Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Pushing for CFPA. Likely future Director of agency.

Pushing for CFPA

charge Treasury official in tection, of Consumer Pro of CRL. former Senior VP

Eric Stein

Lobbying for CFPA

Washington Politicians

Controversial lobbying group, pushed for expanded subprime lending, now wants powerful Consumer Protection Agency. Funded by subprime billionaires.

Center for Responsible Lending

Millions in political donations

$30 Million

Subprime Billionaires
Hedge Fund manager made $1 billion from Goldman Sachs scheme.

John Paulson

Featured in Time Magazine’s “25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis.”

Herb and Marion Sandler

$1 Billon

$2.4 Billon

SEC alleges that Goldman Sachs defrauded investors by sabotaging mortga ge products.

Goldman Sachs

Pick-A Pioneer of “ st destroyed ages. Almo mor tg ble-rate fter adjusta Wachovia a ding. tar ted implo loans s

st Golden We Financial -Pay”

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