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21/08/2015 Martin McKee

Sally Davies

22/08/2015 Sally Davies

Martin McKee

22/08/2015 Martin McKee

Sally Davies

Dear Sally,
as you might expect, I’m doing a response to the PHE report for the BMJ. See attached – currently with
their lawyers for clearance…. so not sure what will finally come out. However, I thought you should know
what I have discovered about the genesis of the 95% figure. I’ve summarised it in the attached, but have
much much more, and it will really not reflect well on PHE at all….
(as you will see I fully endorse what you say, both here and in a Lancet piece coming out next week that
does not go into the murky depths)
Happy to talk by phone
What a mess
It really is…
I’m very concerned about how to handle this …. including for myself I have to confess. But I want to ensure
that you don’t get any surprises…
Kevin and Duncan have been challenged reportedly on this (including by me but they never reply to me ….)
and DPHs in the NW are livid – there is a draft open letter circulating (I’m not involved in that).

24/08/2015 Martin McKee

Sally Davies

At present only you, me, Tony Delamothe, Simon Capewell and Simon Chapman know we have found that
the 95% figure that Duncan made so prominent in his foreword and Kevin has been announcing to the world
was originally created by BAT….
Professor Martin McKee CBE
Dear Sally,
I’ve attached the BMJ editorial as it is now, after legal clearance. However it is on hold for now. We want to
make sure that it does the maximum good and has the minimum unintended consequences and, especially,
that we avoid any damage to PHE (notwithstanding how they treat me….)
I haven’t heard from your office but it would be good if you have even a few minutes to talk before I fly out
tomorrow morning. I don’t want to do anything before we speak.