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Types of activities the students were

engaged in

1- Whole class activities:

Describe what they were doing for each
activity if it was used the class
- They did some activities like
tasting the food and find the difference
between the sour, sweet and salty
- she was teaching them about
numbers today, where she would ask
them to close their eyes and she would
remove a number from the screen than
ask them to open their eyes and find the
number that was missing.

2- Small group/paired activities:

- she distributed sheets between
groups; each sheet contain alphabet
games and the children had to circle the
correct option.

- In drama area, they can learn how
to act like a mother, chef and a customer.
While, they are more close with their
classmate and have fun with them.

3- Independent activities:

- The teacher gives individual
worksheets to each student so that they
could solve the questions alone.

- Students are given time to play
individually in the computer area.

1- How does the teacher make sure that the students are prepared for the day?
- she asks them some questions to see if they are concentrating on her or no.
2- How many tasks do they complete in one hour?
- They were excited because she explain the lessons like games.
3- Did the teacher use a variety of different types of learning activities?



4- What materials did they use?
- Data show.
- Basket.
- Small board.
- Beads.
- Pointer.
5- Were the instructions, explanations and questions clear and appropriate for the
students need? Give examples.
- Yes, Because her voice was clear, and she repeat what she say.
6- What strategies did the teacher use to ensure the students understood what they are
about to do?
- She ask them questions and give them some activities to be sure that they are
7- How does she make sure all students are involved and attentive?
- Eye contact.
- Do with them.
- Correct mistakes.
8- What signals can you identify that the children have had enough?
- They will not do activity and they will act that they didn’t listen to the teacher.
9- What signals do children show that indicate they are proud of their achievement or
- If they do something correct, they will show everyone and they will try with the
teacher to take their work back home, so that they can show their parents their work.
10- How do children demonstrate their frustration?
- When they find it hard to answer a questions and win a game they show signs of
frustration and restlessness. A teacher usually gets involved and helps them at the
11- Do the children observe others?
- Yes.
12- Do the children interact with another child during the task?
- Yes, especially in group activities.
13- What do they say or do while completing the tasks?
- As soon as they finish they keep shouting I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!