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s un s h i n e
Longtime Living contributor and
photographer Victoria Pearson and writer
Valerie Aikman-Smith, both based in
Southern California, teamed up to develop,
style, and photograph a charming
cookbook devoted to their favorite subject:
CITRUS. Read on for a taste of their
bright ideas—and to give your own meals
(as well as your winter) a refreshing lift.


b r e a kfast
c r Ê p e s wi th
ta n g e r i n e s
Warm and satisfying,
buttery crêpes are topped
with thinly sliced tangerines in syrup. You can
try other citruses, too,
says Aikman-Smith, who
is also a food stylist. But
tangerines have “a light
and unexpected flavor.”
Top them with confectioners’ sugar to turn the
dish into a tasty dessert.

Recipes reprinted from Citrus:
Sweet & Savory Sun-Kissed
Recipes. Copyright © 2015 by
Valerie Aikman-Smith. Photos
© 2015 by Victoria Pearson.
Published by Ten Speed Press,
an imprint of Penguin Random
House LLC.

>> For recipes, see page 117.

Cl a m s &
This version of spaghetti
alle vongole—the classic
Neapolitan dish made
with clams, white wine,
and garlic—veers from
tradition in more ways than
one. It gets a delicious
kick from a jalapeño chile,
in addition to the zest
and juice of three limes.

This dish was
made with Manila
clams, but any
small variety, such
as littlenecks,
will work, too.

For a tartness
that really
pops, chop up
and sprinkle
the tangerine
peel just
before serving.



sticky ribs


Pearson hadn’t touched pork for a long time—until she tasted this:
“It smelled so good, I couldn’t help myself!” The comfort-food favorite
gets an Asian spin from a tangy marinade of orange-blossom
honey, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, Szechuan peppercorns, and Chinese
five-spice powder. Two fruits’ worth of peel in the sauce­— plus a
scattering on top­— offsets the richness of the meat.

The yuzu is a relative of an Asian breed of mandarin orange. Its rind
is yellow-green, and its unique taste touts hints of lemon and
grapefruit. For this dish, blend yuzu juice with soy sauce, yellow miso,
and maple syrup, then drizzle the mixture over salmon. Bake it
all in a parchment parcel with sesame seeds and bok choy. The result
is a savory meal with touches of tart and sweet.

& bloodorange salad
ricotta salata
When the friends set out
to create a salad, they wanted
one that “looked and
tasted beautiful.” Mission
accomplished: Deep-red
blood oranges bring an earthy
tartness; pink Cara Caras
offer a sweeter spin. Juicy
and refreshing, both are
the perfect match to the salty
cheese and mixed greens.
A splash of olive oil and some
blood-orange juice are all
you need for dressing.
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The lime
filling can be
in the crust for
up to 24 hours
before topping
and serving.

va l e n c i a - o r a n g e b r e a d

key lime

& butter pudding


This unabashedly rich dessert celebrates bread pudding from AikmanSmith’s native Scotland and citrus from her adopted home
state. Country-style white bread is slathered with butter and marmalade
(Aikman-Smith makes her own from Valencia oranges, but you
can use one from a jar), then soaked in a creamy custard and baked.
Serve the pudding with crème fraîche, for dolloping on top.

The filling in this uncomplicated graham-cracker crust features
freshly squeezed Key limes, which are smaller and rounder
than the more widely available Persian ones. (You can also buy the
juice bottled.) Topped with whipped cream and garnished
with a tropical mix of lime zest and toasted dried coconut flakes,
the dessert is sure to transport you to warmer days.
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