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i a tt i ae a RAM JETHMALANI ee iceeate MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT Few Dobie! 01? (NDIA) (RASYA SABHA) ‘rel 25794881, 23792287 SENIOR ADVOCATE Fax 29795095 “SUPREME COURT OF INDIA ‘PROFESSOR EMERITUS SYMBIOSIS COLLEGE OF LAW, PUNE ‘area oa > Date; 10 December. oie . My dear Sonia Ji, RY ® om me. But i you know You will be surprised 10 receive this | \. my clean polities and professional in zrity, you should not be surprised at all, & As a senior practicing Coungel and Parliamentarian | am not happy with what has been hag pening in the Rajya Sabha for the last few days. The institution of Parliament is suffering total loss of public respect This does Mot augur well for Indian democracy. On the other Mand | have no reason to doubt your stand that the recent proseggition jnstituted against you and your son is false and malicious. But this is to be established in Court and not by tumult and disorder in * 2 [know you have many great Jawyers in your party and you don't need Rajya Sabha. ) my protessional assistance. But my services arc available to you if you wish to avail of them, Make no mistake: | neither need any fees ‘OFF: 23. JOLLY WAKER CHAMGERG?2, NARIMAN POINT, MUNAL400 021 (NDI) FL 22820550, 22008470 FAX 22675828 ‘RES «1, ADVENT, ek GENL BHONSALE MARG, MUMBAL-400 021 (INDIA) TEL 22024980 RES. 1) SSERAS GAEENS VILLE, KHARD) NAGAR FAD, PUNET1 O14 TEL ‘3298072 RAM JETHMALANI Pnaor Rosa MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT New Deti-1100%1 (INDIA) (RALYA SABHA) Tel 25794651, 23792287 SENIOR ADVOCATE Fax: 25796005, ‘SUPREME COURT OF INDIA PROFESSOR EMERITUS ‘SYMBIOSIS COLLEGE OF LAW. PUNE wrote oat s mi the . oie Fh 1am an expelled member of the BJP and you know my role in the recent Bihar elections. 2 hor any other favour from you, My services will be ser nation. ¥ [hope you will allow the Parliament to fenetipp the normal way, With best wishes and eS from you @& Sincerely Yours ~ Na a TE alr Ram Jethmalani « Hon'ble Mrs. Sonia GatWhi MP and President gf the Congr. Marty New Dethi Copy tT Shri Manmohan Singh, Rajya Sabha, 3. Motilal Nehru Place, RS New Py "i OFF: 29 JOLLY MAKER CHAMBERS-2, NARIMAN POINT, MUMBAI-400 021 (INDIA) TEL. 22820550. 22028470 FAX 20875829 RES. 41, ADVENT, 12.A, GENL. BHONSALE MARG, MUMBAL-400 021 (INDIA) TEL. 22008880 [RES.: 1, GERAS GREENS VILLE, KHARDI NAGAR ROAD. PUNE-411 014 TEL 32340732 RAM JETHMALANI es cum orice 2 i 7 2. Akbar Road, ee ‘New Det-110011 (INDIA) SENIOR ADVOCATE. Tel 2370651, 25 SUPREME COURT OF INIA Fax 23795005 PROFESSOR EMERITUS. wee ne svwngsis EOLLEOE SF Ur Pune . Hiv dese Sonie's ban ap Rj2o1s You nether acknowledge my letter no followed my advice. The Parliament wBgot alowed to function N nope | stand relieved from my promise to you. With regards. @ Sincerely Yours a , Ma ein ‘ Hon'ble Mrs. Sonia Gandhi press Party New Dein $ 3s JOLLY MAKER CHAMBERS-2 NARIMAN POINT MUMBAL400 021 NDIA} TEL 22820350 2z0gesT0 FAX 22875800 RES. <1 ADVENT 12.4 GENL BHONSALE MARG. MUMBAl-400 021 iND/A) TEL. 002090 RES. ") GERAS GREENS VILLE KHARDI NAGAR ROAD PUNE.i11 914 TEL s2au0 ® “a ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMMITTEE 24, AKBAR ROAD, NEW DELHI - 110011 > « Sonia Gandhi XN President December 11, 2015 & ® Dear Shri Jethmalani, Thank you for your letter of 10" December 2015. | appreciate your kind offer of —n With good wishes for the New Year, Yours sincerely, * : 0 APE Shri Ram Jethmalani, MP 2, Akbar Road New Delhi - 110 011 3 & 2 10, JANPATH, NEW DELHI - 110011 PH.; 23014481, 23015584 AZ RAMJETHMALAN! ae (OF PARLIAMENT : (RAJYA SABHA) pg rr ‘SENIOR ADVOCATE + ‘Tel. : 23794651, SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Fax PROFESSOR EMERITUS ‘SYMBIOSIS COLLEGE OF LAW, PUNE eats a8 Date: 13.01.2016 ‘To, ‘The Editor, ‘The Times of India. . 7B, Bhahadur Shah Zafar Marg, ‘ New Delhi- 110002 Dear Sir, Jam both shocked and confirmed in my growing _<. that you can stoop very very low in your reporting news about people whom you do not like by the manner in which you have reported théigontents of my letter dated 10" December, 2015 to the Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Your diabolical motivation is apparent from the fact that you deliberately chose not to publish the first Wo Abagraphs ofthe letter which | hope You will have the decency to publishgow: | am reporting them for the benefit of your readers. you will be surprised to receive this letter from me, But if you knot my clean political and professional integrity, you should not be surprised at all, AsaiQuior practicing Counsel aa Parliamentarian Lan not happy wit what has teen happening in the Rajya Sabha for the last few days. The institution of SS Poriament is suffering total loss of public respect, This does not augur wel for indian Democracy. s (OFF: 23, JOLLY MAKER CHAMBERS-2, NARIMAN POINT, 22820550, 2200847 2875829 Y {, MUNBA-#00 021 ster nuns ee boii o'\1 GERAS GREENS VILLE. KHARDI NAGAR ROAD, PUNES11 014 TEL 32940782 1 (NDIA) 23792287 ‘ JETHMALANI pects: MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT 2, Akbar Road, (RAJYA SABHA) ‘New Dein-110011 (INOIA) ‘SENIOR ADVOCATE Tol. : 2379465). 20700287 ‘COURT OF INDIA Fax PROFESSOR EMERITUS SYMBIOSIS COLLEGE OF LAW. PUNE wave 02 On the other hand I have no reason to doubt your stand that the recent prosecution instituted against you and your son false and malicious. But this is to te established in Court and not by tumult and cisorder in the Rajya Sabha... 1 hope you wilt allow the Parliament to function the normal way. I did not give a certificate of innocence to the lady, it is not n role of a lawyer. A lawyer is not entitled to refuse to defend any one merely because he believes him to be guilty. This is prohibited by express sta tutory rules of Professional Conduct framed by the Bar Council of India 'd known to everyone who claims to be educated. cS 1 hope you will have the to publish this letter without any poy pul » subtractions or additions, When Mrs. Gandhi did not & ‘on my advice to allow Parliament to function in the normal way, I wig entitled to revoke my offer. ~ \ Yours Faithfully, e i Nee ema torm s Enel: Sauer dated 10% December, 2015 2 Page 2 of 2 OFF: 29. JOLLY MAKER CHAMBERS-2, NARIMAN POINT, MUMBAI-400 ? I 021 (INDIA) TEL: 22820550, 22028470 22875829 FB 1 ANE Se toe eimaniere nucseoniel ROW TEL meee! 1 GERAS GREENS VILLE, KHARDI NAGAR ROAD, PUNE-111 O14 TEL - 32940782