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Individual schol ehh indertake thin ds largely upon the schol Han, | ‘ts primary purpose the improvement of igh schol in the service it rendering te the) youth of the community whieh ft sm seceecees== IE HIGHLAND FLING. Reber Fone, Principal af the Weld ener Migh Sebel 2% Net, N73: De Foe wil be suo hy comin Sigh o fen addon ator rm al ube fide ‘he Highland Prk gh School was evaluated snd is rating wa qe igh a itis our hope Wt {tin sch a rating when the commits nan vse Ee alates tae heh wig ee Yi an eS Will be Snihed wall fe advance of the cvaluation ine. | ‘8 commie onthe plop sr achat hr cn at work 2h ton 1s ou hope tha the stages of or scat wil vente, Zon ‘neti ‘rey om the rents found bythe comme ab {he pen af those rest open ogame eevoment of our sel o att anme i wing te sae eat feel gona anwaw | sci tae Pa oping fr you, succes tothe New You, T remai ect ac Sa sein, oe S. 5N alae hdl, SEMOR COUNCIL PLANS PROJECTS, EL GILLILAND, Is Committee Plans Gathers Wwformation many projec which the cies will I ete, Last sears winner Hees To Present Show For Feb. 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The allowing wl be | i aes Tee ara eciemund tad saab sei vere often acacia ato he oe set tere wa ll wohancmgs Ratite So, Sell Soon "eae warn etn Eb aS Wee mes seta Sint Hes Sha, Dot Xs ‘uf ne tenn ot tesa ald SUED atid aad SC | eo cab he Ci eM | Ss She | user et in i a ay ere ts ten ite ent eh te Ga py et | ae waananneanm | een ey the Fenny Toetng. [a we Srey Mean Students Give Opi Spee Bator Students Extend Appreciation is. s%.. To H.P. Chamber of Commerce *: 1 « bookie issued during the curent men berhip drive, the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce explains seis Gules and atv ‘este thos intorented, This shoul be expels Important to us, for that agency is conan ‘being of eet ‘ene othe saat boy by is slficient nd conssiertious service to the cone ‘munity ‘and particularly by its recent very Gem ‘ous goturer to the school alt. ‘his fll the Chamber of Commerce warded price tothe winners Basis Mighiand. Park Recreation Pur Port of thi money went to rebuild and resurface the cud tennis and basketball certs ext to the sch tho post, it shred part of the cat of mew tnifenes forthe high schol band member, and ah he tee BOOKWARD VENTURES With jackets to clsrate tele sieves, oy ett muh tk 2 tra fo em ‘veryone i gattal fo the Chamber of Com: rere for its wonderal work improving and Scoeiting Mighland Path Ia such mami sways, We of the ling staff would ike to tke ra ew Wer {Ne bpporcnity t extend the appreciation of ‘he env student tnd and faculty ts ine a organisation ‘ute sre of Pet ont 5 Production of School Paper i. ne a! Takes Endless Labor and Skill | Waite Ae. serine Sues nu ene a a a feo pun nor fs eon ey ttn eh ‘be vasly intrested respect, and appreciation for ‘SF Sana ney cay "Goch yea all oma semester thin Sind to tend the Tuesday jaro cam: Here may He secre ‘e'seen the production of the pape, strung weve turd t rok ot ‘withthe Il planing whi Saas gue, Myreerind ena a Tesh mre fate eeing ae ye Se ‘ittnce wih regard to proper length, and ial Whe Bete Eshen A2” ton onthe pas Ee Aftrwards come, fing of completed Cmuay atc soech sre bak Sci and the hectic eramble which inert Wert ,¢ se e Shy precedes actual printing TET Ge hee ite a "Here is worerfl opportunity, one hat no Soh capt one sh mis 1 en person how the Fig I sopanised and pot out Sit inom 2 few of you ike Tf Jou are intrest, TK YOU fe oe Fe ‘ime tamiar now wih the procedure, so that [hud Cis ‘ext year jou wil Nave a background of Raowie| ct fn Sen mip ie. 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F RISCH & SONS Taphne 2072 50 HIRAM STREET TH ES 50 HIRAM STREET ‘Owl Team Travels surrort rouo came OW! TSO Tonight Varsity ‘Tops Dunellen in Rough Games Boasts Revord of Bight Co © Wins) = Female Hoots = ** sr ma THE PAULUS DAIRY" RUTGERS CHEVROLET CO. SALES AND SERVICE MILAZZO'S Hoirdrrsers Office Equipment The NEW HAPPINESS STORE : spot ad RED'S booksellers and stationers ” APAMFR! FRISCH Ie Agency “i a FRANK PINO THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of |") mo «'vtranes ros Highland Park, N. J. Dane ae mutants ave otonae sere