention on
International Terrorism (CCIT). Turkey is
leading member of OIC, therefore its
commitment to the convention is significant.
OIC not willing to accept that armed forces
should be excluded from the convention.
• India and the Association of South East Asian
Nations (ASEAN) will soon conclude a Free
Trade Agreement (FTA) on services at the
earliest. The South Asian Free Trade Agreement
(SAFTA) was already in place. India is also
working on Comprehensive Economic
Cooperation Agreements (CECA) with countries
with whom the economic engagement was
substantive. India signed its first CECA in
June 2005 with Singapore and it had elevated bilateral ties between the two
countries to a higher level. Encouraged by the success of the first CECA, India had
signed a CECA with South Korea in August 2009. The treaty included trade in

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

goods and services as well as investments. It also dealt with competition and
intellectual property rights. India is the only country so far to obtain a commitment
for temporary migration of professional workers under Mode 4 of WTO rules. India
is in the process of negotiating a CECA with Japan.
• India intended to double bilateral trade with the Arab world from the present $114
billion by 2014. The Arab League has 22 members, including Jordan, Lebanon,
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Qatar and Algeria. India negotiations for FTA
with 6 member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) (also known as the Cooperation
Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG) include United Arab Emirates,
Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar) countries are in process.
• Iran´s Ambassador to India Syed Mehdi Nabizadeh said that the discussions on the
Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline project had been on for 15 years and Iran´s
negotiations with Pakistan were reaching the implementation stage. The doors are
open to India to join. We can´t wait indefinitely. India stopped attending trilateral
meetings after the last one in 2007 and has not engaged bilaterally with Iran for over
a year. The sticking points on the Indian side are an Iranian guarantee for the
uninterrupted supply of gas via Pakistan and a stable pricing mechanism.
Iran iterated India approach towards bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan,
where there is "no good or bad Taliban.
• Having "made its point¨ by not engaging with Pakistan for over 14 months, India has now
offered two dates this month - February 18 and 25 - for Foreign Secretary-level talks
in New Delhi. India told Pakistan that it is open to discussing all issues, including
Balochistan, but its sole focus will be on flagging its concerns over terror acts planned
and executed from Pakistan. India affirmed, the reopening of dialogue should not be seen
as resumption of the composite dialogue as Composite dialogue had a certain format and
there are involvements of many arms of the government.
• Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) and the University of Eriangen in
Bavaria, Germany signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen
academic exchange programmes.

Policies, Legislations, Commissions, Committees and Executive Orders
• First-time Congress member of Parliament Manish Tewari has moved a Private
Member´s Bill to amend the anti-defection law - one of the earliest pieces of
legislation initiated by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1985. The amendment seeks
to provide freedom of expression to parliamentarians and legislators by freeing them
from the fear of loss of membership for toeing a line independent of their respective
party positions in all instances other than no-confidence motions, money Bills
besides financial matters enumerated in Articles 112 to 117 and Articles 202 to 207.
• Even after eight months of their election to the Lok Sabha, 110 MPs have not
declared their assets as against the mandatory provision to do so in 90 days which
may amount to breach of privilege of the House under section 75(A)(5) of the
Representation of the People Act, 1951 which provides that the Speaker, Lok
Sabha may direct that any wilful contravention of the Members of Lok Sabha
(Declaration of Assets and Liabilities) Rules, 2004 by an elected members may
be dealt with the same manner as a breach of privilege of the House. The list
contains the names of 44 MPs from Congress, 11 from BJP, nine from JD(U), eight
from BSP, seven from SP, three from Trinamool Congress and two from Telugu
Desam Party among others. The Lok Sabha secretariat in a reply to an RTI query filed
by Hissar-based social activist Ramesh Verma said repeated reminders have
been sent to the MPs to declare their assets and liabilities, however, "no action has as
such been contemplated against members from whom information is awaited".

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• Central government has appointed the former Secretary in the Petroleum and Natural
Gas Ministry, R.S. Pandey, as the new interlocutor for holding dialogue with the
National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah). A Nagaland cadre IAS officer of
the 1972 batch, Mr. Pandey had served as Chief Secretary in Nagaland. He is a
recipient of the Prime Minister´s Award for Excellence in Public Service in 2007
besides the U.N. Public Service Award in 2008. Mr. Pandey was appointed in place of
the former Home Secretary, K. Padmanabhaiah, who had acted as the interlocutor
with the NSCN-IM for the past decade. The Naga militant group´s chairman Isak
Chishi Swu and general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah, who are currently based
abroad, are most likely to represent their group in the dialogue. NSCN-IM and the
Centre agreed upon a ceasefire arrangement in August 1997 and since then about 50
rounds of talks have been held but have remained inconclusive.
• Union Minister of State for Environment Jairam Ramesh, declared a moratorium on
Bt brinjal and asserted that India needs an independent biotechnology regulator and
a transparent testing system. As a first step in the transparency process, the
Genetic Engineering Approvals Committee (GEAC), which had recommended
approval of Bt brinjal in October 2009, would soon have a name change - with
"Approvals¨ changed to "Appraisal.¨ Had it been approved, Bt brinjal would have
been the world´s first genetically modified vegetable. While Indian farmers already
produce Bt cotton but a food crop had to be handled with more caution. Tests for
food products must be made more stringent than tests for drugs. That has not been
the case in Bt brinjal.¨ If, despite the moratorium, genetically modified seeds were
introduced into the market, the Minister said, it was up to the States to crack down
on them. "I hope we don´t see a repeat of Bt cotton where spurious and illegal Bt
cotton seeds found their way into the market,¨ he said.
• Amnesty International alleged that tribal population in Orissa's Lanjigarh, where
Vedanta is setting up alumina refinery, suffered because of water pollution (periodic
contamination of Vansadhara river) due to possible seapage of toxic elements into
ground water from a highly alkaline waste known as red mud pond. It also alleged
that the government failed to obtain
``free, prior and informed consent'' of
the Dongria Kondh people living in
forests of Niyamgiri Hills before
approving this project. The Centre, on
its part, said it is yet to receive the
Amnesty's report and as such, a new
Act (the Mines and Minerals
Development and Regulation Act) is
on the anvil to take care of issues,
including tribal rights and welfare.
Reacting to the report, Vedanta said,
``The majority of the report is based on
an outdated document which was
subjected to intense scrutiny by the
Supreme Court.''
• Finally, a single window for
disability certificate: Now, the
differently abled have to appear before
only one doctor. Now doctors in PHC
can issue certificates in cases of severe
disability. States told to ensure
registration of all differently abled people. As per the amended Persons with
Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation)

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Rules, 1996, the differently abled will now have to appear before just one doctor
specialising in the nature of the disability instead of a Medical Board, a time-
consuming process as doctors often skip Board meetings. Also, now primary health
centre (PHC) doctors have been given the right to issue certificates in cases of severe
disability, while others with partial disability will still have to go to the District
Hospital to get one. However, the new rules are yet to be notified. The XIth Plan,
approved by the National Development Council, provides for putting the onus of
certifying disability on the State as is the case in issuing of a passport. Some States
have made considerable progress in issuing certificates to differently-abled persons.
Andhra Pradesh has covered all, Jharkhand 97.8 per cent, Goa 89 per cent,
Himachal Pradesh 74.8 per cent, Chandigarh 57.5 per cent, Andaman and Nicobar
Islands 56.5 per cent, Punjab 53.8 per cent and Karnataka 52.9 per cent, as per
official figures.
• India launched the bivalent oral vaccine against polio in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to
mark the national immunisation day. The vaccine was launched in Bihar last month
and offers protection from the P1 and P3 types of polio strains. There are three
strains of wild polio virus - P1, P2 and P3. Type 2 wild polio virus (P2) was
eliminated in 1999. Efforts are still on to eradicate the P1 and P3 strains. As many as
33 States and Union Territories are now free of indigenous transmission of the wild
polio virus. Only U.P. and Bihar remain the two endemic States where indigenous
transmission continues. 721 cases in 2009 : For 2009, 721 cases were reported. Of
these, 641 are of the wild poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) and 79 of the wild poliovirus
type 1 (WPV1), with one case a mixture of both WPV1 and WPV3.
• Muslims want 10 per cent reservation in public recruitment and education,
as recommended by the Ranganath Misra-headed National Commission for
Religious and Linguistic Minorities. The Sachar Committee had statistically
established the pitiable situation of the community, while the Misra Commission was
of the firm opinion that Muslims formed a
weaker section eligible for special care and
promotion under Article 46. Article 15
(1) prohibited discrimination by the State
on grounds of "religion, race, caste etc.¨
but if "religion, race, caste etc¨ were
qualified by another criterion such as
backwardness, the prohibition would not
apply. He said Articles 15(4) and 16(4)
gave expression to this caveat. The former
enabled special provisions for the
advancement of "any "socially and
educationally backward classes of citizen¨
and the latter provided for reservation in
jobs and appointments to any "backward
class of citizens¨.
• The sub-committee constituted by the
Press Council of India to examine the
phenomenon of "paid news" during the
recent Lok Sabha elections has expressed
concern that some media organisations
which are expected to set standards have
themselves taken the lead in accepting
money for the publication of news. The panel would request the Election Commission
to take steps to ensure that such "malpractices and unethical practices¨ were curbed
in the future.

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• The High Powered Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) (India´s
accounting rulemaker) committee has suggested regulatory action against four
Hyderabad-based audit firms Krishna & Prasad, Rao & Shyam, P Viswanath &
Associates and GMK Associates for their involvement in the Satyam scam. ICAI's
outgoing president Uttam Prakash Agarwal acknowledged that the report has been
tabled before the ICAI Council, which after deliberation will forward it to the ministry
of corporate affairs and other agencies. The report suggests that the ministries of
finance and commerce, apart from RBI, should examine the procedure of foreign
exchange controls. The report has recommended strengthening of the exchange
mechanism to avoid malpractices and misrepresentation of facts.
• The Prime Minister´s Office (PMO) has directed all Central ministries and departments
not use the Prime Minister´s photographs without prior approval.
• The Union Home Minister has said that all vacancies in State police forces will be filled
by March 2011. He said that by March 31, 2010, 1.03 lakh posts would be filled, but
another 1.50 lakh vacancies needed to be filled. Gujarat has assured zero vacancy by
this March-end.
• The Law Ministry has released the letter written by the then Chief Election
Commissioner, N. Gopalaswami, to the President seeking removal of fellow Election
Commissioner Navin Chawla, while the Rashtrapati Bhavan declined to make the
document public. The appellate authority under the Right to Information Act in the
Ministry allowed the request by S.S. Ranawat of Bhilwara in Rajasthan, for
information on the unprecedented recommendation made by Mr. Gopalaswami in
January 2009. The Rashtrapati Bhavan had cited Mr. Chawla´s opposition to the
disclosure as a reason for not making it public.
• Law Ministry has no record on supersession of judges: In a reply to an RTI activist,
Subash Chandra Agrawal, who wanted to know whether seniority was overlooked in
the recommendation to elevate Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court Chandramouli
Kumar Prasad, the Law Ministry said no record of such information was maintained and
therefore data could not be furnished.
• Union Social Justice and Empowerment
Minister Mukul Wasnik has asked his
Cabinet colleagues and Chief Ministers to
make all buildings accessible to
physically challenged people by 2010-
11. Article 9 of the U.N. Convention,
deals with the rights of persons with
disabilities with regard to accessibility.
• India will become the world's second largest
steel producer by 2012, more than doubling
its capacity of 57 million tonnes as part of
push being given to assist overall
infrastructure development. India has set a
target of 124 million tonnes by 2012. At
present China is the largest steel maker in
the world with a capacity of over 600
million tonnes, followed by Japan and
South Korea. India ranks fourth.
• While the country awaits the auction of
spectrum for the full-fledged launch of 3G
mobile services, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued a pre-
consultation paper on 4G (fourth generation) telecom services which will provide
ultra-broadband Internet access. 4G mobile networks have already been
commercially launched in Sweden and Norway.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

• The Railways will provide land for a multispecialty hospital which the Indian
Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, plans to build. Once Health Ministry
permission is obtained, the hospital-project at Kharagpur in West Bengal's
Paschim Medinipur district will be taken up by the"three partners.
State News
• Fifteen legislators from the Telangana region submitted their resignations to the
State assembly speaker to protest the terms of reference of the Srikrishna panel
which they allege are not favourable for the formation of Telangana State.
• In a bid to improve the quality of medical services at all levels, the Andhra
Pradesh government has made it compulsory for the doctors to serve in State-run
hospitals for one year after completion of their post-graduate degree and diploma
courses. The stipulation of government service would come into effect from the
present admission year. Accordingly, doctors who complete PG diploma and degree in
2012 and 2013 from Government and private medical colleges would have to sign a
bond and join Government hospitals as senior residents. They would be paid an
honorarium of Rs. 20,000 for PG diploma holders, Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 25,000 to PG
degree holders. In case of violation, a penalty of Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh would be
• The continuing political turmoil over Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh appears to be
providing a perfect chance for the Maoist to enter the fray. A definite indication to this
was culled out by intelligence agencies when they seized a letter written by the Maoist
Central Committee secretary Muppala Laxman Rao alias Ganapathy. Ganapathy´s
letter indicates that the Maoist party has already identified two persons, referred to as
'Pracharak' and 'Gaayak', who would be the coordinators for participating in the
agitation, albeit under different banners.
• The State Cabinet of Karnataka has approved a new law to ban the slaughter of
cows and calves and ensure cattle conservation. The Bill, which is set to
replace the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation
Act, 1964, is expected to be tabled in the next session of the legislature. The
Cabinet had constituted a subcommittee under the chairmanship of Home Minister
V.S. Acharya to study the drawbacks in the existing law and suggest measures to be
incorporated in the proposed Act. The new legislation will be in accordance with the
Central Act and in conformity with Article 48 of the Constitution. The new legislation
would have guidelines for the transportation of cattle, apart from stern punishment
for offenders. First-time offenders will be liable to a year in prison and a fine
between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 50,000. Those held for a second offence or more will
have to face imprisonment of up to seven years and pay a fine between Rs. 50,000
and Rs. 1 lakh.
• The Kerala Cabinet approved the State's annual Plan for 2010-11. The Plan proposes
three new schemes - an urban employment guarantee scheme, an income support
scheme for the traditional sectors and a scheme to meet the energy needs of remote
tribal hamlets and other areas inhabited by the poor. The Plan will now need the nod of
the Planning Commission. The Kerala Cabinet gave clearance, in principle, for the
establishment of high-speed railway corridors between Thiruvananthapuram and
Kasaragod and Kochi and Palakkad. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was entrusted
to conduct a preliminary study on the project with State Industries Development
Corporation as the nodal agency. The Kerala Cabinet decided to provide an acre for the
Tulu Akademi at Kadabara village in Kasaragod district on a 30-year lease. The
Kerala Cabinet also decided to establish a permanent Lok Adalat in Ernakulam and to
take steps to enforce the amendments to the Transplantation of Human Organs Act,
1994, in Kerala.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

• The Kerala State government is committed to evicting all encroachers from the
Munnar hill station and police cases will be registered against all encroachers
including the Tata group.
• The Puducherry State University Bill has been sent for the approval of President
Pratibha Patil. After the President gives her assent, the territorial administration will
initiate steps to set up the university.
• The UP legislators will now be entitled to a fatter pay purse following Chief
Minister Mayawati´s announcement in the Vidhan Sabha. The legislators´ monthly pay
packet has been increased by Rs.20,000. While their salary goes up from Rs.3,000 a
month to Rs.8,000, constituency allowance is up from Rs.15,000 a month to
Rs.22,000, health allowance from Rs.6,000 to 10,000 and staff allowance from
Rs.6,000 to 10,000.
• The Left Front government in West Bengal has stolen a march over the United
Progressive Alliance government at the Centre on the implementation of the
Ranganath Mishra Commission's recommendations by deciding to reserve 10
per cent of government jobs for the economically, educationally and socially
backward sections among Muslims under the OBC category. This will bring the total
percentage of job reservation in West Bengal for the OBCs to 17. The creamy layer
among the Muslims whose annual income was Rs. 4.5 lakh or more would be
excluded from the benefit. Muslims constitute nearly 25 per cent of the West Bengal
• West Bengal is preparing a revised list and is endeavouring to include all sections
of the poor so that there is none among them who will be without a ration card.
• Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) president Bimal Gurung sent a proposal to the
Centre for an interim administrative arrangement in the Darjeeling hills till 2011 to
pave the way for the creation of Gorkhaland State be carved out of the Darjeeling
district and certain areas contiguous to it in north Bengal.
• The Maoist-backed Police Santrash Birodhi Janasadharaner Committee (PSBJC)
offered to hold unconditional talks with the Centre as well as the West Bengal
• In a bid to involve the rural masses in celebrating the golden jubilee of the existence
of the State, the Gujarat government has planned an elaborate "Swarnim Gujarat
Sankalp Rath Yatra¨ (Golden Gujarat Resolve Rath Yatra) to cover all the 19,165
villages in the State. The separate State of Gujarat was created by bifurcating the
erstwhile Bombay State on May 1, 1960.
• The Border Security Force (BSF) has suspended the commandant R.K. Virdi of
the 68th battalion, one of whose jawans has been indicted for the unlawful killing of
Zahid Farooq Sheikh, a Srinagar youth on February 5. Inspector General
Ramesh Singh has been appointed to hold inquiry.
• A shutdown to mark the 26th death anniversary of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation
Front founder Maqbool Butt affected life in the Kashmir valley.
• Karbi Longri National Liberation Front `commander-in-chief´ Songja Timung
surrenders arms to Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi at a ceremony in Diphu.
• National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) general secretary Thuingaleng
Muivah has agreed to participate in the next round of peace talks with the Centre in
April 2010.
Judicial Pronouncements
• Socio-economic situation, a factor for commuting death penalty: Long
incarceration and socio-economic factors leading to crime are relevant and
mitigating considerations for commuting the death sentence to life
imprisonment, the Supreme Court has held. Life imprisonment is a rule and
imposition of death sentence is an exceptional one in the rarest of rare
cases. Writing the judgment, Justice Sathasivam said: "A factor which has

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

unfortunately been left out in much judicial decision-making in sentencing
are the socio-economic factors leading to crime. At no stage do we suggest
that economic depravity justifies moral depravity, but we certainly recognise
that in the real world, such factors may lead a person to [commit] crime.
The Law Commission´s 48th Report also reflected this concern.¨
• As long as doctors have performed their duties and exercised an
ordinary degree of professional skill and competence they cannot be
held guilty of negligence, the Supreme Court held. Laying down a set of
principles, a Bench of Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice H. S. Bedi said,
"Mere deviation from normal professional practice is not necessarily evidence
of negligence.¨
• The Supreme Court permitted the Mayawati government to undertake
certain minor repairs at the Kanshiram Smarak Sthal and to remove
construction material from various sites. A Bench comprising Justice H.S.
Bedi and Justice A.K. Patnaik, however, made it clear that the interim stay
order on all construction activities passed on September 11, 2009 and
October 6, 2009 would continue to be in force.
• Holding that a decree obtained by fraud is a nullity, the Supreme Court
has restored possession to an illiterate woman, whose entire inherited
property was grabbed by her brother-in-law by obtaining her thumb
impression on papers.
• The Supreme Court asked all the States to cap all discarded and abandoned
borewells in their territories and to properly fence all working wells to
prevent small children falling into them.
• The Andhra Pradesh High Court struck down the four per cent reservation
provided by the State government to selected sections of Muslims in
education and public employment. These sections were categorised as
additional "E" group and included among the existing Backward Classes
enjoying reservation, first through an ordinance and then legislation. The Andhra
Pradesh High Court declared the A.P. Reservation in favour of Socially
Educationally Backward Classes of Muslims Act, 2007 "unsustainable,¨ the
five judges said the Act "is religion-specific and potentially encourages
religious conversions." The majority judgment pronounced by Chief Justice
A.R. Dave said the government´s action was based solely upon the findings and
recommendations of the report of the A.P. Commission for Backward
Classes, and the procedural error committed by the Commission was fatal to its
report and consequent recommendations.
• A Delhi High Court has ruled that stamp duty is payable on a court order
approving the scheme of arrangement/amalgamation under Section 394 of
the Companies Act.
• The Delhi High Court agreed to examine the issue whether a retired judge of
the Supreme Court and the high court can be debarred from taking up
arbitration work while holding a constitutional post. The petition, filed by
NGO Common Cause, alleged that in violation of legal and ethical norms,
retired judges, holding constitutional posts on various commissions, are
taking up arbitration work. Giving opinions in writing on a point in issue to be
produced in a court of law is a violation of Article 124(7) of the constitution
which prohibits a retired judge from acting or pleading before any court or
• The Delhi high court gave two contrasting rulings this week. One was welcome,
giving directions for setting up a task force that will focus on reducing
congestion and pollution levels in the city. However, a congestion fee, as
suggested by the court, may not be the best way to achieve this in the absence

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

of alternative measures which enable people to commute freely and with a
degree of comfort. The same day, the high court ruled that there need not be
any cap on the number of cycle rickshaws, which add to traffic chaos on
busy roads, plying in Delhi. The rulings could have an impact not just on the
capital, but also on large cities across the country.
• The Delhi High Court issued notice to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi
(MCD) and the State government over an alleged scam relating to ghost
employees in the civic agency.
• Broadcast major Star India today approached the Delhi High Court seeking
its direction to the Centre not to interfere in the broadcast of the second
season of its controversial TV show 'Sach Ka Saamna'. The show poses a
series of mostly personal questions to contestants who are put through a lie-
detector test to ascertain if the answers they are giving are true. A number
of social organisations have alleged that the show is detrimental to Indian
family values.
• Judge Akil Kureshi of the Gujarat High Court has ordered a fresh
investigation into the alleged rioting and murders at Kalol in the
Panchmahals district during the 2002 communal riots.
• Chandigarh local court adjourned till March 10 the hearing on the appeal of
SPS Rathore against the six-month sentence in the Ruchika molestation
• The Mehsana special court - holding the trial of the Deepda Darwaja
massacre case in Visnagar, in which at least 11 people were burnt alive -
ordered the inclusion of two BJP leaders (the then MLA, Prahlad Gosa, and
a member of the taluk panchayat, Dahyabhai Patel) as accused.
• Seven years and still no facilities for IPAB Circuit Benches: The Centre is yet to
provide proper sitting and accommodation facilities to the Circuit Benches of the
Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The
Board´s headquarters is in Chennai. The Board adjudicates cases relating to
trademarks and patents. Since parties before the Board also consist of
international business companies, some of the decisions relating to patents have
international ramifications.
Defence, Nuclear, Science and Technology
• The Moon Minerology Mapper (M3) on Chandrayaan-1, which famously discovered
the presence of water and hydroxyl molecules on the lunar surface material in 2009,
has now identified a new lunar rock type dominated by a mineral termed as
`magnesium spinel. The M3 is a NASA instrument. Spinel is a generic name
given to a class of minerals having the chemical formula AB{-2}O{-4} and the usual
spinel formations found in lunar rocks is an iron-magnesium admixture of the form
(Mg, Fe)(Al, Cr){-2}O{-4}. These rocks are usually found along with magnesium-
iron silicate (olivine) and calcium-rich aluminium silicate (pyroxene). The
interesting feature of the new rock type is that it is exclusively composed of
magnesium-rich spinel "with no detectable pyroxene or olivine present which does
not easily fit with current lunar crustal evolution models. The lunar crust is described
as a rocky accumulation, basically rich in calcium-aluminium silicates
(anorthosites) infused with a mix of compounds containing magnesium and iron
(`mafic´ minerals). Pyroxene is a mafic mineral.
• The launch of Agni-III, the missile with the longest range (3,500 km) in
India´s arsenal, from the Wheeler Island off Orissa was a complete
success. The two-stage, surface-to-surface ballistic missile can carry
nuclear warheads. Both stages of Agni-III are powered by solid
propellants. Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad,
designs and develops the Agni variants. While the first flight of Agni-III on

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

July 9, 2006 failed, its second and third flights on April 12, 2007 and May
7, 2008 were successful. An elated V.K. Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to the
Defence Minister, called it "a fantastic launch and a hat-trick.¨
• With three consecutively successful flights of Agni-III, missile technologists
of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) have raised
the bar: they will now busy themselves with realising Agni-V, which will
have a range of 5,000 km.
• Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman K. Radhakrishnan said the
flight- testing of the indigenous cryogenic stage of the GSLV D3 would be
conducted in April 2010. The vehicle would carry GAST-4, a communication
satellite. India had several GSLV flights, but is using the Russian cryogenic
• At a time when a debate continues in the Indian defence establishment over
the induction of women in combat role, Malaysian woman officers on warship
KD Perak in combat role are taking part in the multi-nation `Milan´ exercise
organised by the Indian Navy in Andaman & Nicobar. In India, the roles of
women are restricted to non-combat ones like support, logistics and other
services. The Navy maintains that its ships are not designed to
accommodate women. The IAF says issues relating to drafting women as
fighter pilots have to be addressed.
• Dismissing China's anti-ship missile programme as a threat to Indian
warships, Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma said it would be a difficult task
to even spot the vessels in the vast expanse of high seas.
• Compulsory voting, Chhattisgarh style: A sum total of four people voted in the
recently concluded panchayat elections in Lingagiri village in Chhattisgarh´s
Bijapur district. In all, five villagers were assaulted by men in combat fatigues for
not voting in the elections. As per their description, the CRPF or the CoBRA force
could be responsible.
• 42,000 teachers (60 per cent of high school teachers) in Karnataka have not been
paid salaries for five to 10 months. 25,000 aided school teachers and 17,000
government high school teachers had been affected by these delays in payments.
• Belief that Asians are genetically prone to vascular disease a fallacy, says
population-based study conducted by Sri Ramachandra University in areas of
Chennai, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur.

Business and Indian Economy
• Joaquin Almunia, EU Economic Affairs Commissioner has said that there is no need
for the International Monetary Fund to help Greece out of its economic crisis as
Europe can handle the problem.
Agencies & Bodies
• In its advance estimate of economic growth for the current year (2009-10), the
Central Statistical Organisation has projected a rate of 7.2 per cent, lower than
the 7.5 per cent forecast by the Reserve Bank of India recently and the 7.75 per
cent by the mid-year economic survey.
• Commercial banks will be made to extend loans at base rates from
2010-11 fiscal year, and not on the basis of current benchmark prime
lending rate (BPLR) as the latter was not considered a transparent system.
RBI has circulated the draft proposal to all stakeholders for their opinion on
fixed rate.
• Reserve Bank of India, which was founded in the city on April 1, 1935
will celebrate its platinum jubilee in 2010.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

• The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) had approved Uninor's
application to increase its foreign shareholding up to 74 per cent in 2009.
Telenor Group ownership in Uninor is 67.25 per cent.
• ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL)-led consortium (including Indian Oil Corporation
(IOC) and Oil India Limited (OIL) along with Spain's Repsol YPF SA and
Malaysia's Petroliam Nasional Bdh) announced that it had bagged 40 per
cent stake in a $19-billion Carabobo-1 block project in Venezuela's
Orinoco Belt to develop a major crude oil block. Venezuela´s State oil
company Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PdVSA), has 60 per cent interest in
the project.
• Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), a public sector firm based in Ranchi,
will become a Navratna company and get listed on a stock exchange. For last
three successive years, HEC is posting profits. The profit margin could be
small but it has all the potential to become a Navratna company.
• The government is looking at option of private placement of shares of State-
run telco BSNL as hopes for an initial public offer fade, but no final decision
has been taken.
• Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) entered into a strategic partnership with
Kishore Biyani`s retail major Future Group to offer mobile telephony
services on the GSM platform.
• Mahindra & Mahindra and BAE Systems announced the naming and
corporate structure for their land system focussed joint venture defence
company - Defence Land Systems India (DLSI) with initial investment of
$21.25 million over three years. Deepak Chhibba and Arne Berglund will
be the new company´s CEO and Deputy CEO, respectively. Mahindra will
hold 74 per cent equity in DLSI and BAE Systems the balance. New
facility will be housed in Faridabad. The unit will manufacture Axe high
mobility vehicle as well as up-armoured and bulletproof Scorpios, Boleros,
Rakshak, Rapid Intervention Vehicles and the Marksman light armoured
• JSW Steel is working towards commencing the steel plant project at Salboni in
West Bengal within the next six months with a completion schedule of 30 months
for the first phase involving an investment of about Rs. 12,000 crore. JFE Steel
Corporation of Japan is likely to pick up a stake varying between 26 per cent and
40 per cent in the project. 800 MW power plant at Ichhapur (near the coal mines)
would start simultaneously.
• The Consortium of GMR Infrastructure and Oriental Structural
Engineers (OSE) has won Hungund-Hospet highway project on a build,
operate and transfer (BOT) basis through the international competitive
bidding route. GMR group will hold 51 per cent equity in the consortium
and 49 per cent will be held by OSE.
• Border Security Force (BSF) has approved the placement of contract for the
Rs. 228 crore intranet Prahari project to NIIT Technologies.
• Yes Bank has entered into a partnership with Servion Global Solutions for
deploying banking speech recognition enabled interactive voice response
• Kingfisher Airlines has received government approval to operate
international flights from New Delhi to London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and
Dubai and from Mumbai to Colombo, Bangkok and Dubai.
• Daiichi Sankyo and Ranbaxy Mexico have agreed to commercialise
olmesartan medoxomil, an antihypertensive discovered by Daiichi Sankyo,
in Mexico. Additionally, the companies have agreed to promote prasugrel,

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

an antiplatelet co-developed by Daiichi Sankyo and Eli Lilly and Company in
• Cadbury's has just been acquired by the US giant Kraft Foods in a move that may
be sweet revenge for Americans, but is a bitter chocolate pill for the British &
• Industry group Chocosuisse of Switzerland said that sales fell 6.4 percent
in 2009 as warm temperatures and the economic downturn dampened
consumers' taste for the sweet stuff.
• As part of Unilever's global realignment of its media buying agencies
announced its Indian subsidiary Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has retained
WPP Mindshare as its media buying partner.
• System In Motion (SIM), a Michigan-based start up, by Debashish Sinha
and Neeraj Gupta has challenged the traditional offshore outsourcing
market leaders in USA by delivering low-cost services from locations like Ann
Arbor, Michigan, USA.
• Google is gearing up to give serious competition to Facebook, Twitter and
other networking sites.

• Jamie Drummond, Executive Director of campaign group ONE which was
co-founded by U2 singer Bono, said the IMF's move for a green fund was a
"significant and positive development which, if approved in its most positive
form, could seriously help catalyse the financing of a transition to low-carbon
economic growth in developing countries."
• Randy and Tami Wilson, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, earned the world's
first carbon credit for reducing personal emissions. They earned the
single credit through a transaction brokered by the My Emissions
Exchange website. They invested $58,000 to line the roof of their
suburban home with solar panels, and picked up $17.20 in exchange for the
reduction in your household carbon emissions.
• China´s "national pollution census¨ is the first official attempt to map and
assess the scale of the pollution problem in China revealed that for every
tonne of chemical effluents that factories dump into China´s rivers and lakes,
a comparable amount of harmful waste finds its way into China´s s water
bodies from green fields and farmhouses.
• The battle against "bad air¨ quality that authorities fought before the 2008
Beijing Olympic Games is now repeated in the south China city of
Guangzhou, which is hosting the Asian Games in November 2010.
• Wildlife conservationists have stepped up pressures on the Chinese
government to do more to protect the tiger as the China went about
celebrating the advent of the year of the tiger. Wang Weisheng, director
of the wildlife management division of China's State Forestry Administration,
recently said there are 50 wild tigers - in four subspecies in the country.
SFA believes there are 20 Siberian tigers, 10 to 20 Bengal tigers and 10
Indochinese tigers in the country. China allows breeding of tigers in
specially designed farms but is impossible to distinguish between the
bones of farm bred tigers and those poached from forests once they arrive in
the market. South China tigers are believed to be extinct in the wild after
the species has not been sighted for more than 25 years, according to WWF.
• Tribesmen in Malaysia are being paid by syndicates to trap wildlife,
including critically endangered tigers, to meet insatiable demand from China.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

• The second major snowstorm dubbed "Snoverkill" and "Snomageddon
2.0" in less than a week hit the US East Coast with predictions of 14
inches (36 cm) or more stretching from Washington DC, to New York City.
• A powerful storm `Rene´ missed American Samoa, causing heavy rains and
high winds but sparing more devastation to the US territory battered by a
deadly autumn tsunami.

• India´s argument is that while India has the fifth largest annual emissions in the
world in gross terms, when divided by the huge population and considered in per capita
terms, it falls to the 120th ranking. Thus India has promised to never exceed the per
capita emissions figure of developed countries, while reserving the right to increase gross
emissions as the economy grows. India has now indicated that it may abandon its
'per capita' stance in the debate on equity in the global carbon space debate.
India has a good formula for the past stock of emissions. India feels that "common but
differentiated responsibility¨ should be applied as the developed nations bear the
historical responsibility for 200 years of emissions since the industrial revolution and must
pay the price in terms of emission cuts, technological and financial assistance to poorer
countries. India has commissioned a study by economist Arvind Subramanian on the
various options available, to be completed by the end of April. It will also take into
account the work of other economists such as Jeffrey Sachs, Michael Spence and
Jeffrey Frankel. India will have its formula ready before the next UN climate change
negotiations in May 2010 at Bonn.
• An exchange of red pandas between the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological
Park at Darjeeling and zoos in Australia and New Zealand is on the cards, to
improve the bloodline of the arboreal animals in the Darjeeling zoo´s captive breeding
programme. Started in 1990, the captive breeding programme for red pandas,
described as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),
is one of the most successful conservation initiatives of the Darjeeling zoo, which was
home to 14 of them. The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, along with its
subsidiary facility at the Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park in Gangtok, claims to
be the only conservation breeding programme for the animal in its natural
distribution zone. Red pandas are found in dense thickets that include bamboo in
the higher altitude forests of Nepal, India, Bhutan and southern China. The first
successful (planned) breeding of the animals occurred in 1994, when Ekta and
Friend were born to Basant and Amita, which were part of the zoo´s original stock.
About 55 births have taken place in the zoo since the project started and the zoo
authorities were also had been able to release four red pandas at the Singalila
National Park in Darjeeling.
• The inclusion of Puntius denisonii, known locally as "Miss Kerala¨ a
strikingly beautiful fish found in the Kerala segment of the Western Ghats, in
the IUCN Red List is an important step in the struggle to conserve the
biodiversity of the hotspot. The deterioration of its habitat, already
fragmented and restricted to a few rivers - notably the Cheenkannipuzha
(a tributary of the Valapattanam river), Achankovil, and Chaliyar -
poses as serious a challenge as the growing demand from the globalised
ornamental fish market.
• The Gujarat government opposed in the Supreme Court the National Board for
Wildlife´s proposal to shift Asiatic lions from the Gir forest to the Kuno Palpur
reserve in Madhya Pradesh.
• Dongria Kondhs, a tribe of about 8,000 people in Orissa. Many of them are
protesting the plans of mining giant Vedanta Resources and its subsidiary Sterlite

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

Industries to mine bauxite in the Niyamgiri Hills, which they worship as their
• A common compost yard on 25 acres to facilitate safe disposal of garbage collected
in 43 local bodies in the southern suburbs of Chennai will come up at

• Russian director Alexander Gutman´s 17 August won the Golden Conch for the
Best Documentary, while The Spell, directed by Umesh Kulkarni was adjudged the
best fiction film at the 11th Mumbai International Film Festival of Documentary,
Animation and Short Films.

Person in News-World
• Turkish President Abdullah Gul visited India.
• Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik confirmed the death of Tehreek-e-Taliban
Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud.
• Sri Lanka´s former Army Chief and Opposition presidential candidate, General
Sarath Fonseka, was detained by a team of investigators for "certain fraudulent
acts and military offences¨ from the `safe house´ he had been living in since he lost
the January 26,2010 election.
• Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has appointed PwC India Chairman Gautam
Banerjee to its Corporate Governance council for a two year term starting from
February 2010.
Social and Cultural
• 13 puncture marks found on Jackson's body: With Dr. Conrad Murray charged
for involuntary manslaughter in pop icon's Michael Jackson's death, the Los Angeles
coroner has released the autopsy report showing 'King of Pop' died from "acute
propofol intoxication.
• Umida Akhmedova, an Uzbek film director was convicted of slander for making a
documentary film, The Burden of Virginity on wedding rituals in the authoritarian
ex-Soviet State, but released on amnesty.
• After three months in legal limbo in Japan, Chinese rights campaigner Feng Zhenghu,
who was forced to camp out near an immigration counter at Tokyo's Narita airport
after the Chinese government refused on several occasions to let him come home was
allowed to return to China.
• Winston Marshall Carmichael, a U.S. national was detained at the Indira Gandhi
International Airport after Central Industrial Security Force personnel detected a four-
inch-long blade in his baggage.

Person in News- India
Judicial, Political and Administrative
• Justice Nirmal Yadav of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, embroiled in the `cash-
at-door´ scam, was transferred to the Uttarakhand High Court.
• Special Director of the CBI, Sharad Chandra Sinha has been appointed Director-
General of the National Investigation Agency (NIA),. He succeeds the first chief of
the agency, Radha Vinod Raju.
• Rajiv Goel, a former Intel Capital director pleaded guilty to fraud in the Galleon
insider trading case, telling a New York court that hedge fund founder Raj

Vol. 1, No. 2 (February 8-February 14, 2010) Available at http://utkristgroup.com/ Price: Rs 0:00

Rajaratnam gave him money for personal needs and that he profited from illegal
• Gopi Podila, an Indian-American professor hailing from Andhra Pradesh along with
Maria Davis and Adriel Johnson was among three people killed when Amy
Bishop, a woman lecturer allegedly opened fire during a faculty meeting at a
University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) after learning that she had been
denied tenure.
• Davendra Ghai, a devout British Hindu won a protracted legal battle over the right
to be cremated on a traditional funeral pyre consistent with his religious practices,
after he agreed that the cremation site could be surrounded by walls and have a roof
with an opening.
• Lakhvir Kaur Singh (40), a Sikh woman from the west London suburb of Southall
has been convicted of murdering her former boyfriend Lakhvinder Cheema (39) by
poisoning his food using an ancient Indian herb Aconite after discovering that he
planned to marry another woman Gurjeet Chugh (21).
• Indian citizen Roshan Dantis, who has been jailed for life in Scotland for brutally
murdering a Nepali student and extorting money from her husband, wants to be
transferred to a prison in Goa.
• The decision by New Zealand's largest Sikh temple in Manukau to hail as
martyrs the three men (Satwant Singh, Beant Singh & Kehar Singh) who
assassinated Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi has upset some members of the
Indian community in Auckland (New Zealand's largest city, which has the country's
largest Asian population). Entitled "Shaheed Bhai" - or martyr brother - their
portraits hang alongside others who have been killed for their Sikh beliefs.
• Sanjiv Mehta, a Mumbai-born entrepreneur plans to relaunch the East India
Company after strenuously acquiring shares in the firm that once ruled India. The
East India Company was formed initially for pursuing trade with the East Indies, but
that ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent and China. The firm was
granted an English Royal Charter, under the name Governor and Company of
Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies by Queen Elizabeth I on 31
December 1600.
• Bhairavi Jani has taken over as National Chairman of CII´s Young Indians (Yi) for
• K.N. Raj, who was the economic adviser to Prime Ministers from Jawaharlal Nehru to
P.V. Narasimha Rao, and one of the architects of the Indian Plan edifice, passed
• S.R. Mani Ayer (formerly Managing Director and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather India), a
veteran in the advertising field, passed away.
Social and Cultural
• Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that he would field candidates in the next Lok Sabha
elections if the central government does not take sincere steps to curb corruption.
• Utsav Sharma, who inflicted injuries on the former Haryana Director General of
Police S.P.S. Rathore, was granted bail by a local court in Chandigarh. Rathore is
accused of molesting a teenager in 1990, who subsequently committed suicide.

Places in News
• Ten students of a school at Palin in Kurung Kumey district of Arunachal Pradesh
were killed in a fire that broke out in a private hostel.
• Gadag city came to a standstill following violent protests that erupted after the
statue of the late cooperative leader and Minister K.H. Patil was vandalised.

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• The Wayanad district administration evicted a group of tribal people belonging to
the Adivasi Kshema Samithy, who had encroached upon a coffee plantation at
Books & Authors
• Asiatic Society, Kolkata is reprinting a 337 year old book India and Persia by
British cartographer John Ogilvie
published in 1673. The book includes
manuscripts in 31 languages and nine
distinct scripts.
• Prolific British author Dick Francis, a
former jockey whose thrillers rode high in
best-selling lists for decades, has died at
the age of 89. "Even Money", which he
co-authored with Felix, came out in
September 2009 and "Crossfire" will be
published in August this year.
• Paul Mason, now weighing 317.51 kg is
all set to tell the world how he lost 127 kg along with his weight-loss tips in an
autobiography 'The Journey'. Even after his weight loss he is believed to be the
world´s heaviest man.

• Delhi will host the 2012 South Asian Games to ensure that the infrastructure for
Commonwealth Games remains in use.
• Manipur emerged winners in the first national Vovinam (little-known Vietnamese
martial art sport) championship held at Nanded, Maharashtra.
• China caused a major upset by defeating South Korea for the first time in 32 years,
with a 3-0 score line at the four-nation East Asian football championship held in
• Samantha Stosur along with Rennae Stubbs inspired Australia to a 3-2 win over
Spain in their Fed Cup World Group II first round tie in Adelaide.
• 2010 South Asian Games held in Dhaka: Taekwondo: Anand Pandiarajan (India)
won the 80 kg gold medal and Sharaddha Dixit (India) won the 49 kg women´s category
bronze. Wrestling: Kripa Shankar (60 kg) and Praveen Tehlan (96 kg) gave India
two silver medals. Bangladesh won the Twenty20 cricket competition overcoming
Sri Lanka in the final.
• India coach Gary Kirsten was appointed member of ICC Cricket Committee as a
representative of national coaches in a meeting of the International Cricket
Council Board in Dubai. Kirsten will replace Mickey Aurthur, who recently resigned
as South Africa coach. Ian Bishop and Mark Taylor were reappointed to the ICC
Cricket Committee as media representatives and Kumar Sangakkara and Tim May
were reappointed as current player representatives.
• Grandmaster Sandipan Chanda carved out a brilliant 56-move victory over
Georgian International Master Lela Javkhishvili to tie for the title of the 10-round
Gibtelecom Masters chess tournament at Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar.
• Gaganjeet Bhullar of India edged out Korea´s Hwang Inn-choon to win the Asian
Tour International by one shot at the Suwan Golf and Country Club in

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