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FANNIE MAE, CERTIFICATE Ov ASSISTANT SECRETARY ! 1, tis Aberbach, Asslatant Corporate Secretary of Fannie Mae, do hereby certify as to the following four poiats: L. Panne Mae does not collect mortgage payments on the loans it owns direcdy from borrowers. 2. Fannie Mae conracs with aluan servicer to perform vatious functions with respect toa mortgage {oan it owas, including the collection ofa borcower's monthly paymens. A service is responsible both to remit the funds collected from a borrower, ad io report a borrower's account balance after aplication ‘of apayment. Fannie Mac telles on the information reported by a secvicec to malatain is records, 3. With respect to Fannie Mae loan sumber 1654084117, our records, based upon information reported to us by the servicer, indicate that: () monthly installments of principal and interet through ‘April, 1995 have been made; Gi) the loan Is delinguent; and (I) the oustanding principal balance onthe foun is'$83,162.89, This amount is not a reinstatement figure and does not Inchude: () accrued, but ‘unpaid interest; (i) advances made by the secvcer for property taxes, hazard insurance and other property preservation expenses; (ii) foreclosure atornoy fees and expenses; (v) Inte charges; and (v) any other Charges that are payable by a borrower under the terms of such borrower's loan documents, 4. Altached hereto is copy of the payment history for Fannie Mae loan F 1654084117 that has been provided to Fannie Mae by the servicer. ~ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, [have hereunto set my hand and affixed the corporate seal of Fannie Mac on this 13th day of May, 1998. ‘Kssistant Corporate Secretary EAL)