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Alyssa Kirk

Activity 6: Kuder Journey
October 26, 2015

According to the Kuder Journey Career Interests assessment, my code is SAE. This code
means that Social, Artistic, and Enterprising are the top ranked categories. Looking at the interest
assessment scores, Social has a greater influence than the other five categories- Investigative,
Artistic, Realistic, Enterprising, and Conventional. The distance between the first letter S
(Social) and second letter A (Artistic) of the code says that social characteristics such as working
with people, using verbal and social skills, feeling good about helping others are of key
importance. People high in social are described as being helpful, warm, friendly and outgoing.
The second letter says that activities which require creativity, free expression, and imagination
are of importance. People who fall within the Artistic category are often referred to as sensitive,
emotional and impractical. The last letter says that activities that require leadership, and social
interaction are enjoyable. It also tells me that courses such as sciences, math, or observational
skills are unenjoyable. Possible related occupations, and majors were not available for this code
according to the Kuder website; however, Person matches included: Library Network Manager,
Career Counselor and Center Coordinator, College Academic Advisor, and International Tourism
Once the Skills Confidence assessment was completed, the code that was given was SIC. The
graph (which showed the standing of each type) shows that the highest is Social, followed by
Investigative and Conventional. The Social type is not more prominent in this assessment as it is
in the Interests assessment (Social falls within the medium skill level) which shows that there is a
noticeable interest in working with, helping or teaching people. The second skill set with is
obvious is the investigative skills. These skills include being able to think rationally, observe
carefully, and reach conclusions. Investigative skills allow people to work with their minds to
solve problems using logical solutions. The last skill set which falls in the low category is C
(Conventional). This expresses that there is the skill set to keep data, files and objects in an
orderly fashion, manage data in a systematic way, and is organized. People who fall within this
type are described as efficient, or conscientious. Possible related occupations, and majors were
not available for this code according to the Kuder website.

Although this assessment covers five topics, according to the Work Values Assessment
the two highest values were Workplace and Prestige. Workplace, according to the Kuder
assessment website, means having the pleasure of working in a comfortable, attractive work

3/7/16, 3:45 PM
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space where supervisors and co-workers are supportive and friendly. Prestige, also from the
Kuder website, means having the sense of being highly regarded by others because of the nature
of my work or the leadership I provide. Both, workplace and prestige, fell into the medium
category, with accomplishment, income and innovation falling in the category for low values.
This shows that none of these values are of higher importance than the others. The assessment
shows that support, friendliness, comfort, and leadership are more important than financial
achievement, feelings of making a contribution and working independently. This work values
assessment does show that there is a connection between the high social personality (which is
present in the skills and interests assessments) and the work values. Possible related occupations
were not available for this code according to the Kuder website; however, occupations suggested
by the assessment results were the following: Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse, PostSecondary Agricultural Science, Post- Secondary Anthropology and Archaeology, PostSecondary Architecture, Post- Secondary Area, Ethics, and Culture Study, Post- Secondary Art,
Drama and Music, Post- Secondary Biological Science, Post- Secondary Chemistry Teachers or

Based on the Interest and Skills Composite bar graph, there is a somewhat large gap
between the skills needed and the interest in each of the three code types. Social (which was
highest in both areas) falls within two different categories (low, medium, and high). Social in
Interest is scored as high, while the skill set is a high medium. The interest for Artistic is at a
high medium level, while the skill set falls at a high low The Enterprising interest falls in the
high medium, and similarly to the Artistic score, falls within the high low scoring. The best thing
to do with the looks of these scores is to talk to someone (a career advisor, counselor, professor
in the profession) for courses, outside experience, and activities which would help to build the
skills set and interest in these three (social, artistic, and enterprising) areas. This will allow the
gap from a lack of experience in the social, artistic, and enterprising types to become smaller or
even non-existent.
I took the Self Directed Search (SDS) and ended with the Holland code SCA. According
to Kuder Journey, my two codes (interest and skills) are SAE (interest) and SIC (skills). This
tells me that the social type is common on all levels of assessment. I differ in interests in
activities and skills sets. Looking at the SDS code, I see that I am focused on working with, or
helping people. I am organized, and good at data or record management, as well as, creative, and
sensitive. When I look at the Kuder Interest assessment code, I see that I am focused on working
with or helping others, imaginative, creative, and social interactions are positive activities. The
Kuder Skills assessment code, says that I am focused on working with or helping people, use
logical and strategic methods to create a solution, and that record or data collection, inventory,
and storage are at strength. All three of these codes show a little piece of who I am as a person.
The following terms explain (to some extent) who I am: creative, imaginative, sensitive,
focused on working with people, helpful, logical, strategic and organized. I feel as though the
assessments each give the truth of what I am skilled and interested in; however, I feel as though
there should not be just one assessment used (this is not one assessment fits all). A persons
Career Advisor toolbox should include multiple inventories and assessments.
Attached One-Page Summary on back of the Printed copy!

3/7/16, 3:45 PM
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