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1) The two main components of a basic Oracle Database system:


2) The Instance consists of


3) A session is a connection between the


process and the

4) Name the main components of the SGA:

5) List six of the many background processes an Oracle Database instance might have:

6) The

process writes the dirty buffers to the data files.

7) The

process writes the redo entries to the online redo log

8) The primary files associated with an Oracle database are:

Additional important files are:

9) The logical storage structures of an Oracle database are:

10) The

11) The
background process.

process copies the redo log files to an archive destination.

contains data and control information for a server or

12) The logical tablespace structure is associated with the physical

files on disk.

13) LGWR writes when:

14) State whether the following statements are true or false.

a) The SGA includes the Database buffer cache and Redo log buffer.
b) Each server process has its own PGA.
c) The buffers in the database buffer cache are organized in two lists: the most
recently used list and the least recently used (LRU) list.
d) User processes run the application or tool that connects to an Oracle Instance.
e) Oracle Database processes include server processes and background processes.
f) Checkpoints are recorded in log file headers.